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Winter Casual

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

8 more sleeps til Christmas! I trust you are all on the naughty list 😉

Getting another little person ready (and often, ready again) before leaving the house can mean that I’m lucky if I get to put a bit of slap on or a chance to blast myself with dry shampoo. So usually an easy-to-put-together outfit is in order.

Here’s one I wore earlier…

Cape, Topshop £35: Occasionally I wear this belted too; it’s a great piece to layer over chunky jumpers and cardis as an alternative to a coat.

Jeans: Asos £32. I cannot go on enough about how bloody brilliant ASOS Ridley jeans are. They’re my favourite Tall jeans on the market right now; stretchy but more jean-like than the Topshop Leigh variety. The high waist also puts an end to the builder’s bum issues we all suffer. (Right?)

T-Shirt: Burton £9.60. I’m loving the trend for Chanel-esque black-on-white typography tops and jumpers right now. This is actually a men’s tee from Burton, hence the length. I’m wearing the Large and I’ve layered it over an old ASOS jersey top.

Bag: Primark, £12. I’ve never in my life travelled light, but having a baby has taken the whole handbag-meets-luggage thing to a new level. This snake-effect Primarni number has all the compartments I need for nappies/ muslins, etc.

Boots: Topshop, £45. These are cute black Chelsea boots with a bit of a twist. The leather is also super soft and supple, so expect it to stretch a little — mine did. Available up to a roomy Euro 42.

Glasses by Roxy @ Specsavers and Jewellery from

Has anyone purchased a pretty cape? Or found some fab winter boots? I keep getting questions about the knee-length variety (they need to be long in the leg AND in the foot), so it’d be fab if you have any leads…

L xx

Tried It On: H+M Shirt Dress

Get yourselves to H&M and grab this cheap and chic shirt dress, as recommended by 6’2 ATTT reader Catherine. Super premium looking, despite the bargain price tag, and ready to take you from office to bar with a few well chosen accessories.

Catherine writes, “At £20 each I thought they were an absolute bargain and they both fit beautifully; I’m a size 12 but quite curvy, so I usually wear dresses that are cinched at the waist to avoid looking like a sack of potatoes, and the tie belt that comes with the dress is an absolute godsend. I’m 6’2”, by the way and 22 years old.

In the pictures, I’m also wearing the jeggings from New Look that one of your readers recommended a few weeks ago (also bought the black pair).”

Dress, H+M £20/ Jeggings, New Look £14.99

Thanks Catherine. Everybody loves an H+M bargain. How cute would this look with tights and ankle boots for autumn, or a pretty pair of heels for office glam?

Anyone else found any tall friendly pieces in H+M lately?

L x

P.S. You can send photos of your long-length finds to be included in Tried It On by emailing or tweeting @tallthings

Non-Maternity Maternity-Wear

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

After a long time chatting about maternity wear, I thought it was about time I popped something on the blog that was appropriate for all of us gorgeous leggy lot.

In any case, when I first announced my pregnancy, so many of you told me not to bother with maternity clothes because they’re a big old waste of money. And, especially since I’m pregnant during the summer months and dress reasonably casually for work, you were absolutely bang onThere are plenty of clothes on the highstreet that will accommodate a growing bump, but still look perfectly lovely after baby’s arrival.

While I’ve bought two pairs of skinny maternity jeans (one under-bump pair by ASOS, one over-the-bump pair from Mamalicious @ASOS, the latter of which I prefer), and a couple of nice maternity dresses for special occasions, I’ve tried to stick with my old wardrobe, and buy things that I’ll be able to wear post-pregnancy too.

I also wear the items I do buy and that do still fit in much heavier rotation, so I don’t feel like I’ve spent lots of money on things that I’ll hardly get any use out of.

My best buy was an ASOS bump band for £7, an absolute money-saver because it has allowed me to wear most of my old jeans and shorts open and adds extra length to t-shirts that creep up over my bump. It’s not a completely seamless solution (literally), but it’s a great little piece for layering. I’ve worn it with my non-maternity Topshop shorts below.

My absolute godsend this summer has been the kimono… light enough to wear during these balmy summer days and fits at every stage of my pregnancy. Unlike a dress, I can also mix it up much more easily with other pieces in my wardrobe too. I find the long-line ones super flattering on a tall figure, and this Topshop number (£46) with its pretty, art-deco style bird print, is one of my faves and has been well worth the splurge.

If I have indulged a little bit, it’s been more on accessories like jewellery and handbags. Luckily I seem to have avoided the curse of going up a shoe size, although with 2 and a half months still to go until my due date, I realise there’s still plenty of time for that to happen. I have my husband’s Converse and Havianas on standby.

