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My Shoe Journey so far…

Hey ladies,

Hope you’re well.

I thought I’d check and in and let you know where I’m at with my large-size shoe brand, as so many of you have already been enormously helpful, and it’s gathering pace.

Firstly though, I’d like to say thank you to the kind people at River Island, who gifted me this gorgeous button-front dress, and who have been working with fashion bloggers of all different shapes and sizes as part of their new campaign called “Shape my Style”. I chose this little black number because the waistline sits in the right place (miracle!) and it’s just as lovely with flats for day as it is with heels for evening.

However, I do need some BEAUTIFUL shoes to wear it with, which — albeit tenuously — brings me to my forthcoming shoe brand. I’m aiming to launch in Spring 2019, and currently, we are on schedule. In a few weeks I’ll be starting the social media channels and revealing the brand name (I’m not trying to be irritatingly cryptic or intriguing… I just have some legal odds and ends to tie up before I can do that).

(NOTE: Not my shoe brand featured in the picture above)

In June I flew to Portugal — armed with the survey responses of a thousand shoe-less women (thank you!) — for meetings with shoe factories, mould-makers, leather tanneries, embellishment stores and packaging manufacturers. When I started this journey, I’d originally fantasised about having an all-British-made label, but sadly — bar a couple of men’s factories and a children’s shoe manufacturer — there just aren’t factories in this country making shoes anymore. It was an incredibly exciting and fruitful trip though, and I fell madly in love with the world of footwear and the people who make it. I decided on two different factories because they each specialise in particular types of shoes. As soon as I visited them, I knew immediately that they were perfect; the working conditions were great, the people were incredibly friendly and “got” what I was envisaging, and they are already working with some of the most desirable shoe brands in the UK. In Portugal, shoe-making is a craft; an art-form, and I witnessed the passion from both of the family-run businesses I’m going to be working with.  

I’ve not drawn the shoes myself (you’ll be relieved to hear) but I’ve been working with a talented (and patient) shoe designer who has worked for many years with other shoe brands; (think shops you would LOVE to shop in if your feet weren’t so big).  I knew she was the one when she told me she’d actually designed one of the shoes on my mood board. I gave her some detailed briefs for different styles and we worked together from thumbnail sketches to the finished product. Each of the styles is on-trend (but not in a faddy way), flattering for a long foot, and supportive enough for a tall physique (but not ugly supportive… urgh… none of that…)

My first protoype arrived two weeks ago and I literally screamed (and may have cried) when I opened the box. I’ve just never fallen in love with a pair of shoes before, and I immediately took them for a spin and out that night with my uni mates (who are now all getting foot-enlargements… obvs!) Sidenote: I’ve since been told that I shouldn’t have worn them out, that they were merely a “visual” sample before the actual samples, and that the inner wooden heel could have snapped and given me a broken ankle. But… meh… they were pretty. 

It’s particularly important to me (and the business) that the fit of the shoe is just right. Naturally everyone has different shaped feet, but I’m working with a footwear technologist (who consults for one of the most covetable and respected shoe brands in the UK — again, sorry to sound cryptic!), to make sure that each shoe is proportioned and fitted correctly. I’ll also be conducting fit sessions in London with potential customers (that’s you!) over the next few weeks. I’m looking for volunteers, so if you’d like to get involved, keep your eyes on the Facebook page for updates. (I have posted a request on there for standard width size 43 wearers — thanks so much to everyone who has emailed already. Head there for more information if you’d like to get involved too).

I know there may be lots of questions — I’m guessing about price?! — which I’ll be able to answer officially over the next few months. As someone who’s only too aware that tall girls pay a lot more for their shoes, I’m working to keep the prices as low as possible. The shoes are in line with what I’d call ‘premium highstreet’ prices, but the quality is designer-worthy. Beautiful leathers, handcrafted shoes and supportive soles; not the mass-produced flimsy stuff of the lower end of the highstreet, that tend to fall apart when a six-footer wears them anyway. These are shoes to treasure. And they will be honestly priced… I’m running a business, but I also know what it’s like to be a tall girl who needs shoes!

I hope that keeps you in the loop, and doesn’t sound like I’ve missed anything major. I want to take you on this journey with me, and I want to be as transparent as possible, and create a really lovely, loyal community around the brand. So please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section, and I’ll answer any that I’m able to. Your words of encouragement so far have meant absolutely everything to me, and I just want you to open one of my shoe boxes and feel like I did two weeks ago. If that happens, I know it will all be worth it 🙂

L x

Outfit Details: Dress is from River Island (This has been gifted, but I chose it myself and was not paid to feature it). My bag and boots are from New Look (last season), sunglasses are Accessorize and Matilda’s little rose-print dress was 4 quid from H+M.

