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Can an average tall girl wear Taller than your Average?

Leggy brand Taller Than Your Average has been bringing high fashion to Long Tall Sally since the end of last year. After a flurry of media hype and a certain Jourdan Dunn rocking up to London Fashion Week in a shirt from Long Tall Sally (who would have seen that coming?), the range finally landed, with burnout fabrics, catwalk-worthy silhouettes and a neutral colour palette made for mixing and matching.

But there was a lot of flesh on show in its lookbook (golly LTS… I can see her crotch! That is so unlike you!), and the looks were bold. There were RIPPED JEANS for flip’s sake. Which made me wonder: had LTS gone from safe and reliable to… a little too fabulous overnight? Were its pieces (that look oh so uh-mazing on super skinny Jamie Gunns) actually wearable for a regular tall girl? Could they even be (and I realise I’m stretching things a bit here) suitable for a 30-year-old mother like me?

Thankfully the lovely Alice at LTS sent me a couple of my favourite pieces to try. Let’s see how my roadtest went…

The Duster Coat, £80

The Duster Coat has been a massive trend since the autumn, and since it is typically lightweight in style, works perfectly for spring’s in-betweeny, unpredictable weather. From my sweaty, under-the-duvet post-baby haze I lusted after the pastel blue number Kylie Jenner has been effortlessly sporting with jeans, dresses and just about everything else, so I was really pleased when LTS/TTYA released its own, especially since it’s a true mid-calf length on a six-footer. It’s super soft too.

Coat, Long Tall Sally £80/ Shirt, Dorothy Perkins £22/ Old: Bag, Oasis/ Boots, Topshop/ Glasses, Specsavers

The Sheer Shirt Dress, £65

After spending ages wondering how I was going to wear it (with a bra and knickers on Croydon highstreet perhaps?) I realised that it works best on me when used as an alternative to the cardigan or kimono. It’s more sophisticated and classic than either of those options too, so I reckon it’ll work well beyond the current season. It looks good thrown over jeans or a lacey festival dress and adds some decency and decorum to a shorts and vest combo (I am a mum now after all).

Sheer Shirtdress, Long Tall Sally £65/ Flat Buckle Boots, New Look £27.99/ Shorts, Topshop/ Top, ASOS

What are your thoughts on TTYA so far? Anyone made any purchases?

Got so much to share with you after a big long break, including my 30th bday outfit details, some other clothing pics, and a great way to buy and sell second-hand tall clothes coming shortly to ATTT. Stay tuned.

L xx

Leggy Lust: Winter Coats

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

If you tend to get chilly wrists come Christmas time, then this post is for you. I’ve been scouring the specialist Tall ranges for their chicest cover-ups. You can hover your mouse over your favourites for links.

I especially love this long-line biker style jacket from New Look. I bought  the shorter version last year and it remains a wardrobe staple, and still looks far pricier than what I paid for it.

Pastels and soft neutral colours are key in coat trends for Winter 2014/15. The colour of this blush pink New Look number is fabulously at odds with its boxy, boyfriend silhouette.

I bought a thick padded Next coat for a Christmas trip to New York last year, and it kept me super toasty. This down-filled one is perfect for Christmas shopping and chilly football mums.

Anyone else found any fab coats on the highstreet that work for us Leggy Lovelies? Let me know below.

L x

The £24.99 New Look Blazer every Tall girl needs

I LOVES me a blazer. Not only are they useful for weddings/ funerals/ bar-mitvahs, etc, but they’re great for these weeks of in-betweeny weather. I have a large selection for layering at work, but with my super-long limbs, I usually have to settle for a 3/4 length sleeve look.

To tell you the truth, a decent, long-sleeved black blazer is something I’d be happy to fork out for, but when there’s a New Look one going for £24.99, I’m not about to complain.

This black waterfall blazer is roomy in the shoulders, as well as long in the arms (I’m wearing a 10; it seemed to look more fitted than the 12, which is the size I’m normally in at the moment). The waterfall detail also adds levels and interest to a long torso.

You can hover over the pictures for links to other products.

Are decent, long-sleeved blazers and suit jackets something you struggle with? Anyone got any top tips of where to look? There’s a Topshop blazer here that also has fantastic reviews and looks very designer-esque.

L x

Here’s a tip: Buy the New Look one here from ASOS and save yourself the postage too. Free delivery worldwide.

