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Tried It On: Spots and Stripes

Gotta love a leggy lady with an eye for a bargain. Two great cheap-as-chip finds on the blog for you today.

The first comes from Twitter user @headinbook, who picked up this pretty leopard-spotted maxi dress in Sainsburys. She tweets “It covers my feet & I’m 5”11. Only £18 too!”

And the second is a striking summer maxi skirt, found by 6’2 Sarah. Sarah writes,  “I had to share this skirt I bought in Matalan (I was mooching with a short friend and if anything thought I might buy a bangle or cushion). It’s £14 and has a folded over waist band, that I unfolded so it can sit lower on the hips without any belly showing. It’s in a lovely soft swishy jersey fabric. I have 43 inch hip bone to floor measurement.”

Thanks girls. If you’ve found an item of clothing that works for us leggy lovelies — basement bargainous or obscenely expensive — get your emails in to or tweet @tallthings

L xx

Tee Shop

Found your wardrobe to be a bit lacking in long-length t-shirts lately?

New Look‘s new and improved Tall range has a selection of purse-friendly printed tees ranging between £4 and £7.99.


Anyone else discovered any cool printed t-shirts recently that would work for us leggy lovelies?

L x

Tried It On: Primark Princess

You loved Sarah’s Ten Pound Tall Dress from Primark, and it seems our favourite budget store is churning out more pretty midis that are ideal for us leggy lovelies.

5’11 ATTT reader Lauren has found a chic stripey pencil skirt and colour-blocked it to perfection with red heels and a simple tee.

5’11 Lauren writes, “I found this fab skirt in Primark for an equally faaaab price of £12! I love the midi skirt/dress trend as it means I can find skirts and dresses in the normal people clothes shops. Yay!”

Not checked out Primarni’s long-length offerings yet? You might even find something in the denim section that suits. ATTT reader Rachel recently wrote to me saying, “I emailed you a while back with my whinge about Primark not doing their non-standard colours in long, and guess what, they now do! Hooray! They have some rather nice dark green ones for the bargain price of £7! Yay!”

And if it’s budget fashion you’re after, check out New Look’s newly re-launched Tall range. I love the belted maxi, bodycon midi and skater-style dressesLovely to see a Tall range resurrected from the ashes, right girlies?

L x

Tried It On: Ten Pound Tall Dress

So in February I want to make YOU leggy lovelies the focus of the blog again. I’ve acquired a little back-log of lovely reader photos that I’ve not yet had the chance to share with you, and you all look so ludicrously fit that I need to ruddy well get down to business and put them on the blog. 

I’ve also got a BRILLIANT maxi skirt tutorial to share with you from the lovely Emily for our new Sew Tall feature. I’ve been sitting on it for — ahem — rather a while (sorry Em), but it really is fabulous, and I think with Spring/Summer just around the corner, you’re all going to want to give it a try, so it’s the perfect time to include it on the blog. I’m going to finally finish putting together her reams of clever tips and pictures so that we can all feel ready to pick up that needle and thread and claim the fashion power for ourselves.

I also want to discuss our travel experiences as tall women (thanks for all your stories on Facebook of teeny aeroplane seats/ helpful train conductors/ squashing into the backseats of cars… they are all proving very useful indeed). It’s been quite a while since we had a good ol’ whinge on the blog, and I for one cannot wait. 

I’m going to kick off proceedings with the help of blonde bombshell Sarah, who’s found an absolute steal of a dress in the crazy fashion jungle that is Primarni.

Sarah writes, I was in Primark this week and they had some fab midi-length 3/4 sleeve dresses in.  I’m 6’2″ and they stopped just below my knee caps, there are t-shirt fabric ones that would need seriously smoothing underwear, but also a fine knit grey one that was lovely. They are only £10 anyway, but on ‘normal’ short girls would be such an unflattering length that hopefully they’ll end up as a reduced bargain for us!”

You are totally right Sarah. It looks fab on a 6’2 goddess, but how ridiculous would it look on a mere 5’6 mortal? That dress is made for us.