Life Lately

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Flip. I’m writing a blog post. I often did have a habit of writing “sorry it’s been so long since my last blog post”, but this is testing your patience a tad. Thing is, I’m missing you and All the Tall things, so I thought I’d check in and give you a wee update on what I’ve been doing in the wilderness.

There are literally years to cover, so I’ve written this post in little bite-sized chunks so you can skip to the bits you might find interesting (apologies if this makes it sound a little bit like one of those super-cringe, round-robin letters that your mum’s friend sends her at Christmas time).

What? It’s been like twenty years. I must be dead.

Well, not quite. I am in awe of these ‘Insta-mums’ who can run successful blogs, manage businesses, raise children and whip up fish pies at the end of the day, but in my life, something just had to give. And unfortunately, that was All the Tall things.

I have been ridden-with guilt about it at times, feeling like I’d thrown away a big part of my life and identity. But I just couldn’t dedicate the amount of time required to make it worthy of your readership. You deserve quality, highly researched material, and after building up such a lovely loyal following, I just wasn’t interested in quick paid advertisements or features by brands and companies I didn’t truly believe in. That’s not to say I won’t monetise it further in other ways in the future, or that there isn’t SUCH potential for business in the tall fashion area (more on that in my next blog-post).

Besides, it’s all too easy to catastrophize. It was and continues to be an important and wonderful part of my life. I’ve just been putting it on ice for a while as I look after my very young family. As my spare time has dwindled, I’ve had to concentrate on my (now part-time) dayjob, while taking on a few select freelance projects.


Yup, I’ve shot more out since my last post.

Matilda is three-years-old now. She’s stubborn, determined, crazy confident, ludicrously opinionated about her clothes (the more pink, garish, glittery and ugly cartoon characters featured the better), never listens to a word I say (parenting book suggestions welcome!), but she is so.damn.happy all the time (ahem… most of the time) and her enthusiasm for just about everything is infectious.

And then there’s little Arthur. Or not-so-little, because having just turned one he’s in his 18m-2 year clothes already with edible thighs a wrestler would envy. And his eyes. I am beyond powerless in the face of those baby blues. I did consider breastfeeding him until he was 19, so that no other woman would ever be good enough for him, but alas, his teeth got the better of me.

Fashion after Kids

Shopping with two children is NOT fun. So online Tesco shops are my saviour and the DPD delivery driver actually waves at me now when he drives past me in the street (embarrassing).

ASOS has been an absolute Godsend. I genuinely feel that in the years since I’ve been writing and researching for this blog, nothing has made the impact that ASOS Tall has on the landscape of Tall fashion. It’s not perfect, (there are a few quality issues and occasionally things aren’t quite the right length) and yes, at least 50% of my shopping does go back every time, but the free deliveries and returns make that slightly less irksome.

The fact that they’ve actually had the insight to make “Tall Maternity” clothes a thing makes me love them a little bit more.

I’m also a lot less interested in faddy fashion. I was never a complete fashion slave, but I definitely did pay more attention to what was ‘en vogue’ as it were, and — perhaps because I’m getting older, or perhaps because I just do.not.have the hours in the day to pore over every fashion magazine — I’m choosing outfits based on what I love. Dresses that suit my shape and colours that appeal regardless of their trend-credentials.

As a result my style feels more authentically me, and I make better buying choices, wearing clothes I feel comfortable in and that I know I’ll wear beyond the current season.

Admittedly I’m normally at the softplay in skinny ASOS jeans, a baggy jumper and a top-knot, but I do share some of my slightly more adventurous choices on my Instagram @laura_schof

We’ve moved!

I’ve also moved house since we last spoke, and after lamenting the loss of my lovely Victorian fireplace and wonky floors, I’m now officially a convert to the New Build Tribe! Everything is so clean and shiny and spotless and… oh sh*t the kids have found the crayons again.

We’re in the process of decorating it and gradually turning a soulless box into a home, and you can follow our progress on Instagram.