The Alexa Trench

I can be a bit of a stinge-bag sometimes. Since I’m all-too-aware of how us Leggy Lovelies can get well and truly stung by the price of specialist shoes, extra P+P charges that “normal” sized shoppers don’t need to worry about, and paying for custom-made wedding dresses, I’ve tried to keep the majority of items I feature on the blog towards the more bargainous end of the shopping spectrum. And I will continue to do so.

But there are certain times when I feel that a little bit of luxury might be justified. Over the years I’ve made some slightly more splurgey purchases that have definitely paid off in the long run: a buttery soft leather handbag, a couple of amazing pairs of size-nine boots and a need-to-have-it watch. I’m a fuss-pot when it comes to parting with my cash though, so if I’m going to spend more than a hundred quid on an item, it’s got to be worth it. 

The trench coat is a wear-forever piece. My Dad used to have an amazing one in the late 80s/ early 90s. He’d wear it with glasses and a leather briefcase on his way to work at The Daily Telegraph, and I’d convince myself that he was Clark Kent. Various designers throughout history have given the trench a little bit of a “twist”, but the basic structure of the coat has barely strayed from the original designs that were worn by British and French soldiers in the First World War.

Clockwise from Top Left: Marlene Dietrich in “Witness for the prosecution”/ Early Aquascutum and Burberry adverts/ Emma Watson/ Emma Stone/ Alexa Chung

It’s a spring staple, but I’ve only owned one in the past; a rather ill-fitting Topshop Tall number in blue, with a waist belt that — despite the Tall label — sat just under my boobs. This version by new-Tall-range-on-the-block One Seven Three couldn’t be more different. 6’1 Founder Clare employs “a team of people who are dedicated to cutting the garments specifically to fit taller women, taking into account all key proportions”.

Alexa Trench, £225

The One Seven Tree collection is small (very small), but founder Claire describes what’s on her website now as “a taster of what is to come”.


And hopefully there is indeed more where this came from, a place where they make super long sleeves, beautiful buttons and hardware, and belts that sit on the waist.


And the fabric of this “Alexa” trench is soooo soft. Forget the starchy, shiny fabrics of many a highstreet version. This coat is made in the UK with a beautiful cotton blend, and everyone I hugged yesterday (I’m a hugger) ended up stroking my arms and commenting on how lovely my coat felt. (I realise I need feely-vision on this blog, because the photos don’t do it justice, but my sister described it perfectly when she said it felt “a bit like a moleskin notebook”.)


And one more because I realised you’d probably want to see it buttoned up as well. Voila…


Alexa Trench, One Seven Three £225/ Shirt, Levis (vintage)/ Jumper, Urban Outfitters/ Bag, Michael Kors £310/ Watch, Michael Kors £229/ Boots, Topshop £88 (they have them in leather in the size 42 still but currently not the suede).

How would you style this Alexa trench? And what long-length staples or gorgeous accessories have you splurged on in the past?

L xx

The New Look Waterfall Jacket

Since its relaunch last year, I’ve been a smidge underwhelmed by New Look’s Tall range offerings. But this season, lurking between the basic tees, seemingly endless cardigans (what is that about?) and skinny jeans, are some proper gems.

This Waterfall jacket with leather-look sleeves looks more Zara than New Look, and much prettier than the £34.99 price tag gives credit for.

I’ve styled it up with jeans for a night out at Dirty Dancing with the girls, and added a bright floral clutch and big statement necklace (also New Look bargains with a bit of a Zara flavour).

The fluttery front adds interest and breaks up a long torso, and while some waterfall-style blazers are cut too short at the back for us leggy lovelies, this one is perfectly proportioned for a Tall figure, just skimming over the top of my bottom.

Tall Waterfall Blazer, £34.99Clutch Bag, £15.99 / Necklace, £17.99 (all New Look)

Jeans, Gap/Top, Topshop/ Shoes, Barratts (All oldies)

What are your favourite picks in New Look’s Tall range? Has anyone had any success there recently?

L x

Pleather Pants

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

This new year I’ve gone all Ross Geller and decided to invest in a pair of leather pants. But since I’m an animal lover (ok, skinflint), I’ve opted for a pair of pleather leggings instead.

These ones are from Topshop and plenty long enough to give you a bit of on-trend ruching round the ankles. (And they’re true to size).

