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Tall Maxis by Jarlo

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

A couple of weekends ago I left Matilda with her Daddy for the first time to go bridesmaid shopping with my friend Marisa, who’s getting married in May. She was keen for all her best girls to wear long dresses, and despite my early warnings that we’d need them especially-made to accommodate the awkwardly leggy one in the group, she was bizarrely optimistic that we’d find a long dress to fit all three of us (5’3, 5’7 and 6 foot) on the highstreet. We didn’t.

Luckily we did find a gorgeously frothy, sequinned, tutu-skirted, grey knee-length number from Coast that just about fitted all three of us. I’ve given you a zillion adjectives in the last sentence because I thought that sharing an actual picture with you would be a bit mean to Marisa, and I know that you’ve all got good imaginations. Besides, there were only two in the shop and we had to scale the length of the UK to find the last remaining one in stock in the country that wasn’t in a size 6. (I’ll pop it on the blog in May no doubt).

So we didn’t go with maxi dresses, but it did get me thinking about all the times I’ve scoured the shops desperately for one, particularly in times before the arrival of reasonably well stocked Tall ranges. My search has seen me head to Vietnam to have gowns made especially, and have my Auntie make a long skirt for me when all I could find to wear for my school Leavers’ Ball was a sequinned top. (Which would have been one way to make sure I got remembered, but wouldn’t have been the classiest of exits).

If you’ve got a prom coming up and don’t want to leave your outfit to the last minute, or you fancy opting for a full-length wedding guest number this year, then consider these simple-but-stunning jewel-coloured maxis while they’re in stock.

They are by Portobello-born label Jarlo and have been made extra long especially or the ASOS tall range. Yay.

Dress, Jarlo @ Asos £85

Dress, Jarlo at ASOS £88

The red one above has a divine bow-back, and would look even more special accompanied by a slim-line statement necklace.

Have you found any pretty maxi dresses? Has searching for one become the bane of your life? What do you think of the maxi dresses available in most Tall ranges?

Let me know in the comments section below.

L xx

Tried It On: H+M Shirt Dress

Get yourselves to H&M and grab this cheap and chic shirt dress, as recommended by 6’2 ATTT reader Catherine. Super premium looking, despite the bargain price tag, and ready to take you from office to bar with a few well chosen accessories.

Catherine writes, “At £20 each I thought they were an absolute bargain and they both fit beautifully; I’m a size 12 but quite curvy, so I usually wear dresses that are cinched at the waist to avoid looking like a sack of potatoes, and the tie belt that comes with the dress is an absolute godsend. I’m 6’2”, by the way and 22 years old.

In the pictures, I’m also wearing the jeggings from New Look that one of your readers recommended a few weeks ago (also bought the black pair).”

Dress, H+M £20/ Jeggings, New Look £14.99

Thanks Catherine. Everybody loves an H+M bargain. How cute would this look with tights and ankle boots for autumn, or a pretty pair of heels for office glam?

Anyone else found any tall friendly pieces in H+M lately?

L x

P.S. You can send photos of your long-length finds to be included in Tried It On by emailing or tweeting @tallthings

Wedding Guest Wear at 7 Months Pregnant

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Hope you’re all wonderfully well.

Last weekend I was hitting the lemonades at my friends’ wedding in Scunthorpe, but not before much deliberation over what to wear. While I’ve not struggled anywhere near as much as I expected in finding long-length maternity wear for day-to-day, I’ve been somewhat underwhelmed by the party and occasion-wear on offer for leggy lovelies sporting a bump.

Maternity occasion-wear in general is akin to specialist tall wear; it tends to err on the safe side of fashion, presumably to appeal to everyone, and therefore likely appealing to almost no one. Most dresses contain cheap fabrics or oddly placed lace, and are usually wildly over-priced in comparison with their bumpless counterparts.

A lot of the ASOS maternity dresses look like they’d be total bum-flashers on me, but I did find this sparkly chiffon number there, and at £60, it was even less expensive than a lot of non-maternity options. I’m sure I’ll wear it to another party before Baby Schof arrives too.

