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Tried It On: Urban Legends

Oh Urban Outfitters. How much I try and resist you… and how easily you just suck me back in.

I have such a serious addiction to this shop that I’m surprised I haven’t featured it before on these leggy blog pages. Perhaps it’s because I normally fall for the accessories, or the kitsch and colourful homeware, and as such my purchases don’t really qualify for posts about tall fashion.

But yesterday I bought two lovely jumpers in its way-too-tempting sale that certainly meet the criteria.  Long in the arms and body and super pretty too.

Was £65, now £30

Was £55, now £35








I got the emerald coloured chunky knit sweater (why don’t I own anything else in this colour? It’s actually wicked) in a Medium, and the flecky grey in a Large. (Those fitted best on my 6ft frame and are just over-sized and snugly enough).

Something tells me it won’t be long until my next Urban outing.

Have a wonderful Christmas girlies. I’m off to peel potatoes now.

See you very soon,

Laura xxxx

Christmas Prezzies for your Leggy Lovelies…

If you’ve got a tall sister, mum, auntie or friend to buy for this Christmas – or your other half is begging you for last-minute suggestions — then here is an assortment of the best long-length Christmas treats on the web. From bargain stocking-fillers to ludicrously indulgent treats, these are the perfect gifts to show some leggy love.

For the girl who would have everything… if everything wasn’t so blooming hard to find…


Tried It On: Aztec Treasure

Aztec Wrap Cardigan, Warehouse £60

I’m sticking with the zigzag theme in Tried It On (and making good use of the Debenhams changing room in Clapham), by featuring this scrumptious cardi from Warehouse.

Go for one size up to ensure your wrists don’t catch a chill. (Big and baggy is the only fit for knit-wear at the mo in any case).

The lovely wintry pattern is not so Christmassy that you’ll feel like a right plonker wearing it in the spring, but it’s still festive enough to warrant a pub, open fire and a glass of mulled wine. And while it gives a definite nod to Navajo, it’s not so tepee-tastic that it’ll look utterly passé once the season ends.

That’s one clever jumper that.

L xx

P.S. Found an item of clothing off-the-beaten-track of Topshop and Long Tall Sally that fits us leggy lovelies? Snap yourself wearing it and send to, and YOU can feature in Tried It On.

It’s Wine Time

I had the girls over to mine on Saturday afternoon for what turned into a bit of a “session”. Afternoon tea and cake turned into cocktails and crisps which then turned into X-Factor, pizza and wine. Lots of wine. So much so that putting out my recycling on Sunday night was just embarrassing. When seven girls get on it, they can put ALL the boys to shame.

Luckily for my liver and sanity, this post is merely concerned with the colour of wine. And what a delicious colour it is for clothes. This season, wine shades are everywhere; first celebrities like Abbey Clancy and Mollie King were all rocking berry-coloured skinnies; now the whole highstreet is awash with mouthwatering shades of claret and burgundy.

Here’s how to be a wino in clothes from the highstreet’s Tall ranges.

Clockwise from Top Left:

How yummy are those dotty shorts? They need a blazer, heels and a night out… sharpish.

Tried It On: Kitsch Knits

I love a lot of naff things:

  1. Paper Doilies
  2. Arctic Roll
  3. Kevin Costner in the Bodyguard

I also LOVE crazy jumpers. Sparkly ones, multi-coloured ones. Hell, I’ll even wear one with a reindeer on it. Those hideous ones your nan used to knit you? Yup, I love those too. Luckily for me, Naff is back.

So I HAD to try on these particularly nutty jumpers in Miss Selfridge.

Great if you love the vintage look but the idea of wearing someone else’s cast-offs makes your skin crawl. The sleeves were actually nice and long (get a size up from what you’d normally wear to be absolutely sure… plus you’ll also achieve a more mis-shapen, hand-me-down look too!).

Oh, and The Bodyguard is THE.BEST.FILM.EVER. Fact.

L x

P.S. Tried It On showcases clothes from the “regular” highstreet that work for us leggy lovelies. Found clothes that fit? Snap yourself wearing them and send the pic and details to

Tried It On: Edge of Lovely

Tea Dress, £34.99, Cardigan £17.99, both New Look

Has anyone seen The Edge of Love? I was deeply moved by the Second World War context, majestic Welsh countryside and portrayal of female friendship. But more than anything I remember thinking; “How ruddy lovely does Keira Knightley look in a tea dress and cardi?”

Since then, said outfit combo has become one of my favourites, and I am particularly drawn to this pretty green tea dress and slouchy boyfriend cardigan from New Look. Wear a size or two up in the latter for extra slouch and so the sleeves fit (mine’s a 14). The dress is one of the few I’ve picked up recently where the waistband (there’s a little one sewn in), is actually on my waist.

Now I just need my own little Dylan Thomas to write me poetry. And I’d quite like to look like Keira Knightly please.

Tried It On: All Saints Knitwear

Almost once a week an email pops into my inbox from one of you gorgeous ladies raving about the long-length-lovelieness of All Saints. So I thought it was about time I gave it a little spot in Tried It On.

I dutifully headed in there after work yesterday evening to pick out my favourite item. But what a pickle I found myself in. It truly is the tall gal paradise you all described… and I had the unfamiliar feeling of being spoilt for choice. Exceptionally long maxi dresses (get your jersey dress for next summer in the sale now for 25 quid), super sparkly tops for evening that will DRENCH you in gorgeous shimmery sequins (and without exposing your midriff), and genuinely slouchy knitwear (no sleeve-tugging required).