I have to confess that after experiencing a couple of fruitless expeditions to Primark (and wondering if the prices were slowly creeping up…?) I was close to writing it off, but it seems like I might need to be sharpening up the elbows again.

For other affordable midi dresses, I suggest trying River Island and H+M… there are some great printed numbers in there right now.

L xx

P.S. Got some new clothes or outfits you’d like to share? Now is definitely the time to get involved 🙂 Send your pics to

Size 9s at Asda

You know when people ask you if your family is tall too?

Well, mine aren’t really.

My immediate family are hardly little munchkins, but they wouldn’t be considered very tall like me. And some of my cousins are actually on the dinky side.

But one relation who does share one tall trait with me is my mum’s sister Michele. She’s not especially amazonian (around the 5’7 mark), but she does have size 9 feet. And when I saw her for dinner last night (she cooks a mean potato bake too), she showed off her new Animal-print Mary-Janes (£8) from Asda.

Last time I looked at the shoes in Asda, they only seemed to go to up to a size 42. Now there is a huge choice of 43s… all at weeny prices that us larger-footed ladies aren’t accustomed to paying for our footwear.

If you’re a size 9, its well worth stocking up on a few pairs for your summer hols. I am slightly obsessing over those orange colour-block sandals; they actually look a bit designer.

Do they last?

When every pair is around the ten quid mark, do we care? (And does any shoe look good after being dragged around Ibiza for a week?)

L xx

Berry loves a bargain. (Apparently…)

German shoe business Deichmann hadn’t registered on my radar until Mr Schofield drew my attention to it. Had Tim’s stint in hospital made him see the light? Was my hubby really beginning to share my love of shoes?

Um, no. He’d just seen their advert with Halle Berry in it.

Nonetheless — sexy Bond girls aside — it’s a site worth browsing, particularly if you have Euro size 43 or 44 feet. Some of the pairs are a tad on the frumpy side, and Halle’s signature next to the words “I LOVE these shoes” will do little to convince you otherwise. Do you Halle? Really babe?

But here are a few lovely pairs, and what’s more, they’re all at brilliantly bargainous prices. We’re talking dirt cheap. Think Primarni. With free delivery.

Sandals, Deichmann £14.99-£19.99 (All available up to Euro size 44)

Tried It On: We’ll be young Foreveeeeeer…

At the grand old age of 26, I’m probably a little bit “past it” to shop at Forever 21. Still, my spirits are certainly buoyed by its rainbow of colours and cheerful slogan tees. Not to mention the easy-on-the-pocket prices.

Skirt, Forever 21 £19.75

For all you spring chickens, there are plenty of long-length items to be found.  If — like me – you’re already dreaming about your summer holiday, then you’ll probably be wanting this pretty tie-dye maxi skirt. (Us leggy Amazonians need to plan ahead…) Great with gladiator sandals and a mere snip at only £19.75.

I’m wearing the Large (the skirt came up a little longer and the adjustable waist-band means that you can cinch it in if you need to). Roll it into your suitcase and it’ll become an easy-to-wear holiday favourite.




I’m also rather loving this tomato-coloured midi dress… another fab buy for tall girls and it looks great styled up with some chunky ankle boots.

Dress, Forever 21 £19.75

Oh, sod it. You’re only as young as you feel. And I’m a sucker for a bargain.

L xx

P.S. No, I don’t genuinely believe that 26 is old.

Christmas Prezzies for your Leggy Lovelies…

If you’ve got a tall sister, mum, auntie or friend to buy for this Christmas – or your other half is begging you for last-minute suggestions — then here is an assortment of the best long-length Christmas treats on the web. From bargain stocking-fillers to ludicrously indulgent treats, these are the perfect gifts to show some leggy love.

For the girl who would have everything… if everything wasn’t so blooming hard to find…


3 telly shows and 50 quid

An email popped into my inbox this morning from a very lovely tall girly asking me to feature some more purse-pleasing items on the blog.

