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My Shoe Journey so far…

Hey ladies,

Hope you’re well.

I thought I’d check and in and let you know where I’m at with my large-size shoe brand, as so many of you have already been enormously helpful, and it’s gathering pace.

Firstly though, I’d like to say thank you to the kind people at River Island, who gifted me this gorgeous button-front dress, and who have been working with fashion bloggers of all different shapes and sizes as part of their new campaign called “Shape my Style”. I chose this little black number because the waistline sits in the right place (miracle!) and it’s just as lovely with flats for day as it is with heels for evening.

However, I do need some BEAUTIFUL shoes to wear it with, which — albeit tenuously — brings me to my forthcoming shoe brand. I’m aiming to launch in Spring 2019, and currently, we are on schedule. In a few weeks I’ll be starting the social media channels and revealing the brand name (I’m not trying to be irritatingly cryptic or intriguing… I just have some legal odds and ends to tie up before I can do that).

(NOTE: Not my shoe brand featured in the picture above)

In June I flew to Portugal — armed with the survey responses of a thousand shoe-less women (thank you!) — for meetings with shoe factories, mould-makers, leather tanneries, embellishment stores and packaging manufacturers. When I started this journey, I’d originally fantasised about having an all-British-made label, but sadly — bar a couple of men’s factories and a children’s shoe manufacturer — there just aren’t factories in this country making shoes anymore. It was an incredibly exciting and fruitful trip though, and I fell madly in love with the world of footwear and the people who make it. I decided on two different factories because they each specialise in particular types of shoes. As soon as I visited them, I knew immediately that they were perfect; the working conditions were great, the people were incredibly friendly and “got” what I was envisaging, and they are already working with some of the most desirable shoe brands in the UK. In Portugal, shoe-making is a craft; an art-form, and I witnessed the passion from both of the family-run businesses I’m going to be working with.  

I’ve not drawn the shoes myself (you’ll be relieved to hear) but I’ve been working with a talented (and patient) shoe designer who has worked for many years with other shoe brands; (think shops you would LOVE to shop in if your feet weren’t so big).  I knew she was the one when she told me she’d actually designed one of the shoes on my mood board. I gave her some detailed briefs for different styles and we worked together from thumbnail sketches to the finished product. Each of the styles is on-trend (but not in a faddy way), flattering for a long foot, and supportive enough for a tall physique (but not ugly supportive… urgh… none of that…)

My first protoype arrived two weeks ago and I literally screamed (and may have cried) when I opened the box. I’ve just never fallen in love with a pair of shoes before, and I immediately took them for a spin and out that night with my uni mates (who are now all getting foot-enlargements… obvs!) Sidenote: I’ve since been told that I shouldn’t have worn them out, that they were merely a “visual” sample before the actual samples, and that the inner wooden heel could have snapped and given me a broken ankle. But… meh… they were pretty. 

It’s particularly important to me (and the business) that the fit of the shoe is just right. Naturally everyone has different shaped feet, but I’m working with a footwear technologist (who consults for one of the most covetable and respected shoe brands in the UK — again, sorry to sound cryptic!), to make sure that each shoe is proportioned and fitted correctly. I’ll also be conducting fit sessions in London with potential customers (that’s you!) over the next few weeks. I’m looking for volunteers, so if you’d like to get involved, keep your eyes on the Facebook page for updates. (I have posted a request on there for standard width size 43 wearers — thanks so much to everyone who has emailed already. Head there for more information if you’d like to get involved too).

I know there may be lots of questions — I’m guessing about price?! — which I’ll be able to answer officially over the next few months. As someone who’s only too aware that tall girls pay a lot more for their shoes, I’m working to keep the prices as low as possible. The shoes are in line with what I’d call ‘premium highstreet’ prices, but the quality is designer-worthy. Beautiful leathers, handcrafted shoes and supportive soles; not the mass-produced flimsy stuff of the lower end of the highstreet, that tend to fall apart when a six-footer wears them anyway. These are shoes to treasure. And they will be honestly priced… I’m running a business, but I also know what it’s like to be a tall girl who needs shoes!

