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Tried It On: H+M Shirt Dress

Get yourselves to H&M and grab this cheap and chic shirt dress, as recommended by 6’2 ATTT reader Catherine. Super premium looking, despite the bargain price tag, and ready to take you from office to bar with a few well chosen accessories.

Catherine writes, “At £20 each I thought they were an absolute bargain and they both fit beautifully; I’m a size 12 but quite curvy, so I usually wear dresses that are cinched at the waist to avoid looking like a sack of potatoes, and the tie belt that comes with the dress is an absolute godsend. I’m 6’2”, by the way and 22 years old.

In the pictures, I’m also wearing the jeggings from New Look that one of your readers recommended a few weeks ago (also bought the black pair).”

Dress, H+M £20/ Jeggings, New Look £14.99

Thanks Catherine. Everybody loves an H+M bargain. How cute would this look with tights and ankle boots for autumn, or a pretty pair of heels for office glam?

Anyone else found any tall friendly pieces in H+M lately?

L x

P.S. You can send photos of your long-length finds to be included in Tried It On by emailing or tweeting @tallthings

Pleather Pants

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

This new year I’ve gone all Ross Geller and decided to invest in a pair of leather pants. But since I’m an animal lover (ok, skinflint), I’ve opted for a pair of pleather leggings instead.

These ones are from Topshop and plenty long enough to give you a bit of on-trend ruching round the ankles. (And they’re true to size).

L x

Hat, Miss Selfridge/ Coatigan, Long Tall Sally £65/ Denim Shirt, Vintage Levis/ “Boom” T-Shirt, ASOS/ Leggings, Topshop £18/ Necklace and heart ring, H+M/ Watch, Michael Kors £229/ Glasses, Specsavers/ Bag, ASOS/ Boots, Topshop £88

Reader Style: Karen keeps it Real (and looks ruddy gorgeous)

I think I LOVE All the Tall things reader Karen.

She emailed me recently asking if I reckoned you lot would be interested in seeing some Tall range items on a “size-14, 6’1″ person as opposed to the faceless dummies they have on the website?”

And of course, my answer was a great big YES PLEASE. Here she talks through her delicious outfit choices…

Top from the in-store New Look Tall range (may it RIP), jeans from Tallgirls.

Dress from Fat Face, leggings LTS and shoes from Tallgirls (love these shoes and get a lot of comments at work about them)

Dress from Tallgirls, leggings from LTS

Dress and bag from Topshop (Would have to be very careful about bending down in this!)

Gorgeous. I want those clothes so much more when they’re off the mannequin and on a beautiful leggy lovely like Karen.

I seem to have collected a fair few outfit photos from you lot during my mini hiatus, so I reckon we ought to have a dose of Reader Style every week. What do you think? Anyone got a picture they’d like to share? You can send your snaps to

L xx

P.S. If any of Karen’s lovely clothes are still available, then you’ll be able to click through from the picture.

Christmas Prezzies for your Leggy Lovelies…

If you’ve got a tall sister, mum, auntie or friend to buy for this Christmas – or your other half is begging you for last-minute suggestions — then here is an assortment of the best long-length Christmas treats on the web. From bargain stocking-fillers to ludicrously indulgent treats, these are the perfect gifts to show some leggy love.

For the girl who would have everything… if everything wasn’t so blooming hard to find…


I’m in Essex Girl…

This blog post contains flash cars, big watches and false boobs. The tans you see might be fake but the people are all real, although some of what they do has been set up purely for your entertainment.

I LOVE The Only Way is Essex. Yes, I lose a good chunk of brain cells (they were never that good for much anyway), and my soul dies a little bit every Wednesday and Sunday night, but I am totally addicted to the sparkly, vajazzled adventures of the TOWIE crew.

And although my only real connection to Essex is that my grandparents live in Chelmsford, there is a little part of me that always wants to back-comb my hair to within an inch of its life and layer on the fake-bake every time I watch it on telly.

The dialogue is moronic — did Joey Essex really say last night that he can’t have an oven in his flat because “they’re dangerous”? – the love-lives are toe-curling – No Maria and Mick… just NO! – and the story-lines are less realistic than those in Button Moon. But it’s horrifically watchable.

One of the most outrageous (and crucial) elements of the show is the clothes… but I have to confess that I’m even a little bit drawn to these too. And no, you might not have the time to spend four hours a day getting ready, and your idea of a manicure might be removing the 6-week old scraps of paint from your toenails… but I think you’ll agree that a little hint of Essex in your wardrobe can provide an instant pick-me-up in these days of gloomy, credit-crunching frugality.

Here’s how you can look totally reem in clothes from the Tall ranges.

Top (L-R)

Middle (L-R)

Bottom (L-R)

And for all of you non-UK readers… here’s a little taster of what you never even knew you were missing…

I’ll see you in Sugar Hut.

L xx

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