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Write your LTS Wishlist

Have you checked out the new TTYA collection at LTS yet? It’s definitely my favourite so far, so I was very grateful when the lovely LTS team gifted me this 70s inspired outfit combo, which has already seen a classy night out at Clapham Grand with the girls and a rare date night with the hubby.

The suede skirt (£85) is the perfect mini length on a tall girly, and having a black polo jumper (£50) with sleeves that I can almost hide my hands in is another  #lifegoal realised. 


The fashion choices available for extra-tall women like us have massively increased over the last few years, but there’s definitely still a long way to go. I would LOVE to see more of this sort of thing at LTS. Which brings me on to my next question. What would you like to see more of? Tall workwear? Runway-inspired evenings gowns?

If you get a spare minute, I’d love you to pop your LTS wishlist in the comments below. If you don’t mind, I’d also be really grateful if you could let me know your age as well.

L xx

P.S. This isn’t research that LTS has commissioned me to do. I just a) am nosey and b) think it’s a great way of getting our voices heard.

23 Weeks Pregnant: Kaftans and Kimonos

Maybe I’ve been watching a bit too much of The Only Way Is Marbs, but since my bump’s been getting bigger I’ve become a bit Kimono/ Kaftan crazy.

I’m also fairly reluctant to buy too many “maternity” specific pieces, and a kimono is super flattering now but still wearable after Baby Schof arrives. This ASOS Tall premium kimono (£65) is a bit more pricey than your average highstreet cover-up, but the embroidery looks very designer-esque and will look just as fab with a bikini and cocktail (mocktail for me).

Try Primark, H+M and Misguided for more bargainous styles. Luckily length is more or less irrelevant, with everything from waist-length to floor-length (and everything in between) considered chic this season. I also took this Ben Di Lisi number (£36) for pool lounging in Santorini.

I have however found a decent pair of maternity jeans (£35 – thanks Ali for the recommendation) by Mamalicious (available at ASOS). I’m edging towards a preference for over-the-bump styles now, mainly because no maternity jeans seem to have a high enough denim rise (these included unfortunately, though they are the best I’ve tried), and the extra bit of stretchy jersey fabric saves my blushes. The 34 inch leg is actually quite generous for a 36-incher like me.

The khaki top (£32) is from Topshop (one of the few maternity tops I’ve bought, but it’s  in a fairly neutral, go-with-everything colour). The chunky, block-heel sandals (I’m refusing to part with heels during my pregnancy, though I do favour an on-trend block heel for safety!) are by New Look and go up to a generous UK size 9, but pssst… you can get them from ASOS for free delivery.

Click on the pictures above for links to everything. Have you embraced the tall-friendly trend for kimonos and kaftans? Please leave links to ones you’ve found and love…

L x

90s Grunge

Best get yourself a fizzy Panda and a Pop Tart. There’s a WHOLE lotta 90s goin’ down in this post.

Forget the bubblegum pop princess style of the Spice Girls though, because this year’s 90s trend takes inspiration from a very different scene. Think Nirvana, Hole, Mother Love Bone and Soundgarden.

Are you scared yet?

If you need some serious style inspiration, watch epic nineties films like The Craft and Cameron  Crowe’s 1992 romcom Singles. If you haven’t seen the latter, it’s a good ‘un… not least for the very cool Pearl Jam soundtrack. (My husband will give me a lot of respect points for saying that…)

I found a gorgeous skull skirt from H+M (be careful not to put your heel through it, as I nearly did a million times), and wore it with my denim Forever 21 shirt and Topshop biker.

If you’re looking for a super long-line vest (aren’t we always?), this grey one is from Miss Selfridge where you can currently buy 2 for £12.

The chunky necklace (and gold tone ring) hail from H&M, while the giant perspex cocktail ring is from Miss Selfridge.

Anyone game for grunging it up with me? And which of you leggy lovelies remember wearing this look the first time around?

L xx

The best Gothic-Style Shirts for leggy lovelies

At school I never really went through the Goth phase. I never dyed my hair purple, listened to emotional rock or found myself a grubby, eyeliner-wearing boyfriend.

And I feel a bit like I missed out.

Maybe it’s the Kristen Stewart effect, but I suddenly want to dabble with the dark side. (And I don’t mean I want to cop off with a director, sleep with vampires or, um, actually do anything remotely dark. I just quite like the idea of buying one or two of the blouses below).

Lace, ruffles and sheer fabrics at Alexander Wang and Valentino signalled that the vamp is well and truly back. So this coming season, a gothic-style top is a must. Wear with opaque tights and a similarly morbid-looking skirt, or pair it with skinnies, spikes and a sweep of black eye-shadow.

Top L-R: Dorothy Perkins £28/ Topshop £38/ Topshop £32. Middle L-R: Long Tall Sally £40, Topshop £32, Topshop £36. Bottom L-R: Next £10/ Topshop £36/ Topshop £28

Anyone found any other pieces on the highstreet suitable for a leggy Twi-hard?

L x

“Remember I told ya, I’m a soldier…”

… So said Lisa Maffia. Remember her?

Anyhoo, that’s not really the point. Although I reckon if you do remember the song, it’ll be stuck in your head all the way through this post.

Thanks to the likes of Burberry and Topshop Unique, the military trend is back. Think camouflage, khaki and army jackets, but sexed up Rihanna style with wet-look leggings and studs.

