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Next goes Posh

The last time I saw Victoria Beckham, she was about 500ft away from me, wearing a bandana and miming to Out of your Mind with a very sweaty Dane Bowers at Party in the Park. I haven’t seen her since. Incidentally, I have seen Dane Bowers: in my local Tesco Express because he lives down the road.

But while Dane has (bless him) bid farewell to the limelight, Victoria Beckham is  a lesson in reinvention. After nine fashion collections and amassing a legion of “Beckham-bots” from Elle to Oprah, the artist formerly known as Posh Spice has created the most exciting new fashion brand of the millennium.

I barely manage to juggle a job, a blog and a husband, and then there’s Mrs Beckham — showcasing her fashion creations in New York, bringing up four beautiful children, dancing (albeit a little bit uncomfortably) on the top of a taxi at the Olympics and jet-setting about with the world’s most famous man. All in six-inch Laboutins.

Now I would LOVE this post to be an “I just bought this Victoria Beckham dress and it fits my long limbs perfectly” post. But I don’t have a spare £1500 quid. However. Anyone checked out the latest offerings in the “Tall Dresses” section of Next? Definitely a bit of Posh in there. Pretty contrast collars, peplum waists and clean lines that are perfect for sexing up your office wardrobe or rocking at a Christmas party.

Wear with manicured nails and a serious pout.

Left:Victoria Beckham £1650. Right: Next £35

Anticlockwise from top left: Tweed Dress, £45, Black Peplum Dress, £68, Red Dress £32, Black Jacquard Dress, £68.

And if I did have a spare £1500 (Or £1650 to be exact), I’d probably splurge first on this leather and canvas VB shoulder bag. It’s just so peachy.

Or I’d go on a wacking great big holiday instead.

L x

Coachella Cuties

Over the past two weekends, the world’s coolest and kookiest celebrities have turned out in their festival finest for Coachella. Katy Perry drew headlines for a very see-through frock, Vanessa Hudgens went hippy, Emma Watson flew the Brit flag in Burberry, Kate Bosworth accessorised her outfit with a hunky male and Rihanna wore… not that much again.

Here are three celeb festival looks that can be yours after a quick spree in the Tall specialists.

Kate Bosworth

Vanessa Hudgens


If you want to check out the original outfit photos, then head to Vogue. Anyone else muddying up at a festival this year?

Happy Birthday Kate

The Duchess of Cambridge turned 30 today, and our media’s enthralment with her shows little sign of waning. A headline on the Daily Telegraph website at the moment reads “Kate Middleton ‘cries’ at film”. I know. Big news.

But it’s not her affection for Warhorse, her “common touch” with the public or her penchant for Abba that delights us the most.

It’s her ludicrously perfect wardrobe. Whether she’s working Zara or Whistles (great highstreet havens for tall girls by the way), Alexander McQueen or Jenny Packham, or even WEARING THE SAME THING TWICE, our future queen consort barely puts a nude-courted foot wrong.

So I decided to get into her head (no mean feat when I currently own the purse of a pauper and I don’t have a future king for a husband/ designers all over the world lending me dresses/ thick glossy hair… etc etc), and find some Kate-worthy clobber from the Tall ranges.

It’s been reported that Kate Middleton is 5’10 (Prince Willliam is thought to be 6’3… and is therefore set to be the UK’s tallest monarch yet), so if she can rock a nude high heel… then you totes can too.




Happy Birthday Kate.

L xx

P.S. If you’re feeling flush and want to finish your look with a designer handbag, then check out the duchess’s favourite brands; Mulberry and Tods. One of their leather lovelies will make the perfect investment — whatever your height 😉

Tried It On: Celebrity Juice

Dress, Miss Selfridge £39

I fell in love with this orient-inspired Miss Selfridge number when I saw TV presenter Holly Willo-booby wearing it on Celebrity Juice a couple of weeks ago.

And it’s the perfect Christmas Day outfit; the pretty floral print makes it special enough that your Gran would approve, while the drapey fabric and tie-waist detail will be a godsend after all those pigs-in-blankets and brandy butter. No more changing into your grubby tracksuit bottoms as you settle down to watch Eastenders.