Breastfeeding… (Warning: Not for the faint-hearted)

Last year I also completed a ten week course to qualify as a Breastfeeding Peer Support Worker. I had a really tough time in the early months of breastfeeding Arthur, with his tongue-tie and my partially retained placenta (that had to be surgically removed 10 weeks post-partum… lovely!), causing several bouts of Mastitis, nipple infections and supply issues. Had I not had a reasonably easy experience with Matilda I would have 100% stopped. Breastfeeding is not always “pain-free”, nor does it come naturally or feel normal to everyone. And I truly believe that until you’ve walked a mile in other woman’s boobs, you can never judge her feeding decisions. But now I volunteer once a week with the NHS at a feeding clinic (crazy kids in tow!) to help women who do want to breastfeed make positive progress. I’ve seen loads of boobs (a lot of them red and angry before my friend Mark accuses me of having the dream job), and feel genuinely moved and excited when we witness breakthroughs for the women who come through the door.

Basically, my point is, if you’re trying to breastfeed and are in pain/ struggling/ feeling overwhelmed, then get yourself to a Baby Café/ Children’s Centre drop-in ASAP and get some help from a trained lactation consultant. They really can help (and often have cake!)

Get in touch

While I don’t have time to write regular, scrupulously researched posts, I do pop the occasional update on my Instagram @laura_schof.

I have unfortunately experienced email spam of EPIC proportions, (anyone want to help me sort through 10,000 “Hot sexy Swedish chick wants your **** “/ “Prince Eduardo wants to give you 2.4 million pounds if you send him your bank details” messages? Please??!!), so the best way to contact me is via Insta. Apologies to those of you who have contacted me via my ATTT email during my time in the wilderness. When I eventually get through the mountain of chaos I shall reply!


If you are reading this, it really means so much to me. It also (hopefully) means that there is still scope to pick up where we left off when the madness of toddler-gate dies down, and that you’ll join me for other adventures that are ahead. I remain as passionate about fighting the fight for Tall women as I ever have, and if one person has gained a little bit of confidence from reading one of the posts on this blog, then all those years are definitely not wasted.

Stay tuned my lovelies.

L x

Follow me on @laura_schof where the Tall convo continues…

The Big Tall Clothing Sale

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Have you got any long-length clothes or large-size shoes you want to flog? Want a captive audience for your items? Perhaps you’re after some second-hand tall fashion bargains? Read on…

I’m often getting requests for shout-outs from tall women who are selling their clothes on eBay and looking for a tall buyer. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to address all those individual requests, but it did make me realise that a central hub for buying and selling second-hand tall clothes is greatly needed.

For ages I toyed with the idea of creating my own online tall marketplace, but I’m… um… barely computer literate enough for Twitter, let alone creating my own blinking auction site. Besides, eBay is already a treasure trove of Tall pieces with a great infrastructure in place. You just need to know where to look.

That’s where the ATTT Facebook page comes in. I’m going to open it up more to you leggy eBayers and bargain hunters. Now you can all pop your long length items and large shoes on eBay, then place the links on ATTT’s Facebook page. Other readers of the blog can look for your postings (just click ‘posts by others’ on the Facebook page, and I’ll also point out any great pieces you put up from time to time by sharing them for you (as I would your tall fashion dilemmas).

ATTT reader Jane is already a major eBay stalker: ‘I find shopping for tall clothes online quite limiting as there are only a handful of retailers who stock Tall ranges, and understandably the ranges are much smaller than “regular” sizes and not updated that frequently. However I’ve started shopping on eBay and it’s opened up a whole new world! You can search by brand, by size and by price and there are pages of clothes from Topshop, ASOS, New Look, Long Tall Sally…. It’s not just second hand clothing either, some of it is brand new. I recently bought a brand-new-with-tags checked dress from New Look tall for only £12. I also use eBay to sell my clothes as my wardrobe is full of worn (but nearly new!) Topshop Tall items, which means that I make money on clothes I don’t wear anymore and can then spend guilt-free on new clothes from eBay!’

Obviously there is one very important rule…

The things you’re selling need to be tall-specific. This also means that they need to be long enough for women over 5’10. I’m sure it goes without saying, but please only use the page to advertise items that are long enough and cut properly for a tall woman. The aim is to create a really trustworthy marketplace in which tall women know they’re getting quality, longline second-hand clothing. It’s not a place for people to flog items because they’ve shrunk in the wash!

I’m selling some of my own items too. Since my 30th birthday frock is no longer available on ASOS, rather than list the details, I thought I’d put it on eBay for another tall size 12 girlie to enjoy (worn once but in perfect condition).

bday dress

I’m also selling lots of my previously featured pieces, such as the dotty sheer LTS number

…and this zip-front jumpsuit

More pieces will be added shortly — I’ll let you know on Facebook.

