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Hey Leggy Lovelies,

Flip. I’m writing a blog post. I often did have a habit of writing “sorry it’s been so long since my last blog post”, but this is testing your patience a tad. Thing is, I’m missing you and All the Tall things, so I thought I’d check in and give you a wee update on what I’ve been doing in the wilderness.

There are literally years to cover, so I’ve written this post in little bite-sized chunks so you can skip to the bits you might find interesting (apologies if this makes it sound a little bit like one of those super-cringe, round-robin letters that your mum’s friend sends her at Christmas time).

What? It’s been like twenty years. I must be dead.

Well, not quite. I am in awe of these ‘Insta-mums’ who can run successful blogs, manage businesses, raise children and whip up fish pies at the end of the day, but in my life, something just had to give. And unfortunately, that was All the Tall things.

I have been ridden-with guilt about it at times, feeling like I’d thrown away a big part of my life and identity. But I just couldn’t dedicate the amount of time required to make it worthy of your readership. You deserve quality, highly researched material, and after building up such a lovely loyal following, I just wasn’t interested in quick paid advertisements or features by brands and companies I didn’t truly believe in. That’s not to say I won’t monetise it further in other ways in the future, or that there isn’t SUCH potential for business in the tall fashion area (more on that in my next blog-post).

Besides, it’s all too easy to catastrophize. It was and continues to be an important and wonderful part of my life. I’ve just been putting it on ice for a while as I look after my very young family. As my spare time has dwindled, I’ve had to concentrate on my (now part-time) dayjob, while taking on a few select freelance projects.


Yup, I’ve shot more out since my last post.

Matilda is three-years-old now. She’s stubborn, determined, crazy confident, ludicrously opinionated about her clothes (the more pink, garish, glittery and ugly cartoon characters featured the better), never listens to a word I say (parenting book suggestions welcome!), but she is so.damn.happy all the time (ahem… most of the time) and her enthusiasm for just about everything is infectious.

And then there’s little Arthur. Or not-so-little, because having just turned one he’s in his 18m-2 year clothes already with edible thighs a wrestler would envy. And his eyes. I am beyond powerless in the face of those baby blues. I did consider breastfeeding him until he was 19, so that no other woman would ever be good enough for him, but alas, his teeth got the better of me.

Fashion after Kids

Shopping with two children is NOT fun. So online Tesco shops are my saviour and the DPD delivery driver actually waves at me now when he drives past me in the street (embarrassing).

ASOS has been an absolute Godsend. I genuinely feel that in the years since I’ve been writing and researching for this blog, nothing has made the impact that ASOS Tall has on the landscape of Tall fashion. It’s not perfect, (there are a few quality issues and occasionally things aren’t quite the right length) and yes, at least 50% of my shopping does go back every time, but the free deliveries and returns make that slightly less irksome.

The fact that they’ve actually had the insight to make “Tall Maternity” clothes a thing makes me love them a little bit more.

I’m also a lot less interested in faddy fashion. I was never a complete fashion slave, but I definitely did pay more attention to what was ‘en vogue’ as it were, and — perhaps because I’m getting older, or perhaps because I just do.not.have the hours in the day to pore over every fashion magazine — I’m choosing outfits based on what I love. Dresses that suit my shape and colours that appeal regardless of their trend-credentials.

As a result my style feels more authentically me, and I make better buying choices, wearing clothes I feel comfortable in and that I know I’ll wear beyond the current season.

Admittedly I’m normally at the softplay in skinny ASOS jeans, a baggy jumper and a top-knot, but I do share some of my slightly more adventurous choices on my Instagram @laura_schof

We’ve moved!

I’ve also moved house since we last spoke, and after lamenting the loss of my lovely Victorian fireplace and wonky floors, I’m now officially a convert to the New Build Tribe! Everything is so clean and shiny and spotless and… oh sh*t the kids have found the crayons again.

We’re in the process of decorating it and gradually turning a soulless box into a home, and you can follow our progress on Instagram.

Breastfeeding… (Warning: Not for the faint-hearted)

Last year I also completed a ten week course to qualify as a Breastfeeding Peer Support Worker. I had a really tough time in the early months of breastfeeding Arthur, with his tongue-tie and my partially retained placenta (that had to be surgically removed 10 weeks post-partum… lovely!), causing several bouts of Mastitis, nipple infections and supply issues. Had I not had a reasonably easy experience with Matilda I would have 100% stopped. Breastfeeding is not always “pain-free”, nor does it come naturally or feel normal to everyone. And I truly believe that until you’ve walked a mile in other woman’s boobs, you can never judge her feeding decisions. But now I volunteer once a week with the NHS at a feeding clinic (crazy kids in tow!) to help women who do want to breastfeed make positive progress. I’ve seen loads of boobs (a lot of them red and angry before my friend Mark accuses me of having the dream job), and feel genuinely moved and excited when we witness breakthroughs for the women who come through the door.

Basically, my point is, if you’re trying to breastfeed and are in pain/ struggling/ feeling overwhelmed, then get yourself to a Baby Café/ Children’s Centre drop-in ASAP and get some help from a trained lactation consultant. They really can help (and often have cake!)

Get in touch

While I don’t have time to write regular, scrupulously researched posts, I do pop the occasional update on my Instagram @laura_schof.

I have unfortunately experienced email spam of EPIC proportions, (anyone want to help me sort through 10,000 “Hot sexy Swedish chick wants your **** “/ “Prince Eduardo wants to give you 2.4 million pounds if you send him your bank details” messages? Please??!!), so the best way to contact me is via Insta. Apologies to those of you who have contacted me via my ATTT email during my time in the wilderness. When I eventually get through the mountain of chaos I shall reply!


If you are reading this, it really means so much to me. It also (hopefully) means that there is still scope to pick up where we left off when the madness of toddler-gate dies down, and that you’ll join me for other adventures that are ahead. I remain as passionate about fighting the fight for Tall women as I ever have, and if one person has gained a little bit of confidence from reading one of the posts on this blog, then all those years are definitely not wasted.

Stay tuned my lovelies.

L x

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