I hope that keeps you in the loop, and doesn’t sound like I’ve missed anything major. I want to take you on this journey with me, and I want to be as transparent as possible, and create a really lovely, loyal community around the brand. So please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section, and I’ll answer any that I’m able to. Your words of encouragement so far have meant absolutely everything to me, and I just want you to open one of my shoe boxes and feel like I did two weeks ago. If that happens, I know it will all be worth it 🙂

L x

Outfit Details: Dress is from River Island (This has been gifted, but I chose it myself and was not paid to feature it). My bag and boots are from New Look (last season), sunglasses are Accessorize and Matilda’s little rose-print dress was 4 quid from H+M.

Odd Girl Out

This photo always makes me a smile. It’s taken after a Taylor Swift concert, with Lena Dunham awkwardly tagged on to the end of a supermodel scrum. As a six-footer, you might think I relate more to Gigi and Lily (perfect abs and million dollar paycheques aside). But I don’t. I relate to Lena. Because I always feel a bit like the odd one out. I’m a Lena in a short-girl world.

I was hesitant to write this post, as I am conscious of the fact that I am a white, privileged, cis-gendered, able-bodied woman who probably needs to STFU. But normally my blog is all about the positive, and I’d feel like a bit of a fraud if I pretended that everything is 24/7 rainbows and unicorns in my head. And while I love being tall (we’ll save that for the all important, moral-of-the-story conclusion, fear not) there are times when I’m certain my mental health has taken a few knocks for it.

I can’t quite remember when I became aware that I was different. But I certainly don’t ever remember feeling the same as everyone else. In ballet I was a foot above my peers, and from primary school I would ALWAYS know where I stood in a height line-up (‘seeya later girls… I’ll be down there heading up the boys’ division’). Having to squash down into group photos, not being able to swap clothes with friends, wishing I could buy clothes and shoes easily on shopping trips (but still sitting in Tammy for hours while everyone tried stuff on…) is going to make you feel a bit alienated, however amazing your mates are.

When puberty hit and growth-spurts collided with an interest in boys, the imagined space between my friends and I seemed to widen. I wasn’t the ‘fall in love with whoever the f*ck you like’ girl at 13, and was adamant my prospective boyfriend should be taller than me. As such, I felt like I had depressingly few options compared to my friends. I even used to look at celebrities’ heights in Sugar and Bliss magazine and try to work out who was acceptably tall enough to fancy (Bryan from Westlife if anyone is interested. I mean… BRYAN?! Jeez.)

It took me a long time to feel ‘sexy’; I just never felt like that was a word that applied to someone who had felt so gawky and awkward for so long. Sexy was something other people were; petite women in high heels with dinky feet and small features.

Despite having a lot of incredible friends, I’ve often felt a little ‘on-the-outside’. I don’t think I’ve ever visibly been an outsider, and my school/uni friends — many of whom remain my best friends today — certainly never made me feel like this, but I did. I appear on the surface to be a very confident and outgoing person, but — while my skin has grown thicker over the years — most of this has been a bit of a facade. I have simply disguised my insecurities in a different way. I wasn’t the shy ‘loser’ in the playground. I acted overly-confident, the class-clown, the drama queen. And I can think of a few occasions when I let my insecurities and jealousy get the better of me and I acted a bit spitefully.

I feel certain that this sense of ‘otherness’ contributed to the anxiety I’ve felt for a lot of my life, and the eating disorder I experienced in my late teens (I finally felt as ‘light’ and ‘dainty’ as my friends, despite being cold, hungry and beyond miserable).

I no longer feel the great despondency I felt about my body back then, but there are still occasions when I feel a bit conscious of the difference between me and my friends; going out and not hearing half the conversations that they’re having a foot below me at the bar for instance, or always being the odd-one-out in a wedding photo. (First world problems I’ll admit).

The difference now is (here comes the predictable conclusion you were waiting for), that I try to celebrate my uniqueness. I now own my tallness. I exaggerate it with four inch heels and genuinely feel special  because of it. Plus I’ve found you. It’s one of the main reasons why I started a blog and one of the very best things about the evolvement of the tall community online. That sense that you are not alone. Now — thanks to the magic of Instagram and Facebook — we can share in the daily experience of being tall with people who absolutely get it.