If you’re looking for truly guilt-free shopping, you’ll be pleased to know that the first £100 I make on Ebay, I shall be donating to Magic Breakfast, a fabulous charity that buys breakfast for school children who would otherwise go to lessons hungry. Look them up if you haven’t heard of them. They’re fab. I’m currently trying to raise £1000 for them by turning Matilda into book characters (you can see our progress so far over on

Happy eBaying. Give me a shout if you have any questions.

L xx

Can an average tall girl wear Taller than your Average?

Leggy brand Taller Than Your Average has been bringing high fashion to Long Tall Sally since the end of last year. After a flurry of media hype and a certain Jourdan Dunn rocking up to London Fashion Week in a shirt from Long Tall Sally (who would have seen that coming?), the range finally landed, with burnout fabrics, catwalk-worthy silhouettes and a neutral colour palette made for mixing and matching.

But there was a lot of flesh on show in its lookbook (golly LTS… I can see her crotch! That is so unlike you!), and the looks were bold. There were RIPPED JEANS for flip’s sake. Which made me wonder: had LTS gone from safe and reliable to… a little too fabulous overnight? Were its pieces (that look oh so uh-mazing on super skinny Jamie Gunns) actually wearable for a regular tall girl? Could they even be (and I realise I’m stretching things a bit here) suitable for a 30-year-old mother like me?

Thankfully the lovely Alice at LTS sent me a couple of my favourite pieces to try. Let’s see how my roadtest went…

The Duster Coat, £80

The Duster Coat has been a massive trend since the autumn, and since it is typically lightweight in style, works perfectly for spring’s in-betweeny, unpredictable weather. From my sweaty, under-the-duvet post-baby haze I lusted after the pastel blue number Kylie Jenner has been effortlessly sporting with jeans, dresses and just about everything else, so I was really pleased when LTS/TTYA released its own, especially since it’s a true mid-calf length on a six-footer. It’s super soft too.

Coat, Long Tall Sally £80/ Shirt, Dorothy Perkins £22/ Old: Bag, Oasis/ Boots, Topshop/ Glasses, Specsavers

The Sheer Shirt Dress, £65

After spending ages wondering how I was going to wear it (with a bra and knickers on Croydon highstreet perhaps?) I realised that it works best on me when used as an alternative to the cardigan or kimono. It’s more sophisticated and classic than either of those options too, so I reckon it’ll work well beyond the current season. It looks good thrown over jeans or a lacey festival dress and adds some decency and decorum to a shorts and vest combo (I am a mum now after all).

Sheer Shirtdress, Long Tall Sally £65/ Flat Buckle Boots, New Look £27.99/ Shorts, Topshop/ Top, ASOS

What are your thoughts on TTYA so far? Anyone made any purchases?

Got so much to share with you after a big long break, including my 30th bday outfit details, some other clothing pics, and a great way to buy and sell second-hand tall clothes coming shortly to ATTT. Stay tuned.

L xx

What to Expect When You’re (Tall and) Expecting.

Hello Leggy Lovelies!

So my little madam is six weeks old today (yesterday by the time I’ve had a chance to post this), and I’m grabbing those rare moments of quietude as she snoozes in her moses basket next to me to check in and see how you’re all doing. For those who didn’t see my Facebook and Twitter update, Matilda May Schofield arrived into the world on 27th October 2014 at 11.31am. And she is brill.

I could throw every cliché at you and mean it; the love is overwhelming, your life changes beyond recognition, you’ll never sleep again, you won’t EVER stop worrying. They’re all true, and yet still nothing quite prepares you for you how challenging, tiring and ruddy amazing motherhood is (another cliché in itself perhaps).

From today I’m going to be easing myself back into blogging, and hoping to post a bit more routinely now that I’m on maternity leave. I’ve also started a new Instagram account to fill in the gaps between postings. Admittedly, most of the entries so far are photos of Matilda looking cute, but there will be grown-up outfit shots (some without vomit) and other tall-relevant material landing shortly! I would love it if you could add me to your list of people to follow by heading here.

I realise All the Tall things has been quite preoccupied with tall maternity style of late, but I’ll now be returning to my usual outfit updates, and details of where us non-expectant peeps can find long-length clothing (with perhaps a few of Matilda’s snazzier outfits thrown in for good measure!).

But before that, I wanted to share one last post with an emphasis on motherhood; with all my thoughts about dressing a bump when you’re tall, the interesting quirks of tall pregnancy, and a little bit about nursing. This is by no means a conclusive list, nor is it a “one size fits all” story for tall women (we all know that no such things exists), but this has been my experience. And if you have been through the process of pregnancy, labour and feeding your baby and feel like you’ve got something to add/ query/ downright disagree with, then please do add your twopence in the comments below. 🙂

Tall women have easier labours.

