3 telly shows and 50 quid

An email popped into my inbox this morning from a very lovely tall girly asking me to feature some more purse-pleasing items on the blog.

Her plea was as follows: “Can you do a bargain section/ sale steals? As much as I am dribbling with envy at some of the dresses you working girls can afford, the life of a student isn’t so fabulous!”

Aaaah… the student loan. How I used to sit and count out my coins on the bar of my student union, eat chilli-con-carne straight from the tin, and make that final ten pound note last an entire fortnight. And how I looked forward to the day when, as a working girl… I could buy whatever the hell I wanted….

…except… erm… that never really seems to happen, does it? Whether you’re having to stretch out the last pennies of your student loan, save for a house, look after a family or pay off your Carribean cruise (sadly that last one doesn’t apply to me) … there are always times when you’ll need to turn to the bargain basement.

I’m currently in the process of buying a house. Once I’ve set aside money for solicitors, surveys, and other things that truth be told, I don’t have a blooming clue about, I’m not left with a great deal to spend on clothes. Hence the taking photos in changing rooms. It’s a lot less risky than legging it out the shop with a floral prom dress.

One of my many jobs as a freelance working girl is to guest as a fashion presenter on QVC. Last Thursday afternoon and evening I had three handbag shows, and needed a different outfit for each. (Well, I probably didn’t, but this is what I kept telling myself…) After scrimping and saving every penny towards my house fund, I thought I’d treat myself to a shopping spree. With £50…for all three shows.

Dressing for telly presents its own challenges as well. I have to avoid white, checks and close stripes (all can cause problems for the cameras), and when I’m presenting with another presenter, I can’t really wear heels (this also causes problems for the camera. They can’t frame a big person and little person at the same time. Doh).

Now naturally, I had to get a little bit creative with what I already had in my wardrobe. But I made three key tall-friendly purchases (all in the sale), that I hope you’ll approve of. Unfortunately, since they were all sale items, not all of them are still on the websites… but if you see anything you like, it’s worth having a little rummage in your local store… these were all purchased on Thursday morning. (I know… fast work!)



This pink vest with black scalloped edging is from H+M (Was £19.99, now £9.99)….









…this folk-style dress from Warehouse was reduced from £60 to £17 (With a further 20% off in the House of Fraser sale, hooray!)…








… and this lace insert cardi (also from Warehouse) was reduced from £40 to £30… with a further 20% off as well).






Giving a grand total of £47.59, and leaving enough money to buy an oversized cocktail ring in H+M. Excuse the freeze-frame induced gurning.

I heart QVC, bargains and piggy banks.

L xxx

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