I wore it to the wedding of my lovely friends Jen and Mark, who I introduced 6 and half years ago. (I spent most of the day feeling like a very smug cupid). My hubby Tim conducted the ceremony in the beautiful grounds of Jen’s parents’ home and made a very dashing vicar indeed.

I colour-blocked with some teal shoes (oldies from Dorothy Perkins), a teal bag (found in the sale last week at John Lewis, £25), and a hat-inator from KCMode. You can find the ASOS dress here.

Have you found any wedding guest outfits recently that would work for leggy lovelies (with or without a bump?). Please share your sources below! And if you do know of any maternity lines that make pretty ocassion-wear for tall mamas, please pop those in too 🙂

L xx

Does pregnancy make it EASIER for Tall women to buy dresses?

I was supposed to do sooo many posts this week. But for some (satanic?) reason my broadband has decided to become excruciatingly slow, and this (rather miniature) post has taken me THREE WHOLE DAYS. Rubbish internet + hottest week of the year + pregnancy hormones = seriously crazed leggy lovely. Excuse me while I go and sit in a bathtub of ice now that this is finally done.

Since becoming pregnant I’ve realised that I’m not a fan of tent-like clothes. I thought it would be my pre-pregnancy baggy shirts and dresses that I’d be glad of when I got a lot bigger, but I actually feel more confident in body-con styles. Six months ago, I would have had to be having a seriously “thin” day to even think about squeezing myself into anything containing a hint of elastene, but pregnancy, with its ‘I’m actually supposed to be this fat and I quite like it’ mentality, means that I’d rather be seen in fitted things.

I’ve also discovered that the whole waistline-being-too-high issue ordinarily encountered by tall women is pretty much non-existent with maternity styles, because so many have an under-bust line instead (and normally quite a generous area for growing pregnancy boobs). So I’ve surprisingly fallen in love with the empire-line shape too, and found that pregnancy has has made it- dare I say it– easier to buy dresses, and me more confident in the ones I have got.

I’ve been doing a lot of shopping on the ASOS  maternity website (it just seems to have the widest and most affordable selection of trendy bits) and searching out ‘midi’ and ‘maternity’ so that the lengths are a bit longer. While a lot of the midis in the regular section are waisted, and irritatingly so, the maternity ones obviously aren’t, so they’re pretty much all wearable for a leggy lovely.

I wore this hawaiian print number (£38) to my work summer party (and to a Backstreet Boys concert in Hyde Park — don’t judge me), last week, and it’s possibly even wedding-guest worthy.

You can hover over the pictures above for links to products.

Have any of you tall mummies or expectant tall mummies found that dress buying is a little bit easier during pregnancy? Or have you been hugely underwhelmed by the choice available? Let me know in the comments below.

L xx

P.S. Anyone having trouble finding well-fitting maternity lingerie or feeding camis for a tall figure? Tune in to the next post.

Tried It On: Summer Basics

When finding on-trend clothing is tricky, it’s always handy to have a few basics in your wardrobe that you can accessorise. It’s even better when those basics are a bargain to start with. ATTT reader and blogger Leonie has found two sundresses on the Very website that NEED to be in your suitcase this summer.

Leonie writes; “I recently bought two dresses (as part of a 2 pack) from South (ordered form and wanted to let you and others know about them! 

The deal is 2 100% cotton, lightweight dresses that reach a little bit higher than my knee (I’m 6ft 1) for only £25! They have pockets and are SUPER comfy  –  my summer staples!

There is an elasticated band just below the bust so maybe not suitable for well-endowed leggy ladies BUT it removes the worry of finding a dress that has a lower waistband! I wear mine with my LTS denim jacket and sandals most of the time so super fast to put an outfit together.”

Gorgeous holiday essentials, and perfect for jazzing up with a bit of statement jewellery. I reckon I might even be able to squeeze a bump under there too.

Found any other pretty sundresses that work with your height? Send a photo to or drop the details below.

L x

Tried It On: Wedding Guest Midi Dress

Wedding season is in full swing, and 6’2 ATTT reader Sarah is here to help you out with your long-length wedding guest fashion dilemmas.

