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Non-Maternity Maternity-Wear

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

After a long time chatting about maternity wear, I thought it was about time I popped something on the blog that was appropriate for all of us gorgeous leggy lot.

In any case, when I first announced my pregnancy, so many of you told me not to bother with maternity clothes because they’re a big old waste of money. And, especially since I’m pregnant during the summer months and dress reasonably casually for work, you were absolutely bang onThere are plenty of clothes on the highstreet that will accommodate a growing bump, but still look perfectly lovely after baby’s arrival.

While I’ve bought two pairs of skinny maternity jeans (one under-bump pair by ASOS, one over-the-bump pair from Mamalicious @ASOS, the latter of which I prefer), and a couple of nice maternity dresses for special occasions, I’ve tried to stick with my old wardrobe, and buy things that I’ll be able to wear post-pregnancy too.

I also wear the items I do buy and that do still fit in much heavier rotation, so I don’t feel like I’ve spent lots of money on things that I’ll hardly get any use out of.

My best buy was an ASOS bump band for £7, an absolute money-saver because it has allowed me to wear most of my old jeans and shorts open and adds extra length to t-shirts that creep up over my bump. It’s not a completely seamless solution (literally), but it’s a great little piece for layering. I’ve worn it with my non-maternity Topshop shorts below.

My absolute godsend this summer has been the kimono… light enough to wear during these balmy summer days and fits at every stage of my pregnancy. Unlike a dress, I can also mix it up much more easily with other pieces in my wardrobe too. I find the long-line ones super flattering on a tall figure, and this Topshop number (£46) with its pretty, art-deco style bird print, is one of my faves and has been well worth the splurge.

If I have indulged a little bit, it’s been more on accessories like jewellery and handbags. Luckily I seem to have avoided the curse of going up a shoe size, although with 2 and a half months still to go until my due date, I realise there’s still plenty of time for that to happen. I have my husband’s Converse and Havianas on standby.

I’ve also arranged my wardrobe at home with a section of my tried-and-tested maternity-friendly outfits, to avoid hours rummaging through before work every day and tearing my hair out when nothing fits.

You can hover over the images above for links to products. The giraffe print clutch is no longer available, but if you want to splash the cash, I love this blue giraffe print clutch from Ted Baker. And neither are the boots, though Topshop does have a strappy pair with the same metal-capped heel in a size 42 here. Prescription sunglasses are by Tommy Hilfiger at Specsavers.

L x

P.S. How many of you went up a shoe size or even grew taller during pregnancy? Let me know if this has or hasn’t affected you.

P.P.S. I’m looking for more pretty logo and typography tees to wear under shirts and kimonos. Have you found any pretty ones lately (doesn’t necessarily need to be a maternity piece)?.

H&M shorts that aren’t too short

… because we’re sick of wedgies and looking like giant-sized Kylie Minogue wannabes.

Whilst doing a spot of holiday shopping last week, I found some lovely, loose-fitting shorts in H&M. I bought the same pair in three different colour ways (I’ve also got the monochrome zig-zag pair, and ended up buying a dress in the same print because I love it so much), and each cost just £12.99.

The shorts also have an elasticated waist, so you can wear them higher or lower, depending on the kind of look you’re going for (some of you might really want to look like Kylie after all), and are therefore also great for any of you pregnant tallies to wear under a bump when the weather gets hotter.

I can’t find the above shorts online, but they’re in pretty much every H+M store at the moment.  I’ve also added the links to other products that are available online to the pictures above (hover over for details). The black and white block-colour top is from Next (non-tall), but it’s not particularly long-length so I’m not going to go all-out recommending it. The woven clutch is an oldie from Primark, and the big hat is another current H+M piece. The denim shirt in the bottom pic is a vintage Levis charity-shop buy.

Have you found any shorts on the highstreet? Or been disappointed by any that definitely DON’T fit? Share share…

L xx

Tried It On: “Boyfriend” Shorts

5’10 ATTT reader Sara looks damn good in a pair of shorts. Now she’s found a slouchy New Look pair to add to her (and our) collection.

She writes “The lovely Mary kind of stole my thunder but I’ve been meaning to send you these pics of me in the New Look Boyfriend shorts (which are awesome – so comfy and not at all like hotpants!) – so here they are!”

DSC_0243 copy

Tall Blue Denim Boyfriend Shorts, New Look £14.99

Thanks Sara! Always good to find shorts that don’t show off your bum cheeks. You should pop over to Sara’s brand spanking new style blog, Girl In The Pretty Dress. I love her dotty River Island number.

Has anyone found any other not-too-short-shorts on the highstreet recently? I’m looking for a slinky culotte-style pair to wear on my summer hols.

Jut a thought though… while the term “boyfriend” can be given to slouchy jeans, can any of us actually imagine our other half rocking these bad boys? I have a very disturbing image in my head now…

L xx

Wedding Party Pastels

On Friday we were evening guests at the beautiful wedding of one of Tim’s work colleagues. I didn’t go for the full-on hat-and-floral dress combo (I think a later arrival calls for a slightly more relaxed approach), but I did do a bit of pastel-blocking and sparkle.

I found the suitably long culotte shorts (yes — they are shorts… I had to do lunges on the dance-floor to prove it), in the Reiss sale for £33. (Reduced from £110. I’ve bought a few lovely things from Reiss over the years but I think they were all purchased in the sale… sssssh….).

This light pink blouse with its pretty pattern of sequins was £20 in the Warehouse sale (am I starting to sound like a cheapo?), and I figured I can still wear it with skinny jeans down the pub.