At least, that’s what the research says, and what my midwife seemed to think. And while there will be many tall women who still don’t have the easiest of times, (probably reading this with gritted teeth… sorry) I was definitely evidence of the rule. I actually enjoyed my labour. Yup. Call me mental/masochistic, but I LOVED it.

I’m not saying I would choose to push a head out of my frou-frou every day of the week, but I can’t recall a more exhilarating or rewarding experience.

For those planning a baby in the future, I can’t recommend hypnobirthing enough. I used to listen to a cd regularly, and while I never really bought into the idea that I was actually being hypnotised, continuously listening to the affirmations gave me the confidence to believe that I was capable of getting through it. And if you’re lucky enough to get into the birthing pool, don’t hesitate.

Sidenote: This picture may seem like a massive overshare to some, but to those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, you may realise why I just love it to bits. Three years ago life was a bit bleak with Tim’s brain tumour surgery, and now he’s healthy and happy and our baby girl just arrived into the world looking like an absolute GANGSTA. Life can suddenly get amazing again and this photo proves that to me. 

Tall women often have smaller bumps.

I was told all the way along that my bump was too small, and that it wasn’t measuring in line with the length of my pregnancy. Which freaked me out BIG TIME. But as the ultrasound lady reassured me when I was sent for a growth scan, there is plenty of room for the baby under your ribcage so often your bump doesn’t grow too far outwards. She’d seen a lot of tall women sent for growth scans unnecessarily. It’s also a proportions thing. (If you’re tall and lucky enough to have been blessed with a mahoosive, beautiful bump, I’m sure you carried it off splendidly).

You don’t need to spend a fortune on new clothes.

Unless you want to that is… and far be it from me to stop you shopping. Assign a section of your wardrobe to your pre-pregnancy clothes that still fit you. You might be surprised how many do (thanks in large to the point I make above). I realised that a few clothes I’d consigned to the back of the wardrobe because I’d once gotten bored of them/ was never in the mood for wearing stretchy body con, actually looked different and preferable when pregnant. If I did invest in new clothes, they tended to be loose fitting shirts or kimonos that I could wear post pregnancy too. The dress below was an old ASOS number that had enough give to (just about!) get me to my last day of pregnancy. Matilda popped out the day after this photo was taken.

It’s worth buying a few staples to see you through though.

Invest in a few maternity-specific bits that you can accessorize cheaply or wear with your existing bits n bobs.

Jeans: I bought two pairs of maternity jeans which saw me all the way through my pregnancy. My fave were by Mamalicious, £35. Their 34 inch leg was long enough for me (I’m usually a 36 incher) and skinnier than most maternity styles on the market.

[2nd Baby Edit: ASOS now does my favourite Tall Ridley jeans in a maternity style… great if you prefer a super skinny leg.]

Bump band: Asos, £8. This was particularly useful for giving a bit of coverage in the earlier months, when I could still squeeze into my jeans but needed to undo the zip.

Feeding Vests: If you’re planning on breastfeeding*, these are great for layering under baggy t-shirts and shirts. I LOVE the Emma Jane longer length feeding vest (£25) so much that I’ve bought four and rotate them with all my outfits. For nighttime, I love the slightly cosier (but also super long) seamless nursing cami (£39) by Amoralia.

I was probably quite lucky in that I did most of my heavily pregnant months over the summer, and therefore didn’t need to look for a coat. I’d have probably worn my existing ones open and layered up with jumpers and chunky scarves, but do let me know if you’ve come across a decent maternity style coat that works for tall women.

Buying dresses is EASIER when you’re pregnant.

Yup, I did mean to say that. A lot of people may scoff at this thought, but I genuinely loved dressing my bump and found it a lot easier than previously in the frock department. Because a lot of maternity dresses cast an empire line shape from underneath the boobs, I didn’t have to worry about waistlines being in the right place.

I also wore a lot more of the stretchy, bodycon styles than I’d ever have been comfortable with wearing previously. I was never much of a tummy flaunter pre-pregnancy (and I highly doubt I will be post pregnancy either!).

You will never be more glad of your long limbs than when you’re feeding a baby.

Whether you feed by breast or bottle, once your fussy baby is finally latched and in position for a long feed, you will be so glad you can reach that half empty box of chocolates, the glass of water when you’re gasping for it and the remote control on the other side of the coffee table.

Your baby might actually NOT be massive.