As I write, I’m still not sure whether to share this. It seems so indulgent when one of my best friends is awaiting a kidney transplant for her two year-old, and another is in a wheelchair because of Lyme Disease. But it may well resonate with someone; someone who feels like an outsider themselves and hasn’t yet managed to conquer it. I suppose everyone feels a bit left out at one time or another. We’ve all got something, right? The heart-wrenching pain of infertility when all you hear are birth announcements from happy friends. The inability to just get on a damn tube with your mates when you’re stuck in a wheelchair. (And no, I am not in ANY WAY comparing my predicament with these).

I can’t be the only one who has had these feeling before, so please feel free to join in the conversation below. Let’s continue to build each other up, have each other’s backs, and make each other feel wonderfully, weirdly, extraordinarily… normal.

L xx

Life Lately

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Flip. I’m writing a blog post. I often did have a habit of writing “sorry it’s been so long since my last blog post”, but this is testing your patience a tad. Thing is, I’m missing you and All the Tall things, so I thought I’d check in and give you a wee update on what I’ve been doing in the wilderness.

There are literally years to cover, so I’ve written this post in little bite-sized chunks so you can skip to the bits you might find interesting (apologies if this makes it sound a little bit like one of those super-cringe, round-robin letters that your mum’s friend sends her at Christmas time).

What? It’s been like twenty years. I must be dead.

Well, not quite. I am in awe of these ‘Insta-mums’ who can run successful blogs, manage businesses, raise children and whip up fish pies at the end of the day, but in my life, something just had to give. And unfortunately, that was All the Tall things.

I have been ridden-with guilt about it at times, feeling like I’d thrown away a big part of my life and identity. But I just couldn’t dedicate the amount of time required to make it worthy of your readership. You deserve quality, highly researched material, and after building up such a lovely loyal following, I just wasn’t interested in quick paid advertisements or features by brands and companies I didn’t truly believe in. That’s not to say I won’t monetise it further in other ways in the future, or that there isn’t SUCH potential for business in the tall fashion area (more on that in my next blog-post).

Besides, it’s all too easy to catastrophize. It was and continues to be an important and wonderful part of my life. I’ve just been putting it on ice for a while as I look after my very young family. As my spare time has dwindled, I’ve had to concentrate on my (now part-time) dayjob, while taking on a few select freelance projects.


Yup, I’ve shot more out since my last post.

Matilda is three-years-old now. She’s stubborn, determined, crazy confident, ludicrously opinionated about her clothes (the more pink, garish, glittery and ugly cartoon characters featured the better), never listens to a word I say (parenting book suggestions welcome!), but she is so.damn.happy all the time (ahem… most of the time) and her enthusiasm for just about everything is infectious.

And then there’s little Arthur. Or not-so-little, because having just turned one he’s in his 18m-2 year clothes already with edible thighs a wrestler would envy. And his eyes. I am beyond powerless in the face of those baby blues. I did consider breastfeeding him until he was 19, so that no other woman would ever be good enough for him, but alas, his teeth got the better of me.

Fashion after Kids

Shopping with two children is NOT fun. So online Tesco shops are my saviour and the DPD delivery driver actually waves at me now when he drives past me in the street (embarrassing).

ASOS has been an absolute Godsend. I genuinely feel that in the years since I’ve been writing and researching for this blog, nothing has made the impact that ASOS Tall has on the landscape of Tall fashion. It’s not perfect, (there are a few quality issues and occasionally things aren’t quite the right length) and yes, at least 50% of my shopping does go back every time, but the free deliveries and returns make that slightly less irksome.

The fact that they’ve actually had the insight to make “Tall Maternity” clothes a thing makes me love them a little bit more.

I’m also a lot less interested in faddy fashion. I was never a complete fashion slave, but I definitely did pay more attention to what was ‘en vogue’ as it were, and — perhaps because I’m getting older, or perhaps because I just do.not.have the hours in the day to pore over every fashion magazine — I’m choosing outfits based on what I love. Dresses that suit my shape and colours that appeal regardless of their trend-credentials.