Her plea was as follows: “Can you do a bargain section/ sale steals? As much as I am dribbling with envy at some of the dresses you working girls can afford, the life of a student isn’t so fabulous!”

Aaaah… the student loan. How I used to sit and count out my coins on the bar of my student union, eat chilli-con-carne straight from the tin, and make that final ten pound note last an entire fortnight. And how I looked forward to the day when, as a working girl… I could buy whatever the hell I wanted….

…except… erm… that never really seems to happen, does it? Whether you’re having to stretch out the last pennies of your student loan, save for a house, look after a family or pay off your Carribean cruise (sadly that last one doesn’t apply to me) … there are always times when you’ll need to turn to the bargain basement.

I’m currently in the process of buying a house. Once I’ve set aside money for solicitors, surveys, and other things that truth be told, I don’t have a blooming clue about, I’m not left with a great deal to spend on clothes. Hence the taking photos in changing rooms. It’s a lot less risky than legging it out the shop with a floral prom dress.

One of my many jobs as a freelance working girl is to guest as a fashion presenter on QVC. Last Thursday afternoon and evening I had three handbag shows, and needed a different outfit for each. (Well, I probably didn’t, but this is what I kept telling myself…) After scrimping and saving every penny towards my house fund, I thought I’d treat myself to a shopping spree. With £50…for all three shows.

Dressing for telly presents its own challenges as well. I have to avoid white, checks and close stripes (all can cause problems for the cameras), and when I’m presenting with another presenter, I can’t really wear heels (this also causes problems for the camera. They can’t frame a big person and little person at the same time. Doh).

Now naturally, I had to get a little bit creative with what I already had in my wardrobe. But I made three key tall-friendly purchases (all in the sale), that I hope you’ll approve of. Unfortunately, since they were all sale items, not all of them are still on the websites… but if you see anything you like, it’s worth having a little rummage in your local store… these were all purchased on Thursday morning. (I know… fast work!)



This pink vest with black scalloped edging is from H+M (Was £19.99, now £9.99)….









…this folk-style dress from Warehouse was reduced from £60 to £17 (With a further 20% off in the House of Fraser sale, hooray!)…








… and this lace insert cardi (also from Warehouse) was reduced from £40 to £30… with a further 20% off as well).






Giving a grand total of £47.59, and leaving enough money to buy an oversized cocktail ring in H+M. Excuse the freeze-frame induced gurning.

I heart QVC, bargains and piggy banks.

L xxx

High Heels, Low Prices

The one thing that makes me a little envious of my average-sized friends is their ability to walk into budget stores and buy anything they fancy. Having size 9 feet, not only do I always have to resort to online shopping over heading to the high street, but sifting through bargain bins in search of cut-price fashion is largely fruitless.

It’s not that I endorse throwaway fashion… I recently moved house and guiltily threw out eight bin-liners of clothes that I had worn less than a couple of times because they immediately looked passé as the season came to an end. Since then I have tried to buy investment pieces where possible (to my mind, this means stretching to Topshop instead of Primark), but as someone who is quite heavy on her feet and manages to ruin even the most beautifully crafted shoes after a serious night out on the town, I do resent regularly spending a fortune on footwear.

Sometimes there are occasions when a pair of cheapies is adequate enough, and when you’re closing in on pay-day but have a major shoe emergency, there are still places a size 9-11 girl can turn. If you’re on a budget, then check out Priceless Shoes (Some styles up to a size 11) and Shoe Zone (Up to a size 9).

Black studded Courts, Shoe Zone £12.99

Mid High Military Style Boot, Priceless Shoes £35






One wonderful day last year, I did stumble across two pairs of pumps in a size 9 at Primark. I am now questioning whether this was merely a dream*, because I have failed to enjoy the same success there since, but it did bring me fresh hope that the high street was starting to take note of the needs of long-footed women.

*(It definitely wasn’t the classic… “Oh it’s a nine… no wait, it’s a six,” because I did buy them and wore them for at least an hour before all the embellishment fell off. I will investigate this further next week).

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