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The LTS Jumpsuit

Hey you bunch of leggy beauts,

Hope you’re all very well indeed. I want to say a big THANK YOU to those of you who have leapt to the rescue of your fellow Leggy Lovelies on the ATTT Facebook page recently by coming up with solutions to their fashion dilemmas. It’s been a big help and certainly given me lots of new ideas about where to find long-length clothing. Make sure you sign up to the Facebook page for regular updates if you haven’t done already!

ATTT reader Krista recently posted a request for a long-length jumpsuit, and wasn’t having much luck with her search. I’ve since discovered that you can avoid camel toe, chilly ankles and looking like you’re wearing an adult-sized baby grow in this loose-fitting black LTS number.

You can keep it looking smart with a blazer and flats for the office, or wack on the heels and chunky jewellery for evening time. There’s a conspicuous zip detail down the front that keeps things looking fresh and utilitarian too, and as reader Charlotte writes, “It’s got a zip so I’d still be able to breastfeed.” Genius.

I’ve added a bit of an Ibiza spin to mine with a beaded cascade necklace from Miss Selfridge and and metallic flats from New Look.

Excuse the mental hair (this photo was taken by my hubby after our night out last night and mid-takeaway so I’m a little bit frazzled from the rain and slightly bleary-eyed. Never a good way round to do things.) You can hover over the image above for links to the accessories. I can’t seem to add the jumpsuit link above but you can buy it here. The model on the website wears hers nipped in at the waist, but I find mine fits better and balances my proportions when I wear it a bit drop-waisted.

Anyone else found a decent long-length jumspuit? Or got another fashion dilemma you’d like readers of All the Tall things to solve? Let me know below…

L xx

Leggy Lust: The Tall Topshop Jumpsuit

Need a quick burst of style inspiration?

Enter Leggy Lust.

Your new, easy-to-digest blog post that will land on ATTT a LOT. It’s where I pick (or you suggest — via Twitter or the Facebook page) one item of clothing or shoes from the specialist Tall ranges that needs everyone’s attention, like, now.

There won’t be many words (I’ll save those for the other posts), but there will be pretty. Regularly updated pretty.

And today I’m lusting after this Topshop jumpsuit. Cheekaboo mesh panel, clean simple lines, sporty but luxe, chic but not try-hard.

The loveliest adult babygrow I’ve seen in a long time. £38 at Topshop.

Obviously your usual features will still keep coming, including Tried It On, outfit and lifestyle posts (and, eventually… Sew Tall — although that’s proving a bit of a mission at the mo), but this hopefully means that I can bring you loads and loads and LOADS of updates.


And how much do you need this jumpsuit in your life?

L x

Tried It On: River Island Playsuit

ATTT reader Anne-Marie has done the impossible. She’s only gone and flaming well found a River Island playsuit that’s actually long enough for her 6ft frame. I feel like we need to give her a little bow. Or a round of applause. And a lot of respect points. (It’s emblazoned with sunflowers too… swoon.)

Anne-Marie writes, “I’m 6ft tall but I love a playsuit, they’re so easy to wear and are great on a tall frame as you can go really short to flaunt those legs while still preserving your modesty! Unfortunately they are not the most comfortable item to wear unless you get the sizing right, long body + playsuit = a certain amount of discomfort when one reaches up or bends over if you get my meaning…and with all our tall ranges disappearing from the high street my options are becoming limited.  However, I snapped up this purple floral one from River Island this week, and it’s long enough in the body and is a steal at £25. It comes in quite a few different prints but this one is my favourite as it’s the only one with the scalloped edging at the bottom which is super flattering on the thighs.”

If you’ve found an item of clothing on the highstreet that works for us leggy lovelies, then pap yourself in it and send the photo to

L xx

Beaches, Lakes and Hibiscus

We’re putting off a beach holiday this year until Tim fully recovers from his operation (sand  + wind + one eye that doesn’t close properly = disaster… boo). But that hasn’t stopped me fantasising about my holiday wardrobe, and I’m still holding on to the hope that we’ll be hopping on a last-minute flight in a couple of months because he’s back to his usual self. (If you could get praying/ crossing fingers/ sending happy thoughts up for that one, I’d be oh so grateful!)

In the meantime, we’ve planned a lovely long weekend in the Lake District, so I’m (rather more hopelessly) praying for a bit of English sun.

If you have got your holibobs booked, then you might want to take a butchers at this uber-pretty Hibiscus Print playsuit (£55) from Long Tall Sally (If you buy it, then please send me your holiday snaps so that I can live vicariously through you).

Hat, ASOS £25/Bag, Topshop £60/ Wedges, Long Tall Sally £45

Perhaps I’ll purchase it anyway. I don’t think I’ll be climbing Scafell Pike in those cork wedges, but maybe the good people of Keswick are ready for a playsuit. Maybe.

L xx

Tried It On: Onesies at Wallis

Jumpsuit, Wallis, was £55, now £25

Ok, so before I say anything about her clothes, can I just take a moment to wax lyrical about her hair? It’s long, it’s glossy, and it’s all bleeding well hers. (Yes, I was cheeky and thought I’d ask. Surely no one can be blessed with super long pins and a pantene-perfect mane to boot?). Some girls have all the luck.