As a result my style feels more authentically me, and I make better buying choices, wearing clothes I feel comfortable in and that I know I’ll wear beyond the current season.

Admittedly I’m normally at the softplay in skinny ASOS jeans, a baggy jumper and a top-knot, but I do share some of my slightly more adventurous choices on my Instagram @laura_schof

We’ve moved!

I’ve also moved house since we last spoke, and after lamenting the loss of my lovely Victorian fireplace and wonky floors, I’m now officially a convert to the New Build Tribe! Everything is so clean and shiny and spotless and… oh sh*t the kids have found the crayons again.

We’re in the process of decorating it and gradually turning a soulless box into a home, and you can follow our progress on Instagram.

Breastfeeding… (Warning: Not for the faint-hearted)

Last year I also completed a ten week course to qualify as a Breastfeeding Peer Support Worker. I had a really tough time in the early months of breastfeeding Arthur, with his tongue-tie and my partially retained placenta (that had to be surgically removed 10 weeks post-partum… lovely!), causing several bouts of Mastitis, nipple infections and supply issues. Had I not had a reasonably easy experience with Matilda I would have 100% stopped. Breastfeeding is not always “pain-free”, nor does it come naturally or feel normal to everyone. And I truly believe that until you’ve walked a mile in other woman’s boobs, you can never judge her feeding decisions. But now I volunteer once a week with the NHS at a feeding clinic (crazy kids in tow!) to help women who do want to breastfeed make positive progress. I’ve seen loads of boobs (a lot of them red and angry before my friend Mark accuses me of having the dream job), and feel genuinely moved and excited when we witness breakthroughs for the women who come through the door.

Basically, my point is, if you’re trying to breastfeed and are in pain/ struggling/ feeling overwhelmed, then get yourself to a Baby Café/ Children’s Centre drop-in ASAP and get some help from a trained lactation consultant. They really can help (and often have cake!)

Get in touch

While I don’t have time to write regular, scrupulously researched posts, I do pop the occasional update on my Instagram @laura_schof.

I have unfortunately experienced email spam of EPIC proportions, (anyone want to help me sort through 10,000 “Hot sexy Swedish chick wants your **** “/ “Prince Eduardo wants to give you 2.4 million pounds if you send him your bank details” messages? Please??!!), so the best way to contact me is via Insta. Apologies to those of you who have contacted me via my ATTT email during my time in the wilderness. When I eventually get through the mountain of chaos I shall reply!


If you are reading this, it really means so much to me. It also (hopefully) means that there is still scope to pick up where we left off when the madness of toddler-gate dies down, and that you’ll join me for other adventures that are ahead. I remain as passionate about fighting the fight for Tall women as I ever have, and if one person has gained a little bit of confidence from reading one of the posts on this blog, then all those years are definitely not wasted.

Stay tuned my lovelies.

L x

Follow me on @laura_schof where the Tall convo continues…

23 Weeks Pregnant: Kaftans and Kimonos

Maybe I’ve been watching a bit too much of The Only Way Is Marbs, but since my bump’s been getting bigger I’ve become a bit Kimono/ Kaftan crazy.

I’m also fairly reluctant to buy too many “maternity” specific pieces, and a kimono is super flattering now but still wearable after Baby Schof arrives. This ASOS Tall premium kimono (£65) is a bit more pricey than your average highstreet cover-up, but the embroidery looks very designer-esque and will look just as fab with a bikini and cocktail (mocktail for me).

Try Primark, H+M and Misguided for more bargainous styles. Luckily length is more or less irrelevant, with everything from waist-length to floor-length (and everything in between) considered chic this season. I also took this Ben Di Lisi number (£36) for pool lounging in Santorini.

I have however found a decent pair of maternity jeans (£35 – thanks Ali for the recommendation) by Mamalicious (available at ASOS). I’m edging towards a preference for over-the-bump styles now, mainly because no maternity jeans seem to have a high enough denim rise (these included unfortunately, though they are the best I’ve tried), and the extra bit of stretchy jersey fabric saves my blushes. The 34 inch leg is actually quite generous for a 36-incher like me.

