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Winter Casual

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

8 more sleeps til Christmas! I trust you are all on the naughty list ūüėČ

Getting another little person ready (and often, ready again) before leaving the house can mean that I’m lucky if I get to put a bit of slap on or a chance to blast¬†myself with dry shampoo. So usually an easy-to-put-together outfit is in order.

Here’s one I wore earlier…

Cape, Topshop ¬£35: Occasionally I wear this belted too; it’s a great piece to layer over chunky jumpers and cardis as an alternative to a coat.

Jeans: Asos ¬£32. I cannot go on enough about how bloody brilliant ASOS Ridley jeans are. They’re my favourite Tall jeans on the market right now; stretchy but more jean-like than the Topshop Leigh variety. The high waist also puts an end to the builder’s bum issues we all suffer. (Right?)

T-Shirt: Burton ¬£9.60. I’m loving the trend for Chanel-esque black-on-white typography tops and jumpers right now. This is actually a men’s tee from Burton, hence the length. I’m wearing the Large and I’ve layered it over an old ASOS jersey top.

Bag: Primark, ¬£12. I’ve never in my life travelled light, but having a baby has taken the whole handbag-meets-luggage thing to a new level. This snake-effect Primarni number has all the compartments I need for nappies/ muslins, etc.

Boots: Topshop, ¬£45. These are cute black Chelsea boots with a bit of a twist. The leather is also super soft and supple, so expect it to stretch a little — mine did. Available up to a roomy Euro 42.

Glasses by Roxy @ Specsavers and Jewellery from

Has anyone purchased a pretty cape? Or found some fab winter boots? I keep getting questions about the knee-length variety (they need to be long in the leg AND in the foot), so it’d be fab if you have any leads…

L xx

Non-Maternity Maternity-Wear

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

After a long time chatting about maternity wear, I thought it was about time I popped something on the blog that was appropriate for all of us gorgeous leggy lot.

In any case, when I first announced my pregnancy, so many of you told me not to bother with maternity clothes because they’re a big old waste of money. And, especially since I’m pregnant during the summer months and dress reasonably casually for work, you were absolutely bang on.¬†There are plenty of clothes on the highstreet that will accommodate a growing bump, but still look perfectly lovely after baby’s arrival.

While I’ve bought two pairs of skinny maternity jeans (one under-bump pair by ASOS, one over-the-bump pair from Mamalicious @ASOS, the latter of which I prefer), and¬†a couple of nice maternity dresses for special occasions, I’ve tried to stick with my old wardrobe, and buy things that I’ll be able to wear post-pregnancy too.

I also wear the items I do buy and that¬†do¬†still fit in much heavier rotation, so I don’t feel like I’ve spent lots of money on things that I’ll hardly get any use out of.

My best buy was an¬†ASOS bump band¬†for ¬£7, an absolute money-saver because it has allowed me to wear most of my old jeans and shorts open and adds extra length to t-shirts that creep up over my bump. It’s not a completely seamless solution (literally), but it’s a great little piece for layering. I’ve worn it with my non-maternity Topshop shorts below.

My absolute godsend this summer has been the kimono… light enough to wear during these balmy summer days and fits at every stage of my pregnancy. Unlike a dress, I can also mix it up much more easily with other pieces in my wardrobe too. I find the long-line ones super flattering on a tall figure, and this Topshop number (¬£46) with its pretty, art-deco style bird print, is one of my faves and has been well worth the splurge.

If I have indulged a little bit, it’s been more on accessories like jewellery and handbags. Luckily I seem to have avoided the curse of going up a¬†shoe size, although with 2 and a half months still to go until my due date, I realise there’s still¬†plenty of time for that to happen. I have my husband’s Converse and Havianas on standby.

I’ve also arranged my wardrobe at home with a section of my tried-and-tested maternity-friendly outfits, to avoid hours rummaging through before work every day and tearing my hair out when nothing fits.

You can hover over the images above for links to products. The giraffe print clutch is no longer available, but if you want to splash the cash, I love this blue giraffe print clutch from Ted Baker. And neither are the boots, though Topshop does have a strappy pair with the same metal-capped heel in a size 42 here. Prescription sunglasses are by Tommy Hilfiger at Specsavers.

L x

P.S. How many of you went up a shoe size or even grew taller during pregnancy? Let me know if this has or hasn’t affected you.

P.P.S. I’m looking for more pretty logo and typography tees to wear under shirts and kimonos. Have you found any pretty ones lately (doesn’t necessarily need to be a maternity piece)?.