I’ve also arranged my wardrobe at home with a section of my tried-and-tested maternity-friendly outfits, to avoid hours rummaging through before work every day and tearing my hair out when nothing fits.

You can hover over the images above for links to products. The giraffe print clutch is no longer available, but if you want to splash the cash, I love this blue giraffe print clutch from Ted Baker. And neither are the boots, though Topshop does have a strappy pair with the same metal-capped heel in a size 42 here. Prescription sunglasses are by Tommy Hilfiger at Specsavers.

L x

P.S. How many of you went up a shoe size or even grew taller during pregnancy? Let me know if this has or hasn’t affected you.

P.P.S. I’m looking for more pretty logo and typography tees to wear under shirts and kimonos. Have you found any pretty ones lately (doesn’t necessarily need to be a maternity piece)?.

23 Weeks Pregnant: Kaftans and Kimonos

Maybe I’ve been watching a bit too much of The Only Way Is Marbs, but since my bump’s been getting bigger I’ve become a bit Kimono/ Kaftan crazy.

I’m also fairly reluctant to buy too many “maternity” specific pieces, and a kimono is super flattering now but still wearable after Baby Schof arrives. This ASOS Tall premium kimono (£65) is a bit more pricey than your average highstreet cover-up, but the embroidery looks very designer-esque and will look just as fab with a bikini and cocktail (mocktail for me).

Try Primark, H+M and Misguided for more bargainous styles. Luckily length is more or less irrelevant, with everything from waist-length to floor-length (and everything in between) considered chic this season. I also took this Ben Di Lisi number (£36) for pool lounging in Santorini.

I have however found a decent pair of maternity jeans (£35 – thanks Ali for the recommendation) by Mamalicious (available at ASOS). I’m edging towards a preference for over-the-bump styles now, mainly because no maternity jeans seem to have a high enough denim rise (these included unfortunately, though they are the best I’ve tried), and the extra bit of stretchy jersey fabric saves my blushes. The 34 inch leg is actually quite generous for a 36-incher like me.

The khaki top (£32) is from Topshop (one of the few maternity tops I’ve bought, but it’s  in a fairly neutral, go-with-everything colour). The chunky, block-heel sandals (I’m refusing to part with heels during my pregnancy, though I do favour an on-trend block heel for safety!) are by New Look and go up to a generous UK size 9, but pssst… you can get them from ASOS for free delivery.

Click on the pictures above for links to everything. Have you embraced the tall-friendly trend for kimonos and kaftans? Please leave links to ones you’ve found and love…

L x

21 Weeks Pregnant: The Search for Long-Length Maternity Jeans

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on the blog, Facebook and Twitter following my pregnancy news. I’ve read them all and been so very touched by your kind words and helpful advice. I’m also still in the process of getting back to emails as well, so apologies if you haven’t had a reply just yet.

Fashion-wise, I feel somewhat fortunate that the majority of my pregnancy will be during the summer months (Baby Schof is due in October). I realise I may look back on this statement as rather naive when I’m sitting in a beer garden, drenched in sweat and eyeing up my friend’s glass of Rosé as the condensation trickles down the glass, but it does make dressing rather more easy and a damn sight less expensive. I doubt, for instance, that I’ll be buying too many coats and jackets, preferring instead to wear my current jackets open (perhaps with a light scarf). I’ve been living in elasticated maxi skirts (some nice ones available at New Look Tall and a surprisingly long jersey skirt at H+M) that sit under the bump, and I’ve been stretching any pre-maternity purchased lycra-infused dresses as far as they can bear.

But there is always a need for jeans, and while the weather has been mostly glorious of late, grey skies are looming. Herein lies the problem; most Tall ranges don’t have a maternity section, and those that do carry a very small number of bump-friendly pieces. Particularly for women like me who are fussy about the wash and cut of their denim. At 21 weeks, I’ve hit the point where I can’t wear my favourite jeans anymore. As most pregnant women seem to find, my bump is smaller in the morning and gets progressively larger as the day goes on. While I can still comfortably do up my stretchy Topshop Leigh Jeans when I wake up, I’ve unbuttoned them by lunchtime. And I have no hope of fastening my favourite ASOS Ridley jeans. So I’m on the hunt for a dream pair of maternity jeans or two, to last me until the end of my pregnancy. And given that last week I spent just shy of a thousand pounds on a buggy/ pram/ carseat travel system, a purse-friendly pair would be lovely.