Sheer is a key trend for this season, and Sarah’s managed to nail the look with a dress that’s still demure and ladylike enough for a wedding. She found this amazing electric blue stripy number in Warehouse at a not-too-ridiculous-for-a-special-ocassion price of £50. Love the length and the fact that it nips in exactly where Sarah’s waist is supposed to be.

Extra bonus points for wearing chunky high heels (New Look, £19.99) and colour-blocking to perfection. Sarah, ordinarily a size 43, writes, “The shoes are wide-fit and an 8/42 was plenty big enough, but they do a 9/43 which was massive”.

I think those shoes would look just fabulous with skinny jeans for a girly night out too. New Look actually do this shoe style in 3 other colours up to a size 43, if you’re looking to co-ordinate/ colour-clash with your own outfit.

Let me know if you find any pretty wedding-worthy dresses or shoes that will fit a tall figure. You can email or tweet @tallthings

L xx

I have some news…

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the sunshine. I’ve just returned from a relaxing holiday on the Greek island of Santorini, so apologies for my little hiatus.

There is another reason why I haven’t been posting too much recently. It’s because I have been getting bigger. And I wanted to wait until the right moment to share with you my very happy news. I’m 20 weeks pregnant.

Dress, Long Tall Sally £45, available here. Necklace, Miss Selfridge £14.50, available here.

The fact that most of the things I’ve been showcasing on the blog of late have been elasticated in the waist or a little bit loose and flowing has been of no coincidence. There’s a little leggy lovely growing in there. A PINK one! We’ve just had our 20 week scan, so I feel a lot more comfortable about sharing the amazing news, and besides, there is slim chance of my expanding waistline going unnoticed now.

I hope you’ll agree that this will add an interesting new dimension to the blog. Tall maternity-wear isn’t something I’ve ever been able to chat about in much depth, and now I’ll be able to dedicate a lot more time to the fashion dilemma that is being tall and being pregnant (a physical state that must be so rare most retailers don’t seem to acknowledge exists).

Since I plan to wear as much non-maternity attire as possible so that I can continue wearing pieces long after pregnancy, I’m hoping that those of you without protruding tummies will still continue to read All the Tall things and find plenty of useful information and ideas. The maxi dress in the photo above is a Long Tall Sally number (also available in a beautiful jewel green tone) that I’ve been wearing long before the bump appeared.

Thank you for your continued support of the blog. I can’t wait to take you on this little adventure with me.

L x

P.S. A lot of pregnant women complain about all the relentless “advice” they seem to get from other mothers when they’re expecting. However, I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY welcome any tall maternity fashion suggestions you have! So please do share your words of wisdom here!

Tried It On: One Girl, 4 Dresses

If you wrote off Dorothy Perkins’ Tall collection ages ago, back when it was a barren wasteland where black bootlegs and dodgy cardigans reigned supreme, then it might be time to revisit. Coz it’s had a big old overhaul of late. Yup.

What’s more, 6ft ATTT reader Emma has bought four pretty dresses and still managed to come away with change from a hundred quid. Emma recalls that she had the classic “I’ll just order all these to try on at home, then I’ll return the ones I don’t… Oh” thought. She also writes, “The Daisy print one isn’t from the Tall range but still a pretty good length for us :)”


Tall Rose Sweetheart Dress, Dorothy Perkins £16/ Tall Black Bardot Dress, Dorothy Perkins £16

Tall Floral Bardot Dress, Dorothy Perkins £18/ Daisy Tea Dress, Dorothy Perkins £38

These four dresses are more summery than a pub garden and a pitcher of Pimms. Love.

Tried on a long-length item and want to share it with your fellow Leggy Lovelies? Email or tweet @tallthings

L x

P.S. You can also get a discount at Dorothy Perkins at the mo…

Code TAKE5 gets you £5 off when you spend 25, or more

Code TAKE10 gets you £10 off when you spend £50 or more

Code TAKE15 gets you £15 off when you spend £75 or more.

