A little bit about not-so-little me.

I LOVE being tall. Not five-foot-seven -“Gosh I’m the tallest out of my friends” – tall but six-foot-“I am actually the tallest bloody person I know”-tall. I love the comments, the second glances, the clichéd questions from complete strangers and the fact that I was allowed on all the scary theme park rides by the age of 8.

The clothes and shoe thing is a bit on the dry side though.

After a day spent trawling a busy pre-Christmas Oxford Street in search of a mid-heel shoe that might just escape the realms of “sensible classic”, I was left exhausted, frustrated and ultimately still very much shoe-less.

So in 2010 I started to document my struggle as a tall fashionista and piece together a style bible for women who love fashion and hate ankle-swinging trousers. This is a place to share new clothing finds that make the most of your dazzling height and huge but fashion-worthy feet.

So you can look gorgeous, stay on-trend, and avoid those pitying looks from the shop assistant when she returns from the stock room and says “Sorry, the biggest we have is an 8. It’s quite rare that we have anything bigger.” No kidding…

Laura Schofield x

Left: Jumper, H+M/ Skirt, ASOS. Middle: Top, ASOS. Right: Blouse, Mango/ Jumper, Topshop/ Skirt, Topshop

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