The Bump Band

I’ve bought the ASOS Jersey Bump Band (£7) to wear over the top of my non-maternity jeans so that I can continue to wear them with the zipper down. It’s not ideal, but it saves a heck of a lot of money and means I don’t need to discard all my favourite pre-maternity purchases. It’ll also be useful later on, to layer under tops as they rise up over the bump. Depending on the stiffness of your jeans and shape of the hardware, you might be able to still see some lumps and bumps through the band, but I’ve only been wearing it to add a little extra coverage under longline tops so no one would notice. I’m also considering getting two (perhaps one in a different colour — they do them in nude and black) so that I can thicken them up or wear with other colour jeans.  They’re also useful when you’re not pregnant to add a bit of length under your tops.

I’ve worn them here with my ASOS Ridley jeans (you can hover over the pictures for links to products).

I’ve also worn a burnout Topshop t-shirt (neither Tall nor maternity), one of the many I bought to wear on holiday with my maxi skirts and elasticated H+M shorts.

ASOS Maternity Jeans

I do want a couple of pairs of maternity jeans though that will see me through to 40 weeks, and I think it’s worth buying sooner rather than later to get as much wear as possible out of them. I’m a 36″ inseam, but thought I’d give ASOS Ridley Maternity Jeans (£30) a go in  the Long (34″) length. They’re actually a very generous length (think Topshop Leigh jeans), and the waistband fits under your bump, which is a bit cooler for summer than the over-bump styles. I’ve bought them in my usual size 10.

However, they are majorly, majorly hipster, and while the length is great in the legs, these aren’t made with a tall bottom in mind (anyone else have one of those? I definitely do) so sitting down can be very revealing. I am actually meeting ASOS tomorrow, and plan to beg them to make a few Tall maternity pieces. I’ve worn them with a long-length Mamalicious T-Shirt (£25) (ideal if you’re pregnant or not, as the ruching at the side isn’t obvious, so I’ll continue wearing it as a baggy-style tee after pregnancy).

So while I will carry on wearing my hipster-rise ASOS jeans for now, the search continues for the perfect, comfort-fit maternity denim. I’ll definitely be pursuing a few of your ideas over the next few weeks…

Advice from Other Tall Mums about Maternity Jeans

H+M: Michelle recommends them for maternity jeggings in long lengths and Jane for their 34″ maternity jeans.

Noppies: 6ft 2 Louise founds maternity jeans by this Dutch brand. They deliver worldwide (and by Royal Mail within UK so you won’t get stung with huge postage).

Tall Maternity Store: Kimberley found her jeans in Mummy Long Legz (now Tall Maternity Store).

Mamas and Papas: Struggling to find a fashionable fit? Helen praises M+P skinny jeans as “the only ones skinny enough”. I love the look of their Boyfriend jeans.

Mamalicious: Ali says Jeans-wise, Mamalicious is our friend, with skinnies in a 34 inch, that are more like a 35-36 in some styles. I’ve just ordered the slim-leg jean so I’ll keep you posted on that. It’s available at ASOS so you can try different sizes and styles with free delivery.

Gap: Danish ATTT reader Katherine loved her Gap Maternity jeans when expecting.

Vero Moda: Another Katherine tip, Vero Moda makes long-length maternity wear in Denmark. But they’re not available in the UK. Hmph.

Topshop: Becca found Topshop’s 34 inch Maternity jeans long enough. Worth a try.

Thanks girlies. If you have any advice to add, please pop it below. And let me know if there are any other maternity fashion dilemmas you’d like me to investigate.

L xx

Leggy Lust: New Denim at ASOS Tall

If you’re always faithful to your Leigh jeans, it might be time to venture out of Topshop and give ASOS’s new denim range a try. All the jeans are cut to fit a 36 inch inseam (and that’s an actual 36 inches… not a “to fit a 36 inch leg but in a nice little crop-at-the-ankle style”). *

I love these  high-waisted jeans in the mid-stonewash (below), because they’re super-snug on the leg and the rise is very flattering on a tall figure. They’re not actually particularly high-waisted, but I’m so sick of wearing hipsters that aren’t made for a tall bum, and these have plenty of fabric to stop you thong-flashing.

asos jeans

Jeans, ASOS Tall, £30

At 30 quid they’re also at the cheaper end of the Tall denim spectrum, and they fit true to size (perhaps a little more generously than Topshop). I would get two sizes if you’re in between though, and take advantage of the free delivery and returns. I’m wearing the 10 (W28). They’re also nice and stretchy (not quite as “jegging” like as some of the Leigh jeans, but still with a bit of give).