And speaking of luck, Samm’s gamble with the tricky “online-jumpsuit-purchase” has paid off. This summery all-in-one is from Wallis fits her 5’10 frame beautifully, and you can bag it in the sale for just 25 quid.

Samm says, It’s a departure from my usual style but it is for my holidays so, a little bolder is allowed! I’m 5’10” and I could only wear it with flats so women over 5’10” may find it a tad short, but it could be rehemmed (I’m the queen of rehemming) by an inch. I am also usually a size 10 but I tried the 10 on in store and it was rather large for my proportions, so I ordered an 8.

Thanks Samm. If you’ve found an item of clothing on the ‘regular’ highstreet that us tall girlies will love, take a picture of yourself wearing it and send the photo to Do it for the sisterhood! 😉

L xx

Christmas Prezzies for your Leggy Lovelies…

If you’ve got a tall sister, mum, auntie or friend to buy for this Christmas – or your other half is begging you for last-minute suggestions — then here is an assortment of the best long-length Christmas treats on the web. From bargain stocking-fillers to ludicrously indulgent treats, these are the perfect gifts to show some leggy love.

For the girl who would have everything… if everything wasn’t so blooming hard to find…


Tried It On: Jumpsuit Junkie

For those who are new to All the Tall things, Tried It On is the feature where I — or you — find a long-length item of clothing from the ‘regular’ highstreet that fits us leggy lovelies. Online shopping beyond the tall ranges can be a bit of a gamble for those with longer limbs and torsos, so this feature exists to help you out.
5’11 Lauren is a Tried It On veteran, and like me she loves her jumpsuits (she wore the head-turning purple one for Reader Style Week). Now she’s chanced upon another in New Look.


Jumpsuit, New Look £32.99

“I found this gorgeous jumpsuit in New Look and it looked pretty long, so I figured I’d try it on, and amazingly it fit and it wasn’t a tall range item. It actually fit really well and I loved it, and as you know I’m 5’11. I think it was about £33 so it’s a pretty good price”.

What a fitty. If you find a lovely, long-length item of clothing on the highstreet, then snap yourself wearing it and send the photo (along with your height) to

L xx


P.S. According to the New Look website, the model wearing it is 5’8. But she’s wearing GIANT platforms… so rock this look with jewelled flat sandals on your night out to get the length right.

Take that Jump…

I freaking LOVE jumpsuits. And if you cynically dismissed them a couple of years ago as a fleeting fashion fad, then think again. This summer the all-in-one trend is stronger than ever.

Kim Kardashian opted for a Roberto Cavalli one for her recent, much-hyped-about trip to Vera Wang’s bridal store. Current queen of the red carpet Rosie Huntington-Whitely recently channelled seventies glam in a Charlie’s Angels style Michael Kors jumpsuit. And even NDubz’ Tulisa had a rare, out-of-body-con fashion moment at the UK X Factor auditions in a loose-fitting polka-dot onesie.

Why are all the celebrities going gaga for them? Because nothing says Fearless, Fashionable Female quite like a jumpsuit. They’re easy-to-wear, outrageously head-turning and guaranteed to secure the press coverage. (You just have to put up with occasionally getting naked in the loo).

But when you’re taller than average, it’s easy to get flustered by this trend. If you’re not careful, a long torso dressed in what is essentially an adult babygrow will induce the dreaded camel toe. And you can’t pull down the trousers to get a couple of extra inches around the ankles.

Mum's 1981 Jumpsuit

But if you can find the right one, then you really MUST wear it. I fell in love with the jumpsuit about five years ago, when my friend had an 80s-themed murder mystery party and I borrowed my mum’s black and gold catsuit (purchased in 1981). I felt so darn fabulous in that stretchy piece of lurex, that it’s since transcended the realms of my fancy-dress wear and become a wardrobe staple. And I’ve been collecting them ever since… a khaki Gap playsuit (perfect for the ever-repeating tribal/safari trend), a blue Topshop jumpsuit (previously worn by Lily Cole in a Rimmel advert a couple of years ago– a good friend who was working on the shoot rescued it for me!) and a black suede Reiss number.

Lily Cole's actual jumpsuit!

If you’re tall and want to get the right fit from a regular length jumpsuit, wear a size or two up. Loose and flowing is much more chic and flattering than the leotard look in any case. And don’t be scared if the trousers don’t touch the floor — provided that the cut is tapered, the ankle-grazing length is a huge trend right now.

Playsuits (shorter versions) are great for showing off long legs and are an easy-to-wear holiday essential this summer. Pair with a blazer if you feel self-conscious when flashing the flesh. (I love the Topshop romper below and its cute, vintagey look).

However you wear yours though… with jacket/ jewellery/ heels/ flats/ short/ long/ rolled up at the bottom for that cool, laid-back vibe… wear it with CONFIDENCE. And you really will get away with it…


















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