The khaki top (£32) is from Topshop (one of the few maternity tops I’ve bought, but it’s  in a fairly neutral, go-with-everything colour). The chunky, block-heel sandals (I’m refusing to part with heels during my pregnancy, though I do favour an on-trend block heel for safety!) are by New Look and go up to a generous UK size 9, but pssst… you can get them from ASOS for free delivery.

Click on the pictures above for links to everything. Have you embraced the tall-friendly trend for kimonos and kaftans? Please leave links to ones you’ve found and love…

L x

Pleather Pants

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

This new year I’ve gone all Ross Geller and decided to invest in a pair of leather pants. But since I’m an animal lover (ok, skinflint), I’ve opted for a pair of pleather leggings instead.

These ones are from Topshop and plenty long enough to give you a bit of on-trend ruching round the ankles. (And they’re true to size).

L x

Hat, Miss Selfridge/ Coatigan, Long Tall Sally £65/ Denim Shirt, Vintage Levis/ “Boom” T-Shirt, ASOS/ Leggings, Topshop £18/ Necklace and heart ring, H+M/ Watch, Michael Kors £229/ Glasses, Specsavers/ Bag, ASOS/ Boots, Topshop £88

Cheap and Cheerful

Hey leggy lovelies,

The Nine West competition closes at midnight tonight, so make sure you get your entry in! One of you lovely lot is going to win yourself a £100 voucher. I have been absolutely blown away by the honesty and heart-felt words in the entries received so far, and I’ve had a good old knowing chuckle at some of your memories of being the “awkward one”. Well worth a read if you haven’t had a look already… some might even make you weep a happy tear.

What with it being June and all, the sun was almost kind enough to shine in London yesterday. Which was enough of an excuse for wine outside the Charlotte Street Hotel with the girls and a summery outfit.

I’m definitely feeling the post-holiday, pre-tax bill pinch, so these recent buys are seriously bargainous. The whole outfit below cost £60 (although I did cheat by paying Vietnamese prices on the shoes).


Pretty laser cut details are all over bags at the moment, and I spied this seriously bold pink number whilst doing my trolley dash in Sainsburys. (If you forgo the brand names in the condiments aisle and buy economy loo roll, you can totally justify the £20 spend).


New Look’s 3-pack of Tall T-shirts is well worth the investment. Although they’re not quite as long as the “super vest” in Miss Selfridge, They work out at just over 4 quid each and you can dress them up with statement necklaces, like this bright blue one. I’ve tucked mine into this floral New Look skirt (it’s not from the Tall range but the proportions looked reasonable on the website so I gambled).


I had these leather sandals custom-made to wear with my maxi dresses and I love them, even if my toe is doing a “Julianne Moore” in the picture above. They’re a bit like my Henry Holland ones I featured ages ago that sadly died a death after getting caught in a pavement slab. Sigh.


Tall Top, New Look £12.99 for 3 pack/ Skirt, New Look £16.99/ Tall Biker Jacket, Topshop £58/ Necklace, New Look £9.99/ Bag, Sainsburys £20/ Shoes, Custom-made in Vietnam £10

What do you think? And would you like to see some more budget-friendly pieces on the blog or is it leggy luxury you’re after?

L x

Big is Beautiful

Fashion has gone over-sized this summer; voluminous coats, giant trapeze dresses and slouchy shorts graced the LFW pavements, and labels that used to say “size 14” will now say “10”. As Vogue’s Sarah Harris puts it; “If it doesn’t fit, it’s a good fit.”

Fine for the size-zero pocket-belles, but not such great news for tall women, who are already struggling to find items that fit properly, let alone something that looks two sizes too big. Doh.

But I’ve scouted this shirt by Glamorous (£22) on the ASOS wesbite, and not only is it beautifully billowing, with long enough sleeves for the leggiest of ladies, but it also ticks two other trend boxes for summer; print and monochrome.


Besides, you know I’m a sucker for a (fairly) silly shirt, and this one with its triangle/circle/square pattern is perfect for the nerd in me.

I wore it tucked in to my favourite Topshop acid-wash jeans for my friend’s birthday drinks last night, but it’s long enough to drape over your hips.


