Tried It On: Edge of Lovely

Tea Dress, £34.99, Cardigan £17.99, both New Look

Has anyone seen The Edge of Love? I was deeply moved by the Second World War context, majestic Welsh countryside and portrayal of female friendship. But more than anything I remember thinking; “How ruddy lovely does Keira Knightley look in a tea dress and cardi?”

Since then, said outfit combo has become one of my favourites, and I am particularly drawn to this pretty green tea dress and slouchy boyfriend cardigan from New Look. Wear a size or two up in the latter for extra slouch and so the sleeves fit (mine’s a 14). The dress is one of the few I’ve picked up recently where the waistband (there’s a little one sewn in), is actually on my waist.

Now I just need my own little Dylan Thomas to write me poetry. And I’d quite like to look like Keira Knightly please.

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