Lots of you are already fans. ATTT reader Lydia writes, “Any of the ‘Ridley’ style are amazing!! Had the pair with ripped knees for weeks now and still love them just as much! 10000% recommend!”

Let me know if you’ve also tried the ASOS denim already and tell me what you think. And I know a lot of you are denim obsessives, so please let me know what other jean stockists you’re going gaga for at the moment.

L xx

*You may find that some of the copy on the website says “34 inches” for the Tall jeans inseam. ASOS buyer Gina tells me that this is a mistake that needs correcting, and sure enough, if you click the drop-down “select size” box, you’ll see that all the size options actually come with a 36 inch leg.

Tried It On: (Almost) EVERYTHING in New Look Tall

When a Tall range launches exclusively online, it can be a wee bit daunting making that first order. Will the clothes really be cut for a genuinely tall woman? Or will I be spending a fortune on postage and packaging and ending up with more ankle-swinging trousers and crop tops that would look just perfect on a 5’8 pseudo-leggy lovely?

That’s why you’re going to LOVE this next Tried It On feature, sent in by the amazing Mary (who at 181cm is just shy of the 6ft mark). Get ready for one of the most useful ATTT posts yet…

“Hi Laura. After a disappointing trip to LTS where everything was too big for me – I don’t have the gorgeous curves some taller girls have, I am a quite boyish straight up and down – I gave in to a bit of a online New Look Tall Shopping Spree! Unfortunately I cannot afford to keep them all!!! But am definitely holding on to a couple of bits!! It was free delivery over £45 so I just kept adding things to the basket… ooooppps.

Blue Feather Print One Shoulder Belted Maxi Dress, £22.99


I really like this – it has a split down the front, but has a blue under layer a bit above knee length so no embarrassing flashing moments in the wind hopefully! It has a chain effect belt. It is a tight squeeze as the waist is fitted and there is no zip, so trying to get it either over your hips or rib cage is a bit tricky.

Tall Black and Teal Jersey Belted Bandeau Maxi Dress, £16.99

Black Bandu Maxi 1

Teal Bandu Maxi 2

I am keeping the black one of these- though was tempted by the teal one to wear on holiday! Maxi dresses do not tend to suit me – but this one fits me well, and the length is perfect. The material has a stretch to it but has some weight to it as well so it doesn’t show every lump and bump.

Tall Black Off the Shoulder Midi Dress, £14.99

Black off the shoulder Midi

This is definitely made for the tall ladies! It is long for a midi dress, my sister who is shorter than me at 5’8 tried it on and it practically came to her ankles!!!

Unfortunately it isn’t very forgiving on lumps and bumps – but if you’re happy with your shape and want something that is actually long enough not to be flashing your thighs then its a nice little piece. I love the off the shoulder look – or you can wear the shoulder straps higher.

Tall 36in Blue Ripped Turn Up Boyfriend Jeans, £15

Back Boyfriends

I was actually looking for a pair of boot cut jeans – but these skinny/boyfriend were in the sale and jumped out at me. I gave in and they are definately not going back. They have a turn up so are very generous in length. They dont fit as tight as skinnies as they have a boyfriend slouch to them, so much more comfy after a Sunday Roast!

Tall 36in Navy Bootcut Jeans, £9.99

Dark Jeans & Jean Jacket

Boot cut Jeans were actually what I had been shopping for originally before the other things sucked me in! I’d been avoiding these boot cuts as the material collects every bit of animal hair going. But after a long search for boot cut jeans  these ones fit me the best and at £9.99 I can afford a few lint rolers to get off the cat hair that they collect. Definitely a bargain!

Tall Pale Blue Denim Jacket, £17.99

Dark Jeans and Jean Jacket closer

Like you I was not really sure why Tall Sections were bringing in cropped tops for us. Surely I can buy a regular size if I want a crop?!!!  But this cropped Jean Jacket showed me actually how much better it is when a crop is made to fit and tapers in at the right places.

I like the way the jacket fits on the body, I like the colour. The sleeves for a tall garment are on the short side – just about fitting my arm length – but could do with being a tad longer. However I noticed online that they roll the sleeves up – so if that’s the look you are going for then I LOVE THIS jacket! I haven’t quite decided whether I am keeping this one yet – its the sleeves that are my catch.”

Phew, I’m exhausted just looking at all that shopping. Mary, I think I speak for everyone when I say a big fat THANK YOU. And give you a little round of applause. Totally in awe of your model-like figure too.

What’s your favourite piece in Mary’s loot? And have you bought anything from New Look’s revamped collection?