I’m a size 10/12 and went for a 12 to ensure that the shirt was roomy enough and the sleeves were super long. (The model on the website had lots of room to spare though, which made me take the precarious online-ordering plunge in the first place).

I also strapped on my custom-made Vietnamese wedges to add a little pop of colour too. (They are comfy as a cloud, amazing to run for a train in, and I’m obsessed with grey and blue colour combos at the moment).


Shirt, Glamorous @ ASOS £22 / Tall Jeans, Topshop £40/ Bag, Zara £49.99/ Wedges, custom-made.

Anyone else found any fab shirts for tall girlies? And do you like going over-sized with your outfits? I think us tall girls can carry off the extra volume, but perhaps you prefer to stick to a more polished and tailored look?

Share share! 🙂

L x

Viet Glam

Girlies. I’ve found tall girl paradise.

*Warning: this blog post contains of pictures of me without makeup which some viewers may find distressing.*

Vietnam needs to be on your bucket list. Venture to the capital Hanoi and you’ll be greeted with the mouth-watering aromas of sizzling street food and the hoots of five-millions scooters. Take a traditional Vietnamese junk boat to the serene Halong Bay (above) and  gawp at its 3000 limestone islands. Visit the southern metropolis of Saigon, and discover a resilient nation rising from the shadows of a very bloody war. 

And head to the lantern-lit coastal town of Hoi An, where talented tailors will make you beautiful clothes that actually fit.

I went NUTS. My adorable husband honestly said the highlight of his holiday was the look of absolute kid-in-a-sweet-shop delight on my face when I realised that everything in these lovely little shops would fit me. And I certainly made the most of the opportunity; seven dresses, three skirts, six pairs of shoes, (culminating in a slightly ridiculous 27.5 kilos of luggage) came back with me on my return flight.

Wouldn’t you? They measure every single part of your body so that none of your clothes have a wasitline on your boobs or a hemline floating above your ankles. Absolute bliss.

This chiffon gown with contrast ribbon detail was less than £40. It’s lined with silk and obviously has acres of fabric. (And should look lovely when the sunburn goes…)

I also had a simple blue racer-back jersey maxi dress made up in the clothes market hall (where they have every fabric you could possibly want — silks/ leathers/animal-print…) for around £25…

…and a couple of printed sundresses for a tenner (one worn below with my custom-made wedges) that will work equally well with tights and boots come winter time…

Tim got two slim-fit 3-piece suits made up in cashmere fabric for £75 each, and ten shirts custom-made for £80.

The shoes were just as fab. I had some go-with-everything brown leather studded boots made to my own measurements and design for less than £30, and they were so on-the-money that I ended up getting them made in black as well.

I also got some gold sandals fitted to go with my evening gowns, and some suede black leather ones with a bit more of a boho feel.

So… two evening gowns, 1 maxi dress, 2 sun-dresses, 1 50s style dress, 1 wedding guest dress, 1 maxi skirt, 2 short circle skirts, 2 pairs of boots, 1 pair of courts, 1 pair of wedges, 2 pairs of sandals all custom-made and less than £300 spent. (No, they’re not all in this post, but they’ll be cropping up in some outfit pics over the coming weeks).

My shopping tips for buying clothes in Asia:

  • Leave your suitcase half full on the way out. Seriously.
  • Allow yourself some time. If you’re having a suit made, you ideally need 3 days for fittings. Evening gowns may require 2 days, with a quicker turnaround on dresses and skirts. Some tailors will provide an express service, but usually more. 
  • Dream big. I thought I’d have to go for simple styles, but most tailors are capable of adding all the studs, embellishment and sequins that you’re after. Go wild!
  • Take some photos or drawings of designs that you like. Most tailor shops have ipads and catalogues of clothing and shoe pics for you to choose from. I think the legal requirement when copying a design is that you need to change three aspects of it to prevent breach of copyright. (This rule is — unsurprisingly — overlooked in Vietnam, so on your head be it). 
  • Take shoes or clothes that you love and want in different prints/ colours, because working from the real thing makes it a great deal easier. And anything that bugs you about the original (i.e. the neckline is too low/ the hem-line is too short…) can be easily rectified. 
  • Haggle. Most tailors will demand more money because you’re tall or have big feet, but don’t accept the first price you’re given. 
  • Check whether tailors deliver to your country once you’re back home. Most keep your measurements on file, so if you want something made again, you can email them a picture and have it shipped out to you for around a tenner. Clothing problems sorted forever? Quite possibly… 

We got Tim’s suit from Yaly (the most renowned tailor in Hoi An and considered to be a little pricier than others, but worth it for the quality), and my evening gowns/ boots came from a family-run shop called Hoang Kim. Both come highly recommended. 