Sleeves that actually make your arms feel short.

Are you constantly making do with three-quarter length sleeves in tops, blazers and dresses because they’re the only kind that look half decent? Or buying your jumpers super over-sized so that the sleeves meet your wrists, only to find they end up looking a bit mis-shapen and tent-like?

It’s a real novelty when I find long¬†sleeves that actually fit. It’s not something you see much of in our “Tried It On” feature, because while you can occasionally find a long-enough maxi or a pretty knee-length skirt on the “regular” highstreet, it’s nigh-on impossible to find a jacket or top that fits in a long-sleeve style.


Loose in the body but fitted in the sleeves, this ASOS jersey is a great piece for layering under jackets or over blouses and pairing with jeans or skirts.

You can hover over the picture below for links to products that are available. This mint ASOS Premium full midi skirt is in a fab heavy-weight flocked fabric that’s made for running about in stilettos along Bleecker Street in NYC.

These Laboutin-style shoes  are a cheap-as-chips £35 from Next and available up to a size 43. They even make my alien toes look almost earthling-like.


Have you found any long-sleeve jackets/ tops or dresses that fit your never-ending limbs? In the specialist Tall ranges or otherwise? Please share!

I’m also in the midst of summer-shopping for a forthcoming sunshine break to Santorini, so expect some pretty maxi skirts and floaty dresses to appear over the next few blog posts. Let me now if you’ve found any yourself. ūüôā

L xx

Summer Brights

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Recently I’ve really begun to feel like the tide is changing. We might not have as much choice on the highstreet as the average-Joanne (and I don’t expect we ever will), but there is definitely something in the water. More and more retailers are launching (or relaunching) Tall ranges, and the specialist Tall brands seem to be getting a bit¬†trendier¬†in response.¬†

Where I live — in the UK — I suddenly feel much less¬†invisible to retailers.¬†If you haven’t read Frances Perraudin’s Guardian article “Tall to Petite: Why does the British Highstreet do Niche Fashion so well?”¬†then make sure you have a look. It’s a little reminder of how far we’ve come.

So with this in mind, and while I’m almost spoilt for choice, I thought it was about time for a wardrobe overhaul. Looking over the last few posts and scanning my wardrobe, I’ve realised that I’ve forgotten to dress in colour. So I’m hoping to bring you a little bit more sunshine on these very blog pages over the next few weeks.

This pretty ASOS Tall¬†kimono¬†adds the perfect mix of tropical brights and neons to my jeans-and-tee combo. If you’re a slave to the blazer or cardi, then consider switching yours up for the on-trend kimono shape in 2014. Perfect if you’re arm or hip conscious, and this one is super long-line.

I’ve just purchased the¬†matching shorts¬†for when the weather’s a bit warmer because they look really striking together. The rolled-sleeve borrowed-from-the-boyfriend style tee is from ASOS (well worth investing in the twin-pack because they’re pretty with floaty summer skirts too), and the minty green perspex necklace is ¬†from New Look (bought in store last week and seemingly unavailable online).¬†My favourite tall-appropriate giraffe clutch has now sold out, but there is a very similar one¬†here. The jeans are stolen from my hubby (and he won’t know unless he reads this because I’m out with the girls tonight, so we’ll see how much he really reads this blog).

You can hover over the picture below for links to the products featured:

I’ve also popped on some pretty coral strappy pumps (¬£15.99) from New Look.

What are your thoughts on the developments occurring online and on the highstreet for tall women? Is shopping really getting a whole lot easier? Or is there still a¬†very¬†long way to go? Let me know your thoughts…

L xx

A Strapping Bag

If you’re over 5’10, you’ll know that your height-related dilemmas extend further than too-tight shoes and ankle swinging trousers.¬†Over the years on ATTT we’ve looked at wetsuits with give, prams with higher handles, and how to bag yourself some extra legroom on an aeroplane.

As a six-footer, one thing that I often struggle with (and get emails or comments about) is the cross-body bag. Most bags, even when stretched to as far as the strap will allow, will only fall as far as the waist and sit awkwardly above my hip.

This little green number from New Look¬†(¬£15.99) has plenty of strap and comes in three different colour-ways. There’s even an extra 3 inches available that I haven’t utilised. I know… wowzers.

Furthermore, it’s a lot more practical than some of the miniature-sized satchels of other stores, so it makes a great all-day handbag.

You can now hover over the image for links to products. The shirt I’m wearing is a size Large and the skirt is a size 12.

Anyone else found any pretty cross-body bags on the highstreet that work with your measurements?