L xx



P.S. Want to appear in Tried It On? Send a snap of yourself wearing clothes from the “regular” (non tall-range) highstreet to, along with your height and details of where we can get the goodies.

Which Chelsea girl are you?

After my tan-tastic T.O.W.I.E post, lovely All the Tall things reader Tessa asked for a style feature about her favourite reality soap. Funnily enough, Made In Chelsea — with its awkward pauses, unbearable sexual tension and glossy-haired it-set — is fast becoming another of my guilty pleasures. (I really ought to start watching BBC4 documentaries…).

Made in Chelsea, currently showing on E4

Chelsea has all the designer luxury of Brentwood, but the money is older, the skin is dewier, the clothes are subtler and the big hair is actually natural (damn those perfect posh genes). Here’s how to channel your favourite cast member in clothes from the Tall ranges.

Millie (Princess Posh)

Rosie (Punky Posh)

Caggie (Pretty Posh)

Rah  indeed. Got a request for style post? Hit the Facebook page or leave a comment on the blog and I will do my very leggy best to help you out.

L xxx

I’m in Essex Girl…

This blog post contains flash cars, big watches and false boobs. The tans you see might be fake but the people are all real, although some of what they do has been set up purely for your entertainment.

I LOVE The Only Way is Essex. Yes, I lose a good chunk of brain cells (they were never that good for much anyway), and my soul dies a little bit every Wednesday and Sunday night, but I am totally addicted to the sparkly, vajazzled adventures of the TOWIE crew.

And although my only real connection to Essex is that my grandparents live in Chelmsford, there is a little part of me that always wants to back-comb my hair to within an inch of its life and layer on the fake-bake every time I watch it on telly.

The dialogue is moronic — did Joey Essex really say last night that he can’t have an oven in his flat because “they’re dangerous”? – the love-lives are toe-curling – No Maria and Mick… just NO! – and the story-lines are less realistic than those in Button Moon. But it’s horrifically watchable.

One of the most outrageous (and crucial) elements of the show is the clothes… but I have to confess that I’m even a little bit drawn to these too. And no, you might not have the time to spend four hours a day getting ready, and your idea of a manicure might be removing the 6-week old scraps of paint from your toenails… but I think you’ll agree that a little hint of Essex in your wardrobe can provide an instant pick-me-up in these days of gloomy, credit-crunching frugality.

Here’s how you can look totally reem in clothes from the Tall ranges.

Top (L-R)

Middle (L-R)

Bottom (L-R)

And for all of you non-UK readers… here’s a little taster of what you never even knew you were missing…

I’ll see you in Sugar Hut.

L xx

Long, Tall and Curvy

I’ve read several magazine features about shopping “for your body shape”. Very helpful some of them are too.

But magazines like to put people in little boxes, and we all know that we can’t all fit in a box (especially those of us over 5’10. It would need to be a very tall box).

Most journalists will employ the following categories to divide us all up:

  • Pear-shaped
  • Top-heavy
  • Petite
  • Hourglass
  • Tall and Slim

UK Vogue October edition, out now

Which does tend to alienate one group of women. You don’t ever really see a guide for the Tall and Curvy, do you?

It’s a silly omission to make, because while I know a lot of gorgeous girlies who are tall and slim, I know several gorgeous girlies who are both leggy and curvalicious. (Or as my friend Tom likes to say, those that have got “even more to explore”…!)

So I thought I’d have a look at the different shopping options available for women who are taller and take a larger dress size. After all, curves are back in a big, beautiful way… just look at curvaceous goddess Adele gracing the cover of this month’s Vogue. Here are some addresses for your little black book…

Riding Boot, Evans £55

Evans is a great place for wider, longer shoes (the range goes up to a size 11).

Marisota includes clothes for women in sizes 12-32 and has a range of Tall trousers that fit up to a 34” inside leg (including its Tummy Tamer jeans… complete with concealed panel that claims to flatten the tummy).