When I first fell pregnant, a lot of people told me to expect a really big baby. Matilda was 7lbs 8oz. Pretty average. (This might have also contributed to the fabulous labour part). But she’s exactly the same weight that I was when I was born, and we all know what happened there. Incidentally she does have very big feet and quite long legs, and she’s already outgrown a fair amount of her baby grows, so she’s headed in the right direction at least.

Your Feet May Grow

Yup, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your annoyingly big feet might just get bigger. Mine swelled a little in the last two weeks and I ended up borrowing my husband’s converse (sexy). Thankfully they should shrink back to normal size (normal for us, anyway) a week or two postpartum. A cheap pair of large-size flip-flops would also do if you’re pregnant in the summer and find yourself with bigger-than-usual feet.

Asos is just freakin brilliant.

I got so many bits from its maternity section (including a super sparkly dress for my friend’s wedding, below). So affordable and on trend in a world where maternity clothing just isn’t.  Check the heights of the models where they are listed too; the main one is 5’11 which proved very useful. 

[2nd Baby Edit: If you search “Tall Maternity” on ASOS you’ll now find a dedicated range of long-length maternity wear.]

So those are my experiences of tall pregnancy, and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.

And lastly, how the blinking heck have you all been?

L (and M) xx

*If you’re planning on breastfeeding at London’s Claridges Hotel, please don’t bother with a vest top and just get your whole tit out.


Hey Leggy Lovelies,

It can’t have escaped your attention that a new brand has landed at Long Tall Sally. Even model-of-the-moment Jourdan Dunn has been spotted wearing its black and white shirt (much to the lovely Alice at Long Tall Sally’s delight).

I first blogged about TTYA after its initial launch back in June 2013, and since then, leggy ladies have been scooping it up at Selfridges, ASOS and Barneys NYC.

Now, Long Tall Sally has teamed up with 5’11 TTYA founder Irene Agbontaen to bring the entire collection and a few exclusive pieces.

Modelled by uber hot commercial model Jamie Gunns, the range boasts all the pieces that founder Irene says she “always wanted to have in [her] own wardrobe”, hence the long fitted sleeves and long-in-the-body basics.

To celebrate the launch and preview the collection, I was kindly invited along to an intimate dinner at the London Edition Hotel, along with members of the fashion press.



Most popular with LTS customers on the day of release was the very Victoria Beckham esque Removable Collar Dress (£90). I also have my eye on the Scuba Biker Jacket (£100) and long sleeve jersey body (£35). LTS3

lts6 lts7

Pieces start at £24 for this burnout tee (below) which is perfect for layering and will no doubt become one of my most worn pieces. 

T-shirt, TTYA @LTS £24/ Scarf, Zara/ Earrings, ASOS £8/ Metallic Flats, New Look @ ASOS £17.99 (available up to UK 9)

(Sizes come up nicely large in the above tee. I’m 8 months preggo in the pic above, even if my height somewhat disguises it, and the Small is roomy enough for me).

What do you think of the collection? Has anyone made any purchases yet?

With thanks to the gorgeous Alice @ LTS and Irene @ TTYA for your very warm hospitality.

L x

Size Matters at ASOS

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Last week I attended a “Size ASOS” event at their HQ in London (not the ASOS building in Yorkshire that was badly damaged by fire last week — I hear that’s on the road to recovery now though). It wasn’t tall specific, though it was an opportunity to showcase ASOS’s Tall, Maternity and Curve collections to the press and chat about what’s in store for the slightly irregular sized amongst us (my word not theirs).

asos size 5

Not only are they expanding on the success of their current out-size collections with a host of new pieces, but they’re looking at ways to improve fit across the board, beginning with last week’s scanning event. In a joint venture with Manchester Metropolitan University’s “Department of Apparel”, ASOS are on a mission to really get to know their customers, and find out what’s going on underneath everyone’s clothes. 2400 men and women of all shapes and sizes were invited to stand (in their smalls) in an electronic body scanning unit which employed state-of-the-art light technology to take around 150 measurements. The level of detail was immense; measurements you wouldn’t really think about like “ankle girth”, plus ones that us Tall women are only too aware need attention and rarely receive it, like “crotch length front” (and back) and “ankle to floor inside” (and outside).

ASOS size 1

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to raise the average height findings for the nation by stepping in there myself, because pregnant women aren’t allowed to be exposed to the technology, but I got to watch the analysts in action and find out a bit more about how it will inform their clothes.

