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Investment Tights

A few of my New Year’s Resolutions…

  • To listen to Radio 4 more. I’m having Fearne Cotton withdrawal symptoms on my drive to work, but I know a little bit more about benefit cuts, the United States foreign policy and what’s going on in Korea. Please can someone invite me to a dinner party soon so that I can show off these nuggets of information.
  • To stop drinking Diet Coke. I am addicted and I’m sure  it gives me heart palpitations. (Dear Coca-Cola lawyers… I’m merely speculating, obviously).
  • To invest in well-made clothing that doesn’t fall apart after one wash.

Now, don’t be thinking that the last one will result in an absence of purse-friendly clothes on the blog. I hope you know by now that one of my main objectives is to bring affordable fashion to women who usually have to fork out more than most. 

But let’s take tights for example. As someone who wears waaaay more skirts and dresses than trousers or jeans, I spend a lot of money on tights. Particularly when they seem to bobble up in the wash or snag on my engagement ring/ knobbly toes.

Enter My Tights and their extensive range for the Extra Tall. I’ve blogged about this company before, and though their tights are a little pricier than the 3-packs you get in the supermarket, they build hoisery that lasts.

Here are two staples that will see you through this winter… and beyond…

Transparenze Gennifer Merino Wool Tights, £12.90


Through the colder months, I live in black tights and boots at work, and these woolly wonders, with their slightly thicker-than-average knit provide a bit more warmth and texture than your usual pair, without adding bulk to your legs.

One thing I would note is that these are better for the shorter end of the leggy spectrum. There’s not much give in them if — like me– you’re over 5’11.

I’m wearing the charcoal coloured “Fumo”. 

Falke Pure Matt 20 Tights, £12


Alas, I’m getting to the age where it’s too chilly to go bare-legged on a night out. And if nude tights are good enough for royal leggy lovely Kate Middleton, then they’re acceptable for us mere mortals too. (Speaking of the K-meister –have you seen the monstrosity that is her first official portrait? Very disappointed).

I LOVE Falkes tights. I’ve had a pair of the black ones for a year now, wear them every week, and they still look brand newThese are thick enough to keep you toasty and hide any skin blemishes, and with a teeny bit of shine that draws attention to your best assets without making you look like a Moulin Rouge showgirl.

Plus they are the perfect length for us tall girlies; I’m 6ft and still had some stretch left. Well worth the investment.

I’m wearing the “Poudre”.

Anyone else found any pretty tights of late? Just because the sun’s not shining, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be showing off those 36 inch (and upwards) pins girlies….

L x

Five NEW ways to Work It

Warning. I’m about to say something a little bit ‘out there’.

*Deep Breath*


There, I said it.

Am I alone in despising the bell-bottom trouser trend? The one that died a death in the early noughties but still comes back to haunt us in the majority of Tall specialist websites?

Alright, I suppose they kind of balance out a tall figure, they disguise a clumpy shoe and they sort of “go with everything”. But that doesn’t make them FABULOUS. And ladies, there is absolutely no reason why you should be going to the office looking anything less than that.

So here goes. Five fun, sexy and MODERN office outfits, without a black bootleg in sight.

This work-wear post comes at the request of the lovely Ralista. If you’ve got a suggestion for a post, hit the Facebook page or Tweet me.

L x

Tights: Tested

If you’ve ever been slightly underwhelmed by the choice of tights for tall women on the highstreet, then you’re not alone. When girls over 5’10 arguaby have the best legs on the planet, it seems slightly bizarre that we can’t fit a lot of the “fashion” tights that are out there.

Enter MyTights, an online hosiery heaven with a specialist Extra Tall section.

Having often struggled with “saggy gusset syndrome”, I decided to slip my 36″ pins into five long-length pairs and give them a good old roadtest for you.

Falke Seidenglatt 70 Tights, £18

These are a little pricier than your average pair, but as someone who generally views tights as disposable items (i.e. one wear and they’re good for the bin…), these robust tights are a revelation. And probably a damn sight better for the environment, really. Stretchy with a slight sheen (silky soft but not too leotard-like), these should still be keeping you warm a year down the line.

