I Dream in Tweed…

Is there an item of devilishly expensive designer clothing that you’ve promised yourself you’ll own one day?

For some girls, it’s a pair of Laboutins (no chance of shoving my knobbly toes into those though…). Others covet a Louis Vuitton handbag (remember Jennifer Hudson’s adorable reaction to her new arm candy in Sex and the City?). For me, it’s a Chanel tweed jacket. A look that defines “classic”, it has transcended fashion and been worn by stylish women in no less than nine decades. I just KNOW I’d wear it forever. (Are you listening husband?)

While Coco Chanel had been developing her tweed jacket since the 1930s, it wasn’t until 1955 that she added the contrasting trim, cementing its icon status. It instantly became de rigueur for ladies who lunched, and has been rocked in recent times (Karl Lagerfeld has continued to reproduce and reinvent the style) by celebrities such as Beyonce, Lily Allen and Mischa Barton.

But while I’m patiently waiting for one of them to find its way into my local charity shop (very wishful thinking… bordering on utter delusion), I’ll happily make do with one of these pretty Topshop cardis. They’re not silk-lined or brass buttoned, but will still inject a bit of sophistication into my jeans/ vest top/ ballet pumps combo.

Tall Contrast-stitch cardigan, Topshop £40

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