And I added a bit of bling to make it more wedding-worthy. These big sparkly chandelier earrings — £12 from Accessorize — would put Pat Butcher to shame. I also wore an old sparkly Topshop cuff (I actually wore it to my wedding), and since I’m having a slight obsession with all things peach at the moment, I stepped-up the pastel-blocking with a slick of Max Factor “Pretty in Pink” nail polish. And massive nude heels from Barratts. (I normally don’t wear ridiculously high heels to weddings, but what with being hat-less, I thought I might just about fit under doorframes in these.)

Took this brocade clutch from Next and I am in love with it. It only fits an iphone, a key and a lipgloss but it’s stupidly pretty and one for all the vintage-style-magpies. Seriously, what is up with Next right now? Gorgeous dresses, spot-on accessories… is it getting way cooler or am I just getting way older? Don’t answer that.

Oh… and Jade and Steve had THE BEST cake toppers. Did anyone else used to be obsessed with Sylvanian Families? You couldn’t see the carpet in my childhood bedroom for home-made shoebox houses, where the Babblebrook rabbit family and the Timbertop bears used to live side-by-side in perfect harmony. And anyone who was cool enough to actually own the real mansion house… I’m still bitter about you now.

Beautiful bridey alert…

Anyone got any pretty wedding-guest outfits to share? You can send your pics to

L x

Fifties Americana

Tall South Print Dress, Very £45


Cadillac-motif clutches at Prada, preppy checks at Jil Sander and kitsch prints at Proenza Shouler signalled a step back to 1950s America for Summer 2012.

If you’re worried about looking like an extra in Grease, then just add a little hint of USA retro with some cats-eye sunglasses or a flirty full skirt. Or any of these lovely long-length items.

Left Column:

Middle Column:

Right Column:

It’s Wine Time

I had the girls over to mine on Saturday afternoon for what turned into a bit of a “session”. Afternoon tea and cake turned into cocktails and crisps which then turned into X-Factor, pizza and wine. Lots of wine. So much so that putting out my recycling on Sunday night was just embarrassing. When seven girls get on it, they can put ALL the boys to shame.

Luckily for my liver and sanity, this post is merely concerned with the colour of wine. And what a delicious colour it is for clothes. This season, wine shades are everywhere; first celebrities like Abbey Clancy and Mollie King were all rocking berry-coloured skinnies; now the whole highstreet is awash with mouthwatering shades of claret and burgundy.

Here’s how to be a wino in clothes from the highstreet’s Tall ranges.

Clockwise from Top Left:

How yummy are those dotty shorts? They need a blazer, heels and a night out… sharpish.

Tried It On: Office Shorts

Over-sized shirt, £110, Shorts £95, both Reiss

Shorts are becoming an increasingly essential part of our working wardrobes. A much cooler look than a pencil skirt, and great for those tricky “I need to look trendy and creative but like I’m still too important to know how the photocopier works” meetings.

This smart, tailored pair from Reiss is long enough that it won’t prompt any raised eyebrows from your female colleagues (bless them, it’s hard working with leggy amazonians. Always getting overlooked for promotions…). Wear with opaques and an over-sized blouse with heels, pumps or boy-loafers.

The soft pleats make for a flattering fit and balance a long silhouette, while the quirky pattern is edgy enough for Friday night cocktails.

Send your “Tried It On” snaps to xx

L x

P.S. I’ll be posting about an American supplier next… feel like I’ve been ignoring the needs of you Stateside lovelies for a little while and I need to rectify this! 🙂

Tried It On: Shorts that make your bum look like this….

…At least I seriously hope so, because after seeing this photo of All the Tall things reader Sara on her holidays, I’m very tempted to purchase a pair.

Sara says, “Most shorts on me end up looking more like hotpants. I thought you might be interested in these. I’m 5’10” with hips and a bum and can rarely find shorts that fit.”

Mini Culottes, Warehouse, were £30, now £17

So head down to Warehouse for some figure-flattering denim culottes. They’re even on sale as well. Bootilicious.

L x

P.S. I do hope that you – like the lovely Sara – have been inspired by this Tried It On marathon. Next time you find a long-length item on the highstreet that flatters a tall frame, send an email (along with a pic, your height, and the details), to

Tried It On: Cutesy Culottes

Pansy Print Waterfall Shorts, Topshop, £34

Purchasing shorts probably shouldn’t present too many issues for a tall woman (I mean, for goodness sake, most trousers would serve the purpose… this is Oompa Loompa land after all…) so it might seem strange that I’ve included them in this Tried It On marathon.

But I’m particularly drawn to this summer’s culotte styles… partly because they cover every lump and bump and thigh wobble, but also because the billowing fabric balances out a longer sillhouette.

If you’re going to show your legs off, a pair of shorts makes a slightly more chic and demure alternative to the miniskirt. And ladies, let’s be perfectly honest. If your inside leg measurement exceeds 34″, then you really ought to be showing them off.

L xx

P.S. If you find a great item of clothing on the highstreet that works for us tall girlies, then send a photo of you in it to with the details.

Channel the Chung

June's Edition of Vogue, out now

Alexa Chung — presenter, writer, designer’s muse, and the brand ambassador with the midas touch – graces the cover of this month’s UK Vogue. And the best bit? She’s also a beautifully tall (albeit not quite as beautifully tall as most of us lovely lot) 5’8.

The kooky Brit is the it-girl of the moment, with designers clambering to dress her and females the world over trying to emulate her tomboyish, low-maintenance style.

But just in case Karl Lagerfeld isn’t your best mate, Philip Lim isn’t knocking your door down and Mulberry haven’t named a handbag after you (The “Alexa” launched last year and generated a 9,000 strong waiting list) here’s how to “Channel the Chung” on a budget (and in your favourite tall ranges).

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