Interestingly, I’m told that when ASOS first launched their Tall range, it borrowed measurements from other retailers who were already making clothes for tall women, and through its own independent and thorough research it hopes to improve those measurements and tailor clothes to fit a more genuine representation of a tall body-shape. While this won’t replace the age-old method of “fit modelling”, where clothes are tested out on a real-life human bean, it will help to set the marker for what makes a tall woman “tall” and therefore draw up the parameters for measurements required within the Tall range.

And speaking of the Tall range, there is a whole lot of pretty landing there over the next couple of months, including a beautiful floor-length (below front — and actually floor-length) embellished black dress and tight-fit black biker jacket.

Tall PR Georgie explained that ASOS had noticed a real lack of nice going-out and occassion-wear for Tall women and that it hopes to address that over the coming months with some slightly more glamorous pieces.

Best of all, absolute top-end prices should be around £90, even for the uber-glam gowns, so hopefully we’ll have a bit more cash to play around with next time we’re at a friend’s wedding/ prom/ ball.

I’m also going to be showcasing some pretty ASOS maternity clothes on the blog (some of the forthcoming collection seen below) over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. I have weddings to dress for and a couple of fancy-pants parties and bump isn’t getting any smaller!

So I’m interested to know from you ladies… when it comes to fit, what is it that even the specialist Tall retailers are getting so wrong? Is it arm length, crotch-length, too many cropped tops? Let me know what really gets your goat…

L xx

I have some news…

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the sunshine. I’ve just returned from a relaxing holiday on the Greek island of Santorini, so apologies for my little hiatus.

There is another reason why I haven’t been posting too much recently. It’s because I have been getting bigger. And I wanted to wait until the right moment to share with you my very happy news. I’m 20 weeks pregnant.

Dress, Long Tall Sally £45, available here. Necklace, Miss Selfridge £14.50, available here.

The fact that most of the things I’ve been showcasing on the blog of late have been elasticated in the waist or a little bit loose and flowing has been of no coincidence. There’s a little leggy lovely growing in there. A PINK one! We’ve just had our 20 week scan, so I feel a lot more comfortable about sharing the amazing news, and besides, there is slim chance of my expanding waistline going unnoticed now.

I hope you’ll agree that this will add an interesting new dimension to the blog. Tall maternity-wear isn’t something I’ve ever been able to chat about in much depth, and now I’ll be able to dedicate a lot more time to the fashion dilemma that is being tall and being pregnant (a physical state that must be so rare most retailers don’t seem to acknowledge exists).

Since I plan to wear as much non-maternity attire as possible so that I can continue wearing pieces long after pregnancy, I’m hoping that those of you without protruding tummies will still continue to read All the Tall things and find plenty of useful information and ideas. The maxi dress in the photo above is a Long Tall Sally number (also available in a beautiful jewel green tone) that I’ve been wearing long before the bump appeared.

Thank you for your continued support of the blog. I can’t wait to take you on this little adventure with me.

L x

P.S. A lot of pregnant women complain about all the relentless “advice” they seem to get from other mothers when they’re expecting. However, I WHOLE-HEARTEDLY welcome any tall maternity fashion suggestions you have! So please do share your words of wisdom here!

Dear ASOS. You are whipping us into a FRENZY.

Rumours of an ASOS Tall range have been circulating online since the early days of All the Tall things, and now it’s finally happening. I’m a little bit giddy with all the excitement. I think you might be too…

Like Game of Thrones Season 4, we have been waiting for this for a very long time. 

Dedicated readers of ATTT will know that ASOS is one of my favorite brands already, but the launch of the new specialist Tall range should hopefully streamline my shopping experience and save me many hours of trawling through the “midi dresses” in the hope that something might work. 

However, a few pieces have already landed on the website (a bit prematurely), and I feel like some of our original excitement has been replaced by worry. Aren’t the trousers, like, very short? Why are some of the models on the website 5’6? Is this going to be another Tall range full of cropped tops? And will this range pop up and dissolve like so many others before it, simply because it is not bringing us what we want?

Right. Stop panicking. Here are the facts:

  • The collection officially launches 17th April, although there are a few preliminary pieces live now.
  • All trouser lengths will be 36″. (I know you’ve noticed that the trousers on there currently are shorter, so the lovely ASOS Tall buyer Gina is looking into this because she thinks there may have been an administrative error. It might be that those trousers do infact have 36 inch inseams. I’ll let you know when I have an update).
  • Gina says “Newness will be added each week, our collection will be fully stocked with everything from playsuits to WOW pieces including amazing dresses”.
  • The fit-models (women who wear the clothes in the manufacturing process to help the designers know where all our lumps and bumps are), are all over 5’10.
  • For those who don’t know, ASOS deliver worldwide for FREE! So we can finally try on long-length clothes without being stung with a delivery charge.
  • The ASOS Tall team are watching All the Tall things very closely, so make your feelings about the range — and requests for particular pieces — ABUNDANTLY clear! (And no, they haven’t paid me in any way to write any of this, so you… and I… can be as HONEST as we like).