L xx

The ASOS Tall Scuba Skirt

The lovely people at ASOS may not have¬†officially¬†launched their Tall range just yet, but they sure are teasing us with some fab preliminary pieces. This¬†black scuba midi skirt¬†caught my eye, and is so perfect in length that I’m¬†very¬†tempted for the red one now too.


My midriff is currently in no fit state for public consumption, but it’s possible to work the crop-top trend without baring the wine belly. This dotty ASOS number sits elegantly over the top of the¬†skirt, and you’ll only catch a hint of my upper-tum (the OK bit) in a very sharp breeze.¬†


I’ve gone for full-on sparkle in my accessories; a sparkly perspex Coast Cuff (a bit pricey at ¬£35 for bling-bling costume jewellery, but I’ve wanted it for ages and finally gave in this week), a bib style necklace and my silver Next courts (available up to a Euro 43).¬†I picked up my long-line blazer from a random boutique in Hong Kong, but you don’t really need that for party time anyway.




What would you style this scuba skirt with? And have you made any ASOS Tall purchases yet? What’s your verdict?

L xx

Dear ASOS. You are whipping us into a FRENZY.

Rumours of an ASOS Tall range have been circulating online since the early days of All the Tall things, and now it’s¬†finally happening. I’m a little bit giddy with all the excitement. I think you might be too…

Like Game of Thrones Season 4, we have been waiting for this for a very long time. 

Dedicated readers of ATTT will know that ASOS is one of my favorite brands already, but the launch of the new specialist Tall range should hopefully streamline my shopping experience and save me many hours of trawling through the “midi dresses” in the hope that something might work.¬†

However, a few pieces have already landed on the website (a bit prematurely), and I feel like some of our original excitement has been replaced by worry. Aren’t the trousers, like,¬†very¬†short? Why are some of the models on the website 5’6? Is this going to be another Tall range full of¬†cropped¬†tops? And will this range pop up and dissolve like so many others before it, simply because it is not bringing us what we want?

Right. Stop panicking. Here are the facts:

  • The collection officially launches 17th April, although there are a few preliminary pieces live now.
  • All trouser lengths will be 36″. (I know you’ve noticed that the trousers on there currently are shorter, so the lovely ASOS Tall buyer Gina is looking into this because she thinks there may have been an administrative error. It might be that those trousers do infact have 36 inch inseams. I’ll let you know when I have an update).
  • Gina says “Newness will be added each week, our collection will be fully stocked with everything from playsuits to WOW pieces including amazing dresses”.
  • The fit-models (women who wear the clothes in the manufacturing process to help the designers know where all our lumps and bumps are), are all over 5’10.
  • For those who don’t know, ASOS deliver worldwide for FREE! So we can finally try on long-length clothes without being stung with a delivery charge.
  • The ASOS Tall team are watching All the Tall things very closely, so make your feelings about the range — and requests for particular pieces — ABUNDANTLY clear! (And no, they haven’t paid me in any way to write any of this, so you… and I… can be as HONEST as we like).

I’ve also rolled my sleeves up and decided to do some research of my own. Last night I got a tad click-happy on the website…


Tall Acid-Wash Dress, ASOS £30, Bandana, ASOS £6

I love this acid wash 90s style body-con dress. Even the circular zipper looks like something I’d have worn while getting thoroughly down on it¬†to Outhere brothers at my primary school disco.¬†The bandana (coz every majorly Ghetto girly from Surrey like me needs a bandana), is also an ASOS buy.¬†Go a size down on the dress if you’re between sizes (this is the 10).


photo (58)

Tall Cami, ASOS £8

It’s always good to find some long-length camis for wearing with my bulging collection of jackets and blazers.¬†I went for a 12 because I’m normally that in tops, but it looks like this one is¬†actually¬†sized for a tall girly, and I should have bought the 10. The fabric is a bit flimsy (you can see the tell-tale roll at the bottom), but it’s a useful addition to my wardrobe and a snip at 8 quid.


Four days of my working week are spent presenting¬†The Jewellery Channel. (If you’re interested you can find out a bit more about my work on my dayjob website).¬†I have to wear dresses with a slightly open¬†neckline to show off necklaces (but not oodles of cleavage), and a nod to the trends (without a busy and distracting print). It’s often ASOS that I go to, because I can get it delivered next-day, and it means that I can change my outfits regularly without breaking the bank. I have to dress a little more conservatively than is perhaps my off-duty style, but that’s probably the case with most jobs. So I think there’ll be something here that works for the office too…

photo (63)

Tall Peplum, ASOS £42

I spied this Tall peplum dress that ticks all the above criteria. This one is the size 10. I think I’d still want the flappy “peplum” bit to be a little lower, but it’s a lovely shaped dress regardless.