Top L-R: Tall Jumper, Topshop £42/ Tall Jacket, Topshop £75/ Tall Jacket, Topshop £48 Middle L-R: Boots, Long Tall Sally £150 (Up to a UK 11)/ Necklace, ASOS £10/ Tall Leggings, Dorothy Perkins £18 Bottom L-R: Tunic, Topshop £22/ Boots, Amber & Jade £169 (Up to a UK 11)/ Bag, Urban Outfitters £45

Another great (and usually cheap) place to find bits and pieces for this trend is an Army Surplus store. (Have a Google to find your local shop). A few years ago my uni house-mates and I sourced some camouflage shirts, bullet-holders and berets from one to wear to Exeter’s annual… um… fetish ball. (Does every uni have one of those or did I just go to a weird one?)

L x

Arty Farty Frocks

Block colour dresses and embellished gowns have reigned supreme on the red carpet for too long. Now celebs are working arty-farty frocks (think tribal prints, florals and kaleidoscope patterns) for evening.

These gorgeous tall-range dresses are worthy of an art gallery…

Top to Bottom: Next £60, Topshop £48, Next £30, Next £65

How much is Next coming up trumps with its Tall range right now? That top mirror-print dress is totally divine… and very Stella McCartney.

Anyone found a pretty printed dress outside of the Tall ranges that works for us leggy lovelies?

L xx

The appeal of the Pencil Skirt

It can often be tricky to work the trends and still look a little bit sexy.

Most of the time I find myself dressing for girls rather than boys. After all, they’re the ones who are more likely to notice the effort I’ve gone to. (And anyone who says “I only dress for myself and I don’t care what people think”… well… big respect points. I also think you may be a bit of a fibber though…)

But the pencil skirt trend has an all-round appeal, and this H+M number (£12.99), with its pretty floral pattern, will hopefully draw admiring glances from both genders. (Well it worked on my hubby, who’s always complaining about the ridiculous tent-like clothes that I seem to wear). The high-waist and thick stretchy fabric are particularly good for the tummy-conscious (me), and the floral edging (very Sportmax S/S 12) has a slight optical-illusion effect without being blatant about it. Win.

I’ve balanced it out with a drapey top (also H+M, £7.99) to give it more of a playful daytime look. I’ve not rocked a cowl-neck since the 90s, but Pippa Middleton looked pretty good in her bridesmaid dress, so I think it’s about time the trend was resurrected properly.

I’ve also gone big on the sunglasses (New Look, £4.99 — I can’t buy anything more expensive because I’ll just sit on them). They’re a bit round and geeky, but only a bit. I reckon my leopard-print clutch from Topshop (my absolute fave but an oldie… sorry!) makes any outfit look fit, but I think the clashing print stops it looking a bit too safe. And I dug my bright suede teal Dotty Perks shoes out of the cupboard because they just seemed to be made for this skirt.

So that’s 21 quid for a top and skirt… decorated with about 50 quid’s worth of accessories. I’m happy with that.

L xx

Kitsch I Like

Topshop sure does have some tasteless tat in its Tall range at the moment, and I am ruddy loving it.

Confession: I’m actually a bit of a deerhunter. Well, unintentionally so. The day my hubby and I bought our first car together, I was driving it back through Wiltshire at 60mph when a massive stag jumped in front of it and wrote the whole car off. Just like that. Tim was crying about the VW. I was devastated that I’d just murdered Bambi. As every one of our friends said when we told them this story… “Oh deer.” (I know, hilarious). So this probably isn’t the most appropriate choice of skirt for me, but in the name of bad taste (and let’s be honest, a skirt covered in flowers and deer heads is heading in that direction already), I’m considering making the purchase. Tall Deer Print Skirt, Topshop £34.

This dress looks like a tablecloth. I want it. Tall Lattice Sundress, Topshop £36.

Has anyone else tried this dress on? I did, and it looked utterly ridiculous. But if you’re a nineteen-year-old with nineteen-year-old boobs, I think it would look absolutely amazeballs. Tall Heart Dress, £48.

Anyone else a lover of all things gaudy and…um… gross?

L xx


My lovely friend Beth (that’s the bridey from my most recent wedding-outfit-meltdown post) came round to mine yesterday, fresh from her two-week honeymoon in Hawaii. Hearing of sunshine and posh hotels, I naturally didn’t feel a single twinge of jealousy. I’m that selfless.

But, let’s suppose for a moment that I was five percent bitter and twisted. If that were the case, I really ought to inject a little bit of tropical fever into my own tragically cloudy life, right?

Luckily, all things “Aloha!” are in. Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and Salvatore Ferragamo seemed to take inspiration from the big, bold flowers of Hawaii for SS 2012.

When you’re next out for drinks with the girls, wear a bright floral-print dress or simply add a vivacious bag to an all-black ensemble. Remember to stick a cocktail umbrella in your glass for maximum impact.

L-R from Top:

Fifties Americana

Tall South Print Dress, Very £45


Cadillac-motif clutches at Prada, preppy checks at Jil Sander and kitsch prints at Proenza Shouler signalled a step back to 1950s America for Summer 2012.

If you’re worried about looking like an extra in Grease, then just add a little hint of USA retro with some cats-eye sunglasses or a flirty full skirt. Or any of these lovely long-length items.

Left Column:

Middle Column:

Right Column:

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