I’ve decided to focus on the last of the above three, because — quite frankly — I’ve rarely seen jumpers that look so ruddy fit. (I really ought to stress at this point for the Candians/Americans amongst us that I am referring to “sweaters”… I recently had my lovely Canadian friend come to stay who thought the term “jumper” was beyond hilarious. Aaah, it’s the simple things that make us smile…).

An angora boat-neck jumper, sumptuous cardi and cable-knit cape will soften my jeans and military boots combo come Autumn. Or they’ll be worn with tartan PJs while I watch X-Factor re-runs and scoff pizza on cold, hangover Sundays.

L-R: Ursula Jumper £95, Marquis Cardigan, £95, Erbus Cape, £120, all All Saints

Thanks for the emails girls. My life (and alas, bank balance) will never be the same again.

L xx

P.S. Found a long-length item of clothing on the “regular” highstreet? Send your photographic evidence to and star in the next Tried It On.

I Dream in Tweed…

Is there an item of devilishly expensive designer clothing that you’ve promised yourself you’ll own one day?

For some girls, it’s a pair of Laboutins (no chance of shoving my knobbly toes into those though…). Others covet a Louis Vuitton handbag (remember Jennifer Hudson’s adorable reaction to her new arm candy in Sex and the City?). For me, it’s a Chanel tweed jacket. A look that defines “classic”, it has transcended fashion and been worn by stylish women in no less than nine decades. I just KNOW I’d wear it forever. (Are you listening husband?)

While Coco Chanel had been developing her tweed jacket since the 1930s, it wasn’t until 1955 that she added the contrasting trim, cementing its icon status. It instantly became de rigueur for ladies who lunched, and has been rocked in recent times (Karl Lagerfeld has continued to reproduce and reinvent the style) by celebrities such as Beyonce, Lily Allen and Mischa Barton.

But while I’m patiently waiting for one of them to find its way into my local charity shop (very wishful thinking… bordering on utter delusion), I’ll happily make do with one of these pretty Topshop cardis. They’re not silk-lined or brass buttoned, but will still inject a bit of sophistication into my jeans/ vest top/ ballet pumps combo.

Tall Contrast-stitch cardigan, Topshop £40

3 telly shows and 50 quid

An email popped into my inbox this morning from a very lovely tall girly asking me to feature some more purse-pleasing items on the blog.

Her plea was as follows: “Can you do a bargain section/ sale steals? As much as I am dribbling with envy at some of the dresses you working girls can afford, the life of a student isn’t so fabulous!”

Aaaah… the student loan. How I used to sit and count out my coins on the bar of my student union, eat chilli-con-carne straight from the tin, and make that final ten pound note last an entire fortnight. And how I looked forward to the day when, as a working girl… I could buy whatever the hell I wanted….

…except… erm… that never really seems to happen, does it? Whether you’re having to stretch out the last pennies of your student loan, save for a house, look after a family or pay off your Carribean cruise (sadly that last one doesn’t apply to me) … there are always times when you’ll need to turn to the bargain basement.

I’m currently in the process of buying a house. Once I’ve set aside money for solicitors, surveys, and other things that truth be told, I don’t have a blooming clue about, I’m not left with a great deal to spend on clothes. Hence the taking photos in changing rooms. It’s a lot less risky than legging it out the shop with a floral prom dress.

One of my many jobs as a freelance working girl is to guest as a fashion presenter on QVC. Last Thursday afternoon and evening I had three handbag shows, and needed a different outfit for each. (Well, I probably didn’t, but this is what I kept telling myself…) After scrimping and saving every penny towards my house fund, I thought I’d treat myself to a shopping spree. With £50…for all three shows.

Dressing for telly presents its own challenges as well. I have to avoid white, checks and close stripes (all can cause problems for the cameras), and when I’m presenting with another presenter, I can’t really wear heels (this also causes problems for the camera. They can’t frame a big person and little person at the same time. Doh).

Now naturally, I had to get a little bit creative with what I already had in my wardrobe. But I made three key tall-friendly purchases (all in the sale), that I hope you’ll approve of. Unfortunately, since they were all sale items, not all of them are still on the websites… but if you see anything you like, it’s worth having a little rummage in your local store… these were all purchased on Thursday morning. (I know… fast work!)



This pink vest with black scalloped edging is from H+M (Was £19.99, now £9.99)….









…this folk-style dress from Warehouse was reduced from £60 to £17 (With a further 20% off in the House of Fraser sale, hooray!)…








… and this lace insert cardi (also from Warehouse) was reduced from £40 to £30… with a further 20% off as well).






Giving a grand total of £47.59, and leaving enough money to buy an oversized cocktail ring in H+M. Excuse the freeze-frame induced gurning.

I heart QVC, bargains and piggy banks.

L xxx

Next’s Best Things

It’s easy to see why the “Most Improved Retailer” accolade in the Company Magazine Fashion Awards 2010 went to Next. And it’s even easier to forget the famous Next sale when its latest range of Tall items are so tempting.

Here are a few of my hot picks from the Spring/ Summer collection. International delivery details available here.

Signature Cream Drape Belted Dress, £40

Khaki Quilted Jacket, £50










Black Soft Jacket, £38

Black Ditsy Print Dress, £30










Twist Front Maxi Detail Dress, £35

Stripe Belted Knit Dress, £22

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