(And the Extra Large pair has got LOTS of give… so if your legs are even longer than mine… they’re well worth a try).

Transparenze Londra Tights, £6.98

When your legs are as leggy as yours are, it’s well worth letting them make a fashion statement all of their own. These patterned tights will add edge to an otherwise simple dress.




Levante Micronet Tights £5.50

The rule with fishnets is: the wider the weave, the more you’ll look like you’re — ahem — “up for business” shall we say. But get them right, and they really can sex up an outfit in just the right way. These give you enough coverage for the office (but will still get you get you a few admiring glances as you strut to the water cooler).

N.B. These come up a bit shorter than the rest… they’re best left to the 5’10/ 5’11 girlies.

Levante Wool Rib Tights, £12

If you want to add a bit of texture to your outfit, and keep yourself super toasty in the coming months, then you can’t go wrong with a ribbed pair.

These are wondrously thick, and the natural fabric puts an end to static attack. Wahey.



Levante Sheer Fantasy Stay Ups, £8

I’ve previously tried hold-ups and found that they either look like over-the-knee socks or that they’re too baggy around my thighs. Not exactly the sexy seductress look I was aiming for. Since these are “X-Tall” rather than “X-Large”, they fit exactly where they’re supposed to and the lace-tops add a little bit of sexiness.

And no, you don’t get a picture of me in hold-ups, you naughty little sausages. (I’m sure you’d much prefer to see the lady on the left in any case!) But the verdict from the hubby was a happy one. (One review too far perhaps?)

Christmas Prezzies for your Leggy Lovelies…

If you’ve got a tall sister, mum, auntie or friend to buy for this Christmas – or your other half is begging you for last-minute suggestions — then here is an assortment of the best long-length Christmas treats on the web. From bargain stocking-fillers to ludicrously indulgent treats, these are the perfect gifts to show some leggy love.

For the girl who would have everything… if everything wasn’t so blooming hard to find…


Marvellous Marks

I have a confession to make.

I freakin’ LOVE Marks and Spencer.

Right, hear me out on this one. There really is more to M&S than Percy Pigs. It’s actually an accessory haven for tall women. Yes it is.

I’ve already blogged about its amazing tights (the “extra-large” fit my 36” legs perfectly with even a smidge of stretch left). This season I’m after the banded (very Cheryl) and mock-stocking styles.

Banded and Mock-stocking Tights, both £9.50

Another confession: I have MASSIVE hands. And they’re a nightmare to find gloves for. I’d recently been looking for a pair of wrist-length, super lady-like leather gloves for winter, but most I’d found couldn’t stretch the length of my fingers. These M+S cuties (available in an assortment of colours, but I rather like the mulberry) fit me in a Large and will ward off the frostbite in style.

Luxury Leather Gloves, £29.50

You might even be able to squeeze into some of their generously-sized shoes. If you’re a UK size 9, then it’s possible that some of their size 8 shoes (particularly boots) will fit. It’s certainly not the case with all of them, but last year I found some lovely military-style heeled boots and a pair of silver ballet pumps that fitted the bill. Worth an occasional look.

All the Tall things reader Eleanor is also a fan, writing on the ATTT Facebook page yesterday; “M& S Autograph Collection have fabulous chunky knitwear with really long sleeves”.

So I’m not the only one 🙂

Bow Cloche Hat, £18

And while it might not strictly qualify as a “tall fashion find”, I NEED this hat in my life. Totally gorgeous for autumn but also perfect for the “Downton Abbey” themed fancy-dress party I’m throwing this Christmas (over-the-top? Moi?!). I think it’s got a touch of Lady Mary Grantham about it. And I didn’t look remotely stupid taking a photo of myself wearing it in M&S. God no…

So there you go. I rest my case. M&S can be sexy. And they offer international delivery too.


Anyone else craving Percy Pigs now?

L xx

Day Two at The Clothes Show — M&S rocks

An after-show curry night calls for a slighty shorter-than-average blog entry. So tonight I’m just going to look at my lower half, and discuss the pitfalls of having longer legs.

There are none.

Dress them up in these gorgeous ‘extra large’ tights from M&S (£9.50), as I did today, and you’ll be laughing.

Nuff said.

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