Tried It On: All Saints Knitwear

Almost once a week an email pops into my inbox from one of you gorgeous ladies raving about the long-length-lovelieness of All Saints. So I thought it was about time I gave it a little spot in Tried It On.

I dutifully headed in there after work yesterday evening to pick out my favourite item. But what a pickle I found myself in. It truly is the tall gal paradise you all described… and I had the unfamiliar feeling of being spoilt for choice. Exceptionally long maxi dresses (get your jersey dress for next summer in the sale now for 25 quid), super sparkly tops for evening that will DRENCH you in gorgeous shimmery sequins (and without exposing your midriff), and genuinely slouchy knitwear (no sleeve-tugging required).

I’ve decided to focus on the last of the above three, because — quite frankly — I’ve rarely seen jumpers that look so ruddy fit. (I really ought to stress at this point for the Candians/Americans amongst us that I am referring to “sweaters”… I recently had my lovely Canadian friend come to stay who thought the term “jumper” was beyond hilarious. Aaah, it’s the simple things that make us smile…).

An angora boat-neck jumper, sumptuous cardi and cable-knit cape will soften my jeans and military boots combo come Autumn. Or they’ll be worn with tartan PJs while I watch X-Factor re-runs and scoff pizza on cold, hangover Sundays.

L-R: Ursula Jumper £95, Marquis Cardigan, £95, Erbus Cape, £120, all All Saints

Thanks for the emails girls. My life (and alas, bank balance) will never be the same again.

L xx

P.S. Found a long-length item of clothing on the “regular” highstreet? Send your photographic evidence to and star in the next Tried It On.

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