L x

Win a £100 voucher to spend at Nine West

Long time readers of the blog will remember me getting just a tad excited about buying a pair of buttery-soft leather boots from Nine West back in 2011. Well, the boots are still going strong, and so is Nine West’s range of size nine shoes: it currently consists of 83 pairs in a UK size 9.

shoes nine west size 9

Now Nine West has teamed up with All the Tall things to give one lucky UK or Ireland based reader a £100 voucher to spend online, with free delivery. And since we wouldn’t want to leave out those leggy lovelies whose feet are bigger than a size 9, the voucher can be spent on any of Nine West’s fabulous bags or accessories too. Hurrah.

Nine West

I road-tested its best-selling Flax pair of courts (£95). Fortunately for me, they come up in a generous size 9 (think Next rather than Topshop), and the cushioned sole kept my feet feeling supported and comfy; qualities that are often lacking in cheaply made courts.

shoes with dress

Top: Embellished blouse, Mango £34.99/ Black shift dress, Long Tall Sally £75 / Bag, Zara £49.99Shoes, Nine West £95. Bottom: Red jacket, Miss Selfridge/ Blouse, H+M/ Necklace, Vietnam/ Jeans, Topshop £40/ Shoes, Nine West £95

These courts are ideal for the office but are built for walking and dancing too, with a sturdy heel, soft leather, and no pinching at the sides or the opening. It’s only in my late twenties that I’m starting to realise a little extra investment in quality shoes goes a very long way.

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning the voucher, answer this question in the comments section below this post.

What advice would you give your younger self? 

Give us your wise old words about height, love, life or style. The best answer wins the spree!

L x

Ts & Cs

Due to licensing laws, this competition is only open to residents of the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands. You must include your email address in the relevant box with your comment, but this will NOT be visible and will only be used if you are the winner and we need to contact you regarding your prize. Prize consists of a £100 Nine West voucher and free delivery. No cash alternative can be given. Competition closes at midnight on Sunday 2nd June. Winner will be announced on the ATTT Facebook page on Monday 3rd June.

Big is Beautiful

Fashion has gone over-sized this summer; voluminous coats, giant trapeze dresses and slouchy shorts graced the LFW pavements, and labels that used to say “size 14” will now say “10”. As Vogue’s Sarah Harris puts it; “If it doesn’t fit, it’s a good fit.”

Fine for the size-zero pocket-belles, but not such great news for tall women, who are already struggling to find items that fit properly, let alone something that looks two sizes too big. Doh.

But I’ve scouted this shirt by Glamorous (£22) on the ASOS wesbite, and not only is it beautifully billowing, with long enough sleeves for the leggiest of ladies, but it also ticks two other trend boxes for summer; print and monochrome.


Besides, you know I’m a sucker for a (fairly) silly shirt, and this one with its triangle/circle/square pattern is perfect for the nerd in me.

I wore it tucked in to my favourite Topshop acid-wash jeans for my friend’s birthday drinks last night, but it’s long enough to drape over your hips.


I’m a size 10/12 and went for a 12 to ensure that the shirt was roomy enough and the sleeves were super long. (The model on the website had lots of room to spare though, which made me take the precarious online-ordering plunge in the first place).

I also strapped on my custom-made Vietnamese wedges to add a little pop of colour too. (They are comfy as a cloud, amazing to run for a train in, and I’m obsessed with grey and blue colour combos at the moment).


Shirt, Glamorous @ ASOS £22 / Tall Jeans, Topshop £40/ Bag, Zara £49.99/ Wedges, custom-made.

Anyone else found any fab shirts for tall girlies? And do you like going over-sized with your outfits? I think us tall girls can carry off the extra volume, but perhaps you prefer to stick to a more polished and tailored look?

Share share! 🙂

L x

Dated Denim

I recently saw a lovely trapeze dress in Topshop’s Tall range (see middle of pic below), that I’m pretty sure I wore to a disco in a scout hut in 1995. I was dancing to Outhere Brothers at the time and eating a push-pop.

There are a few 2013 twists on the current trend for 90s denim though; the classic denim jacket is back, but this time so is the acid-wash jumpsuit, the bodycon skirt, and just about every single style of dress imaginable; dungaree, t-shirt style or shirt.

Shade is more or less irrelevant, but blue is the colour of choice. Luckily Topshop has almost everything covered in its Tall range, so you can choose your basics from the selection below. Wear them with a roll-neck crop top, band tee, or double up and really live the denim dream. 

All items above from Topshop Tall

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