One M&S Dress and the Clutch that EVERY Tall girl needs

I clapped eyes on this ASOS clutch and knew I had to have it. Not only is it in the oh-so-appropriate giraffe print (if you can’t dodge the comparisons, you might as well embrace them), but it’s also got a lovely, luxe pony-effect finish.

photo (67)

Bag, ASOS £30/ Dress, Marks & Spencer £23/ Boots, Topshop/ Necklace, New Look £17.99/ Hat, Miss Selfridge/ Glasses, Specsavers

I’m often getting requests to feature long-line skater-style dresses, and this Marks & Spencer number is great for a tall figure, because even though it’s fitted at the top with a nice flare at the hem, it doesn’t have a defined waistline, making it more accessible for the leggier lovely. Plus it’s currently on sale for a purse-pleasing £23.

photo (68)

Also… make sure you keep your eyes firmly fixed on the blog over the next few days, because yesterday I interviewed a certain Gokalicious fashion expert, and he had a LOT to say on the subject of tall women.

photo (69)

Have a lovely Friday folks,

L x

P.S. Anyone else found a nice long-length skater frock? I’m currently obsessed.

Think Pink

Back in December 2011 my gorgeous Auntie Michele was told that she had Breast Cancer. I’m sure you’ve had a friend or family member who’s been diagnosed with the disease, or even received the devastating diagnosis yourself. You’ve felt the seismic shockwaves and had the “I thought Cancer was something that happened to other people” thought.

My auntie Mic found her source of support through an online forum run by Breast Cancer Care, and connected with a group of women who had all been diagnosed in December (and would come to call themselves “The December Darlings”). They shared stories of chemo together, posted photos of bald heads, compared notes on snotty noses, and supported one another when two members of the group tragically lost their fight against the disease.

Michele considers herself one of the “lucky” ones. Now in recovery, she’s like the old Michele, only a million times more confident, outgoing and downright beautiful. I’ve seen how Cancer has tried to break her, and I’ve seen her tell it where to shove it.

mic and i

Last night Cardiff was lit up pink to welcome in the Breast Cancer Care Ball. Cancer survivors and those still battling the disease rocked the fashion runway in front of an adoring crowd of friends and family. This was a night of celebration, but also a reminder that much more is needed to be raised in order to give women (and sometimes men) the support and care they so need.

A night of fabulous fashion called for some serious outfit plannage, and since our table had opted for a self-imposed pink dress code, there was no better time to rock the full-on bubblegum Barbie look. I found my frothy pink number (£55) in Vivien of Holloway,  a vintage reproduction clothing shop specialising in 40s and 50s clothing in North London.

Dress, Viviene of Holloway £55Petticoats (x2) Vivien of Holloway, £59 eachTiara, The Jewellery Channel £9.99 / Shoes, Next £25/ Bag, Next/ Bracelet, Mikey @Topshop

Like most of you, I have a longer-than-average torso, but most of my height is in my legs, so I lucked out with this halterneck number, which fitted me at the waist. I did speak to the shop assistants though, who mentioned that a lot of tall women like to fold the straps down/ have them removed if the halterneck feels too tight. In any case, London-based Leggy Lovelies should definitely pop to the Holloway Road store and give their dresses a try, because the skirts are super long and swishy. You can browse and buy the various styles on their website too.

I wore mine with two massive petticoats in contrasting pink shades. Luckily my mum is also a bit of a vintage vixen so I could borrow one of hers, because the good quality ones aren’t the cheapest — £59. They’re so pretty though that you could layer them up and wear them on their own with a jumper too.

And I completed the “Miss Congeniality” look with the sparkliest size nine shoes from Next, with a heel made for twirling around on.


A bargainous £25, and I reckon they’d make a stylish pair of wedding shoes if your big day’s coming up.

dress car

Our matching tiaras were a very kind donation from The Jewellery Channel.

Becky, Judy, Me and three of the “December Darlings”: Fi, Auntie Michele and Sue. (Fi’s beautiful daughter Becky is actually 5’11 and her dress is an old buy from Monsoon’s younger range Fusion… one of my fave places for party dresses).

If you want to donate to Breast Cancer Care, you can follow this link.

L xx

P.S. There were models last night who had been through Breast Cancer at the ages of 21 and 27. Get checking your boobs please girlies, whatever age you might be.

P.P.S. Any of you Leggy Lovelies a fan of the 50s silhouette? Where do you tend to buy your clothes?

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