L x

Hat, Miss Selfridge/ Coatigan, Long Tall Sally £65/ Denim Shirt, Vintage Levis/ “Boom” T-Shirt, ASOS/ Leggings, Topshop £18/ Necklace and heart ring, H+M/ Watch, Michael Kors £229/ Glasses, Specsavers/ Bag, ASOS/ Boots, Topshop £88

Happy New Year Leggy Lovelies

Hey gorgeous girlies,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

This Christmas I got a coatigan. I wasn’t sure about it initially; firstly because it resembles an enormous Navajo teepee, and secondly because the word “coatigan” is just one portmanteau too far. But I think it has a certain thrift-shop feel to it, and teamed up with ankle boots and skinnies, will be perfect when I trek through the cold to all those gigs that I never actually go to but really ought to start making more of an effort to see in 2014.

jacket LTS

I hope you’re all feeling good about this year. I’ve decided to only make resolutions in which I stand to gain something rather than give things up. I kick-started one of mine — to go to the cinema more — by watching two films last night: Walter Mitty (a brilliant New Year feel-good film — Kristen Wiig is her usual amazing self and Ben Stiller is oddly hot) and Anchor Man 2 (also good, and also featuring the brilliant Kristen Wiig, but I’m sure I missed a few vital bits owing to my husband’s incessant wailing with laughter and stamping his foot on the floor).

jacket lts 2

Coatigan, Long Tall Sally £65/ Jumper, Vintage/ Bag, ASOS/ Jeans, Topshop/ Boots, Topshop/ Headband, Urban Outfitters

I also want to apologise for my lack of blogging in the last couple of months. I haven’t lost my passion, but for a while I definitely lost my confidence with All the Tall things. Falling behind on posts thanks to the dayjob schedule and a few techy issues behind the scenes have contributed, but thanks to some lovely emails and some gentle prodding in the right direction from very good friends, I’m ready to get back to what I love best. After all, life is short… even if I’m not. Right?

Here’s a to magical 2014; walk taller than you ever have before, and make it your mission to help a fellow tall girly feel ruddy amazeballs about her height.

L xx

Hurry! Next Tall Jacket Back in Stock!

I’ve never been one for a practical coat. I’ll usually prioritise a nice print, a pretty cocoon shape or a sexy biker even if I have to put up with the inevitable draft. But the idea of sub-zero temperatures in NYC prompted a stressful pre-holiday shopping trip with the hubby. Here is an abridged version…

In Barbour: Can I really justify spending £350 on a coat that doesn’t absolutely fit? (Especially when I don’t have £350 t0 spend on one that actually does…)

In TK Maxx: These jackets would be just wonderful if they weren’t so ruddy shiny. And covered in buttons. With fur in really odd places.

In Blacks: Warm, yes. But just a little too practical for window-shopping outside Tiffany’s.

And in pretty much everywhere else, if I could find the right length in the sleeves and the body, then I’d lose the fit around the shoulders and waist.

I hadn’t really thought to look in Next, until its mid-season catalogue landed on my dooormat with a picture of the most beautiful navy Tall coat. (I wanted that one, but it had sold out, although I’ve grown to love it in this chocolatey colour). Having read the size reviews I ordered two in a 12 and 14, later sending back the larger because in my opinion it fits quite true-to-size.


Coat, Next £85 /Leather Rider Boots, £85 (Up to a size 43) /Headband, Urban Outfitters/ Blouse, Zara/ Jumper, Topshop Tall/ Jeans, Topshop Tall/ Bag, Michael Kors

uploadFromiPhone-2013-12-10 14.43.54

You might have seen the above pic that I popped on Facebook while on my hols. A couple of people got in touch after to say that the coat had sold out, so I thought I’d give you a heads-up that it’s now back in stock. I’ve never had a cosy coat — one with fleece-lined pockets, a chunky wind-breaking collar and enough quilting to feel like you’re having a duvet day — and I feel much more ready to brave the British weather this year too.


Coat, Next £85/ Jumper, H+M/ Necklace, New Look/ Shirt, Forever 21

Anyone found any gorgeous outerwear in longer sizes? Please share the details with your fellow leggy lovelies below! 🙂

L xx

P.S. NYC was amazing. Sandwiches seem so small now… 🙁

Filling the Gap

In search of some quality basics in longer lengths? ATTT reader and fellow blogger Jessica has spotted that Gap’s Tall Collection is now available in the UK and Europe.  I love the cute printed racer-back dress and classic trench.

gap tall

Most of the trousers are cropped for summer, but at an on-trend ankle-grazing length rather than a full-on pedal-pusher.