I’ve also rolled my sleeves up and decided to do some research of my own. Last night I got a tad click-happy on the website…


Tall Acid-Wash Dress, ASOS £30, Bandana, ASOS £6

I love this acid wash 90s style body-con dress. Even the circular zipper looks like something I’d have worn while getting thoroughly down on it to Outhere brothers at my primary school disco. The bandana (coz every majorly Ghetto girly from Surrey like me needs a bandana), is also an ASOS buy. Go a size down on the dress if you’re between sizes (this is the 10).


photo (58)

Tall Cami, ASOS £8

It’s always good to find some long-length camis for wearing with my bulging collection of jackets and blazers. I went for a 12 because I’m normally that in tops, but it looks like this one is actually sized for a tall girly, and I should have bought the 10. The fabric is a bit flimsy (you can see the tell-tale roll at the bottom), but it’s a useful addition to my wardrobe and a snip at 8 quid.


Four days of my working week are spent presenting The Jewellery Channel. (If you’re interested you can find out a bit more about my work on my dayjob website). I have to wear dresses with a slightly open neckline to show off necklaces (but not oodles of cleavage), and a nod to the trends (without a busy and distracting print). It’s often ASOS that I go to, because I can get it delivered next-day, and it means that I can change my outfits regularly without breaking the bank. I have to dress a little more conservatively than is perhaps my off-duty style, but that’s probably the case with most jobs. So I think there’ll be something here that works for the office too…

photo (63)

Tall Peplum, ASOS £42

I spied this Tall peplum dress that ticks all the above criteria. This one is the size 10. I think I’d still want the flappy “peplum” bit to be a little lower, but it’s a lovely shaped dress regardless.

These two aren’t actually in the Tall range, but they’re recent ASOS buys that I bought for The Jewellery Channel (bit of decolletage showing/ plain simple colours) that work perfectly on a tall figure…

photo (61)

Tall Lace Bardot Dress, ASOS £30

The lace one is a big fave; I’ve got it in the purple and red. (Buy up a size in the lace… mine’s a 12)

photo (54)

Tall Black Sweetheart neckline dress, ASOS £25

… and this LBD (which I’ve bought in the “longer length”) is great for layering up with jewellery or wearing under blazers. This one’s a size 10.

Soooo… the big question is. WHAT do you want to see in the ASOS Tall range when it officially hits on the 17th April?

Let me know in the comments section below.

L xx

P.S. Also I made the epic fail of not cleaning my mirror before taking selfies. And that big white smudge basically makes me look like I have a willy in a couple of the photos above. WOOPS. I don’t have a willy.

What defines YOU?

Hey gorgeous Leggy Lovelies,

Over the next few days there will be some brand new fashion posts landing on All the Tall things, so keep your eyes firmly fixed on the blog and Facebook page. Today though, I want to head off-piste slightly and instead share the thoughts of a petite Texan lady called Lizzie Velasquez.

How many of us, when asked to describe ourselves in 3 words, choose the word “Tall” first? Has being tall defined who you are today? Of course it has to some degree. There will have been times when it’s affected you emotionally, physically, financially, romantically. You’ll have earned the label of “the tall one”, and it will probably be the half-brained observation that everybody communicates upon meeting you.

But while the comments (or in some particularly bad cases, unrelenting bullying) may play a part in your behaviour today, “being tall” is not the thing that full-on defines YOU. All too often — particularly if you’re in the upper echelons of the tall world — you can feel like it does.

Lizzie Velasquez has never weighed over 64lbs due to a rare, undiagnosed genetic disorder. She’s been labelled “The World’s Ugliest Woman”, been mercilessly bullied at school and become the target of an online hate campaign because of her appearance. But she refuses to define herself in accordance with other people’s shallow and malicious observations.

I wanted to share this video; not because I feel like we’ve faced a millionth of what Lizzie has, but because this is a woman who knows what defines her and OWNS it.

So in 2014, by all means, celebrate your height. Explore the negative experiences you’ve been through and spin them into a force for motivation. But get out into the world and find out what it is that really defines YOU.

L x

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