These two aren’t actually in the Tall range, but they’re recent ASOS buys that I bought for The Jewellery Channel (bit of decolletage showing/ plain simple colours) that work perfectly on a tall figure…

photo (61)

Tall Lace Bardot Dress, ASOS £30

The lace one is a big fave; I’ve got it in the purple and red. (Buy up a size in the lace… mine’s a 12)

photo (54)

Tall Black Sweetheart neckline dress, ASOS £25

… and this LBD (which I’ve bought in the “longer length”) is great for layering up with jewellery or wearing under blazers. This one’s a size 10.

Soooo… the big question is. WHAT do you want to see in the ASOS Tall range when it officially hits on the 17th April?

Let me know in the comments section below.

L xx

P.S.¬†Also I made the epic fail of not cleaning my mirror before taking selfies. And that big white smudge basically makes me look like I have a willy in a couple of the photos above. WOOPS. I don’t have a willy.

The Winter Pencil Skirt

Hey Leggy Lovelies,

I always find that winter is the trickiest season to dress for when you’re a tall woman. Perhaps it’s because the need to find anything with long enough sleeves makes it nigh on impossible to achieve a chic and tailored look. Perhaps because knee-high boots are never knee-high. Perhaps because you just need to wear even more clothes, and the expensive specialist clothes we often require become even more ruddy expensive.

But this year the highstreet seems to be heaped full of prettiness for the leggier lovely. This tartan skirt is my fave piece in Topshop’s current Tall collection. Super long and stretchy without being too flimsy or clingy, and you could obviously make it look mega sexy for work too if you wear it with a nice blouse and pair of black courts.¬†Go for the size down if you’re between sizes.

I paired it with this cutesy Topshop tee, but It just wasn’t quite warm enough, so I threw on my husband’s jumper (from Next, long enough in the sleeves and surprisingly fitted in a medium). He doesn’t know I’ve stolen it and won’t find out until he reads this blog post on the train home. Sorry Tim. I promise to wash it so it doesn’t smell like girl.


The bling ring and bracelet are from Marc Jacobs’ Greenwich village boutique (a must-visit if you’re over in NYC, for its edgy and surprisingly affordable pieces), and the Michael Kors watch was a Christmas prezzie from the hubby. The¬†Lucky penny necklace¬†is still available at ASOS.



I’m living in various forms of ankle boot at the moment. These chunky could-be-weapons-of-torture are from Topshop. A little tight for a size 9 when they first arrived, bit a few walks around the house have stretched them out a bit.

Tartan skirt, Topshop £24/ Boots, Topshop £88/ Jacket, Topshop/ Jumper, Next £35/ Necklace, ASOS £6/ Other jewellery, from a selection at Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs.

What’s your go-to outfit when the weather gets chillier?

L x

Colour Pop

Bleurgh. It’s cold. “Highs of five degrees today” apparently. Yay. *

It’s a bit of a clich√©, but sometimes a lovely antidote to the grizzly grey weather is a bold pop of colour. To present a Christmas light switch-on last week I wore this tangtastic top and black faux leather skirt from Whistles. I’m not entirely sure how I fitted under that door with four inch heels and equally statuesque hair.

top and skirt

Inspired by Prada, leather (or faux) skirts are on-the-knee for this season. I reckon this one would look especially lovely with a knitted jumper, tights and brogues for daytime too.

Top, Whistles £75/ Skirt, Whistles £95/ Necklace, H+M/ Shoes, Dorothy Perkins (oldies!)

Have you made any good leather (real or faux) purchases fit for tall girlies recently?

L xx

*Having said that, I have the bestest and warmest winter coat to share with you all in my next post. Stay tuned.

Filling the Gap

In search of some quality basics in longer lengths? ATTT reader and fellow blogger Jessica has spotted that Gap’s Tall Collection¬†is now available in the UK and Europe. ¬†I love the cute printed racer-back dress and classic trench.

gap tall

Most of the trousers are cropped for summer, but at an on-trend ankle-grazing length rather than a full-on pedal-pusher.

Great to have another go-to for long-length staples. Plus, if you enter GAPSTYLE at the checkout, you can get 15% off your purchase today.

Has anyone bought from the Tall range before? Perhaps you Statesiders — for whom Gap’s Tall range is mega¬†old news —¬†can give us your verdict.

L xx

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