Great to have another go-to for long-length staples. Plus, if you enter GAPSTYLE at the checkout, you can get 15% off your purchase today.

Has anyone bought from the Tall range before? Perhaps you Statesiders — for whom Gap’s Tall range is mega old news — can give us your verdict.

L xx

Tried It On: (Almost) EVERYTHING in New Look Tall

When a Tall range launches exclusively online, it can be a wee bit daunting making that first order. Will the clothes really be cut for a genuinely tall woman? Or will I be spending a fortune on postage and packaging and ending up with more ankle-swinging trousers and crop tops that would look just perfect on a 5’8 pseudo-leggy lovely?

That’s why you’re going to LOVE this next Tried It On feature, sent in by the amazing Mary (who at 181cm is just shy of the 6ft mark). Get ready for one of the most useful ATTT posts yet…

“Hi Laura. After a disappointing trip to LTS where everything was too big for me – I don’t have the gorgeous curves some taller girls have, I am a quite boyish straight up and down – I gave in to a bit of a online New Look Tall Shopping Spree! Unfortunately I cannot afford to keep them all!!! But am definitely holding on to a couple of bits!! It was free delivery over £45 so I just kept adding things to the basket… ooooppps.

Blue Feather Print One Shoulder Belted Maxi Dress, £22.99


I really like this – it has a split down the front, but has a blue under layer a bit above knee length so no embarrassing flashing moments in the wind hopefully! It has a chain effect belt. It is a tight squeeze as the waist is fitted and there is no zip, so trying to get it either over your hips or rib cage is a bit tricky.

Tall Black and Teal Jersey Belted Bandeau Maxi Dress, £16.99

Black Bandu Maxi 1

Teal Bandu Maxi 2

I am keeping the black one of these- though was tempted by the teal one to wear on holiday! Maxi dresses do not tend to suit me – but this one fits me well, and the length is perfect. The material has a stretch to it but has some weight to it as well so it doesn’t show every lump and bump.

Tall Black Off the Shoulder Midi Dress, £14.99

Black off the shoulder Midi

This is definitely made for the tall ladies! It is long for a midi dress, my sister who is shorter than me at 5’8 tried it on and it practically came to her ankles!!!

Unfortunately it isn’t very forgiving on lumps and bumps – but if you’re happy with your shape and want something that is actually long enough not to be flashing your thighs then its a nice little piece. I love the off the shoulder look – or you can wear the shoulder straps higher.

Tall 36in Blue Ripped Turn Up Boyfriend Jeans, £15

Back Boyfriends

I was actually looking for a pair of boot cut jeans – but these skinny/boyfriend were in the sale and jumped out at me. I gave in and they are definately not going back. They have a turn up so are very generous in length. They dont fit as tight as skinnies as they have a boyfriend slouch to them, so much more comfy after a Sunday Roast!

Tall 36in Navy Bootcut Jeans, £9.99

Dark Jeans & Jean Jacket

Boot cut Jeans were actually what I had been shopping for originally before the other things sucked me in! I’d been avoiding these boot cuts as the material collects every bit of animal hair going. But after a long search for boot cut jeans  these ones fit me the best and at £9.99 I can afford a few lint rolers to get off the cat hair that they collect. Definitely a bargain!

Tall Pale Blue Denim Jacket, £17.99

Dark Jeans and Jean Jacket closer

Like you I was not really sure why Tall Sections were bringing in cropped tops for us. Surely I can buy a regular size if I want a crop?!!!  But this cropped Jean Jacket showed me actually how much better it is when a crop is made to fit and tapers in at the right places.

I like the way the jacket fits on the body, I like the colour. The sleeves for a tall garment are on the short side – just about fitting my arm length – but could do with being a tad longer. However I noticed online that they roll the sleeves up – so if that’s the look you are going for then I LOVE THIS jacket! I haven’t quite decided whether I am keeping this one yet – its the sleeves that are my catch.”

Phew, I’m exhausted just looking at all that shopping. Mary, I think I speak for everyone when I say a big fat THANK YOU. And give you a little round of applause. Totally in awe of your model-like figure too.

What’s your favourite piece in Mary’s loot? And have you bought anything from New Look’s revamped collection?

L x

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