And if you’re planning an Indochinese adventure of your own, we flew Vietnam airlines (plead for extra legroom at the airport… the economy seats aren’t actually too bad but we got fire exit seats both ways thanks to some serious eyelid batting and whinging about our tall-ness). Our private tour from north to south was booked through the brilliant Bamboo Travel.

Missing it lots but glad to be back blogging again 🙂 How’ve you all been?

Anyone else had experience of getting clothes tailored in Asia? Or planning a trip out there soon? Can you take me in your suitcase please…?

Lots of leggy love,

L x

WIN a pair of Shoesissima Shoes

Ever seen a shoe competition in a  blog or magazine and thought, “Yup, I’d LOVE to win that beautiful pair of shoes… but as if there’ll be a pair in my size…”

Me too.

So I thought I’d right some wrongs.

This week, All the Tall things is offering you the chance to win a gorgeous pair of chunky-heeled sandals worth £79.99, courtesy of lovely large-size shoe brand Shoesissima.

Chunky-heeled sandals are everywhere thanks to the likes of Isabel Marant, Marni and Rag & Bone showcasing such styles on their S/S runways, but there are very few pairs available for us larger-footed ladies.

Enter the leather platform called “Kim” . If you’ve read my previous shoe posts, you’ll know I have something of a nudey fetish already, so this pair has fitted in to the family rather well. And it’s so versatile. Here are three ways I’ll be rocking mine this summer… (links to other products included where available.)

Beer Garden with the Mates

Top, Skirt & Bag, Primark/ Hat, River Island £16/ Necklace, Ark/ Bracelets, Republic

Date with the Boy

Top, Warehouse/ Tall Jeans, Topshop £40/ Earrings, Miss Selfridge/ Bag, Primark

Marbs* with the Girls

Dress, ASOS £25/ Necklace, H+M/ Bag, Next

*Technically I’ll be going to France with the girls this year… but I do wish I’d had this outfit when we were in Marbella…

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning, is drop a comment below telling us what you’d wear your pair with.

Good luck girlies! 🙂

L xx

Ts & Cs

The competition is open to all Leggy Lovelies, regardless of where in the world they live. You must include your email address in the relevant box with your comment, but this will NOT be visible and will only be used if you are the winner and we need to contact you regarding your prize. Shoes are available in UK sizes 8-12. Regrettably we cannot offer bespoke sizes. Competition closes at midnight on 18/4/13. Winner will be announced on the All the Tall things Facebook Page on 19/4/13. 


Hello Leggy Lovelies,

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

On Sunday morning I met some friends for a yummy brunch at the National Portrait Gallery cafe. Hark at us and our civilised ways…

That’s me with the Granola (spot the boring one who knows she’ll be wearing a bikini in two weeks’ time. What a dullard.)

I dragged my hungover self out of bed and attempted to look presentable in a new pleated red dress from French Connection (£85).

It comes with a belt (that you can wear on your ACTUAL waistline, not the one given you to you by most retailers that sits awkwardly under your bust), and an additional drop-waisted skirt detail that’s great for balancing out a long-legged frame.

I bought it originally for holiday-time to wear with chunky sandals, but for this wintry April I’m accessorsing it with tights, a Zara bag, and my (ridiculously over-worn) Topshop boots and biker jacket.

Dress, French Connection £85/ Biker Jacket, Topshop £58/ Boots, Topshop £45 (Up to a Euro size 42… a large 42)/ Zara Bag £49.99

Have you ever found any long-length loveliness in French Connection? There’s actually a fab FC find coming up shortly in a reader’s Tried It On feature. Stay tuned.

L xx

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