Long Tall Sally stocks most of its range up to a size 22 (with a small selection up to a size 24).

Drape Dress, Anna Scholz £149

And don’t think that there isn’t room for plus-size beauty in high fashion… designer Anna Scholz has THE most incredible selection of clothing for women of larger sizes… Her range is adored by tall, curvy fashionistas like Queen Latifah (5’10) and Crystal Renn (5’9). 6’1 comedienne Miranda Hart wore one of Anna’s dresses to collect her British Comedy Awards gong earlier this year. Trousers, tunics, coats and more are available in sizes 12-28. (Warning: The models on her site are jaw-droppingly stunning. In a refreshing, real and total and utter sex-bomb kinda way).

And if you are tall and curvy…

  • Look for semi-fitted styles that follow the curves of your body and create a beautiful silhouette.
  • Don’t be afraid to show some skin! A peek of a cleavage or a show of leg actually has a real slimming effect.
  • Make the most of hourglass curves with soft fabrics that drape well.
  • Stand tall. I know I always say it (!). But gorgeous curves look even more sensational on a longer frame. Enjoy 🙂

L xxx

I Dream in Tweed…

Is there an item of devilishly expensive designer clothing that you’ve promised yourself you’ll own one day?

For some girls, it’s a pair of Laboutins (no chance of shoving my knobbly toes into those though…). Others covet a Louis Vuitton handbag (remember Jennifer Hudson’s adorable reaction to her new arm candy in Sex and the City?). For me, it’s a Chanel tweed jacket. A look that defines “classic”, it has transcended fashion and been worn by stylish women in no less than nine decades. I just KNOW I’d wear it forever. (Are you listening husband?)

While Coco Chanel had been developing her tweed jacket since the 1930s, it wasn’t until 1955 that she added the contrasting trim, cementing its icon status. It instantly became de rigueur for ladies who lunched, and has been rocked in recent times (Karl Lagerfeld has continued to reproduce and reinvent the style) by celebrities such as Beyonce, Lily Allen and Mischa Barton.

But while I’m patiently waiting for one of them to find its way into my local charity shop (very wishful thinking… bordering on utter delusion), I’ll happily make do with one of these pretty Topshop cardis. They’re not silk-lined or brass buttoned, but will still inject a bit of sophistication into my jeans/ vest top/ ballet pumps combo.

Tall Contrast-stitch cardigan, Topshop £40

Jump on the girlband-wagon

When THREE members of Girls Aloud don a pair of candy-bright jeans within the space of a week, you know the trend for coloured trews is about to go astronomical.

First trend-setting Cheryl went for a green pair (and yummy beige biker jacket), then Nicola was spotted in blue jeans (with fierce purple heels), and then Kimberley jumped on the girlband-wagon in a pink pair (keeping it casual with a denim jacket).

I’d so far resisted the lure of the coloured jean; after all, they’re not likely to be sticking around for more than a season are they? But then New Look reduced its Tall pairs to a mere £14. And Girls Aloud look pretty damn gorgeous in theirs. So I am powerless to resist. Take your pick from these three mouth-watering shades. (I’ve tried them on and they fit me perfectly… I normally wear a 36″ inseam).

Tall skinny trousers, all New Look, were £25.99, now £14

Channel the Chung

June's Edition of Vogue, out now

Alexa Chung — presenter, writer, designer’s muse, and the brand ambassador with the midas touch – graces the cover of this month’s UK Vogue. And the best bit? She’s also a beautifully tall (albeit not quite as beautifully tall as most of us lovely lot) 5’8.

The kooky Brit is the it-girl of the moment, with designers clambering to dress her and females the world over trying to emulate her tomboyish, low-maintenance style.

But just in case Karl Lagerfeld isn’t your best mate, Philip Lim isn’t knocking your door down and Mulberry haven’t named a handbag after you (The “Alexa” launched last year and generated a 9,000 strong waiting list) here’s how to “Channel the Chung” on a budget (and in your favourite tall ranges).

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