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Sleepwear for Sleepless Nights

Hello gorgeous Leggy Lovelies,

One of the questions that gets asked a lot on the Facebook page or via email is “Where the ruddy heck does one buy pyjamas when they’re over 5’10?”

With only three weeks left until my due date, I realise that I’m going to be spending a lot of time in my jim-jams over the coming months, so I need to invest in some nightwear that won’t make me feel completely grotty and may even help me hold on to some semblance of glamour (who am I kidding?).

There are some lovely specialist tall pyjamas out there, but they tend to make more of a dent in the wallet than the abundant non-tall options (us leggy lovelies can’t stock up on Primark sleepwear it seems), so I often look to men’s departments for their girliest offerings.

I’ll be wearing these checked Next pjs (£18) with a variety of t-shirts and feeding vests when Baby Schof arrives.

The “Long” in this style drapes the floor on my 36 inch legs, and the fabric feels lovely as well (they’re 100% cotton, so none of that icky static-against-the-bed-sheets feeling) and available in 3 other colours.

I also like a good chunky alpine slipper (it’s been my slipper of choice for the past few years), and while having a further perusal of the men’s section in Next, came across this burgundy pair (£20). They reach my girly-enough standard and are available up to a Euro 47.

There are lots of long-line vests and tees available at H+M to pop on with your PJs, so there’s no need to go spending a fortune to look boudoir beautiful.

I’m interested to know where you buy your nightwear though. It’s all very well throwing on an old manky t-shirt in the privacy of your own home, but what about when it’s hen-do/ slumber party/ new man over for the weekend time? Where do you find your pretty sleepwear or hungover Sunday attire? Have you bought your pjs in Long Tall Sally? Tallgirls? What’s your verdict?

Ooh, and I need a dressing gown. I’ve ended up buying a size 16-18 Primark number to get the sleeves long enough, but a lovely long-line tall friendly one would be far superior. Let me know if you’ve got any leads.

L xx

Christmas Prezzies for your Leggy Lovelies…

If you’ve got a tall sister, mum, auntie or friend to buy for this Christmas – or your other half is begging you for last-minute suggestions — then here is an assortment of the best long-length Christmas treats on the web. From bargain stocking-fillers to ludicrously indulgent treats, these are the perfect gifts to show some leggy love.

For the girl who would have everything… if everything wasn’t so blooming hard to find…


Snuggly Slipper Boots

Fairisle Slipper Boots, Long Tall Sally £22


Erm… how cute?

If the thought of wacky footwear in the real world (see last post) brings on an attack of the heebie-jeebies, then how’s about indulging your tootsies in a little Fairisle Fantasy while you’re safely tucked indoors?


These GORGEOUS slipper boots from Long Tall Sally are so super-cute, they’re likely to make your oompa-loompa sized friends green with alpine-knit envy. (Unfortunately there’s already a 2 week wait… DARN IT!… but you can still order them now to avoid disappointment).

L x

P.S. A guide to sizes: Small= UK 7/8, Medium = 9/10, Large = 11. (Bet those of you with size 8 feet never expected to be classed as having a “small” shoe-size… aaaah…)

Long Tall Snuggly

Lambada Pyjama Bottoms -- Long Tall Sally £24

Most Pyjama trousers on the highstreet end up flapping somewhere around my shins, so I usually opt for sets with shorts or – rather unsexily – I just wear a big pair of greying tracksuit bottoms to bed. Slippers are also very hard to come by, with most shoe ranges  (even those that in some parts cater for size 9+) forgetting that tall women have shoe needs outside of the office.

That’s why Long Tall Sally’s range of gorgeous nightwear is going straight to the top of my Christmas list.

Their Lambada PJs (£24), Candyfloss Robe (£45) and Comfort Slipper Boots(£22) will keep you warm and toasty and still super gorgeous.

Candyfloss Robe — Long Tall Sally £45
Comfort Slipper Boots — Long Tall Sally £22
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